1. Moon Diver Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

So what we have here is a walkthrough for Moon Divers. MD is a side scrolling hack-and-slash game. You run and dash through levels, cutting everything down with your weapon. You also have MCs, which are special abilities you use MP to cast, and they do various things.

The achievements are focused on finishing the stages, a few cumulative things, one collectible achievement, and some multiplayer stuff. You only need 50 of the 60 collectibles and none of them are hard to acquire with a guide. The multiplayer requires 4 people and can be done online, but you can also do it with 4 controllers. Having at least one extra controller to level up your characters for that achievement will help speed up the completion. If you have 2 controllers, you only need one playthrough, if you don't have an extra, you'll need 3 partial playthroughs to get the 3 characters you didn't play up to stage 9 so they can grind levels.

The path to 100% looks like this:

1. First playthrough with Seyfert. We'll finish all of the stages, get the MCs, and get a cumulative achievement or two.

2. Powerleveling characters with Stage 9. If we have an extra controlle,r Seyfert can simply carry the other characters there to level up. If not we have to play through Stages 1-8 to get to 9 so we can level up.

3. Now comes the multiplayer part. You have to link MCs with the other players, which can be done as soon as the stage starts. Pretty simple.

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