2. Moon Diver General hints and tipsUpdate notes

Controls: The controls for the game are pretty straightforward:

cn_A = Jump

cn_X = Attack

cn_B = Use MC

cn_Y = Not used

cn_RT = Air Dash

cn_LT = Not used

cn_LB = Crouch

cn_RB = Not used

Gameplay: Most enemies in the game are quite easy. You'll get an MC in stage 2 that basically gives you the main power enemies in 80s and 90s had - if your body touches an enemy, you damage them. This allows you to roll straight through hordes of enemies with ease. It's actually easier than attacking with cn_X, because your sword only hits one enemy at a time. So it can take some time to cut through groups of enemies with your sword, and you can't pick enemy it hits, so it may hit fodder instead of the powerful enemy you actually want to hit. With the body slam active, you can bowl through a line of them and hit/kill them all. The only catch is that it's temporary. It doesn't cost a lot of MP though, so as long as you only use it when you actually need it you'll be fine. The two enemies in the game that will actually be a struggle are the laser cannons and bullet turrets, and I'll cover those as we come to them. You get an MC that makes dealing with them much easier. It freezes all the enemies on-screen. You'll also get MCs that heal you, which makes it much easier to survive. The final MC I use boosts your attack power for a short time, which I use for bosses.

There are 4 characters, and they all have 3 stats: HP/MP/POW. HP is health, MP is used to cast MCs, and POW is attack power. When a character levels up, they get one point to put in any stat they want, however, characters don't get the same boost per point in each stat as everyone else. At the character selection screen, it tells you who gains a lot in what stat. Seyfert gets an average gain in all 3 stats, which is why I prefer him for your starting character, but it's up to you. As for leveling Seyfert, you want to aim for something like 2 in POW/2 in HP/1 in MP. Around 20 HP I'd start doing 2 POW/1 MP or something like that. It felt like once I get my HP high enough adding more didn't do much.

Achievements: None of the achievements are missable since you can simply replay the stage, but it's possible to go through a stage and not get all the MCs if you're not careful. Some stages also have secret areas you can miss, and a few stages even have multiple paths you can take. One of the achievements is for visiting every area, so you'll have to play through some stages a few times to get all the areas. Still, nothing too complicated while following a wakthrough. The other achievements that will take some time is using 10 of the 2 player/3 player/4 player MCs, which require either other human players over Xbox Live, or 4 controllers locally. The grindiest will be leveling all characters so their average level is 50.

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