3. Moon Diver Stages 1-4Update notes

Before you start make sure to change the difficulty in the "help and options" to easy. As I said on page 2, I used Seyfert as my first character. With each stage you'll see a map, which shows the areas in the stage and the general layout. Areas that are blue dots have MCs in them, which you need 50 of for the achievement. Areas generally move left to right, but I've done my best to show the actual movement on the maps with arrows, though I avoided it in a few cases for clarity's sake. Make sure to check page 2 for the controls and everything, though the game does tell you about some of it as you play. The signs in the first stage tell you about the basic controls for example.

Stage 1: Counterattack

As a side note, I played through the game on normal until stage 9 or so, which I don't recommend. I actually died in stage 1 the first time through. As long as you get Ceno's Relaxation you'll be good. You can simply equip that if you die. It heals you, so it makes the game much more manageable. I'm not sure you'll have that problem on easy, but if you do, equip Ceno's Relaxation to heal and you'll find things are much easier.

Stage 1

Ninja Assault - Head right, you'll meet the first enemy of the game. Attack them with cn_X until they die, and continue right. You'll eventually run into a turret. These aren't the ones I talked about on-page, they are quite weak compared to them. After you cross a pit you'll come to a sloped wall. There's some platforms above you, jump up to the top of them to find a big yellow item, it's an MC called Alua's Disregard. The yellow enemy here will explode shortly after you kill it, sending flames to its left, right and above and below it. You either need to move out of the way, or jump over the flames when they explode to avoid damage. Drop down one platform, and then jump on the one left of you. Drop down to the platform below you and you should see a platform to the left. You'll want to double jump and then air dash (cn_RT) onto the platform and then grab the MC Ceno's Relaxation. From here head up the sloped wall and go right. You'll see GO and an arrow, this is the transition to the next area. You can't backtrack, so make sure you have everything before you go to the next area, otherwise you'll need to replay the stage.

Monstrous Army - Head right until the screen moves and you're blocked in. This is an arena fight, and they are quite common in this game. You have to destroy everything to move on. You'll have some enemies you've seen before, but you'll also see the new bee enemies. These are a pain in the butt because they fly around and some variations can shoot stuff at you, but we'll soon have a MC that makes them easy. For now you have to jump at them and hit them with your sword to kill them. Anyway once it's clear head right, you'll see a platform that has 2 slanted bars holding it up, climb to the top of these platforms to find the MC Lofa's Grief. Once you have that drop down to the bottom and you'll see a sign pointing down and to the left. Follow this path into another arena. The black bees can shoot projectiles, so try to stay moving so they don't hit you too much. After you clear it head left and you'll be sent down and to the right, and you'll come to yet another arena with an obnoxious amount of bees. Once you're done head right to the next area.

Fallen City - Head right. You'll reach a wall and you'll have to go up, and you need to slide under the wall to progress. Watch out for the pit, as a flame spout spews flames to the ceiling. Wait for the fire to go away and claim the MC Motaht's Amity in front of you. Head right to the next area.

I Thought I Told You Not to Come Here!! - Head right until you get an arena. Watch out for the pit, as some orb thing will jump out of it and it can damage you (basically a different kind of that flame jet). Head right across the platforms until you see a wall and the only way is up. You'll notice there's a small hole in the wall with rubble in the way, you can't break it now but it leads to an MC called Wance. There's a ton of strong enemies in the way though, so you'd probably die anyway, just mentioning it for when we come back. Anyway, head up and go right for another arena, mostly bees again. Now you want to head right BUT DO NOT ATTACK you want to avoid destroying the boxes here. You'll come across a box, jump on it and then jump onto the platform above and to the left. Jump on that box and then double jump in the air to get the MC Frezos's Elevation. Head right and you'll come across another arena. These guys in black suits will shoot guns at you, you might have seen them before but there's a lot here. They love to sit on the edge of the screen and shoot at you. Once it's clear head right to the next area.

Outpost Done - Head right, jumping on higher platforms as you see them. Try not to fall down as you'll have to deal with moving platforms to get back up. The pit has purple fire, which is the game's way of telling you if you fall down there you'll take damage, so try not to do that. Anyway if you stay on the upper platforms, you'll come across a fire and a slope down, take it down. Head right and you'll come to another fire in the air, head down and at the edge jump right. You'll see a wall in the way with a sign by it, simply hold X until your weapon glows blue and then let it go to use a charge attack against the wall to break it. Head right to the wall and then jump down and break the wall and continue right. Follow the stationary platforms up and then go right and over the wall to the next area.

Asterios Ruins - Drop down the platforms until you see the purple fire, and head right across the platforms. You'll have to head up next, but be very careful as you do. There's a laser cannon at the top near the ceiling. LCs shoot a laser going left or right, and then it sweeps the other direction. It does massive damage, and can kill you in one or two hits. You can kill it for a bunch of experience or leave it alone. To kill them watch what direction they start shooting in and then attack from that side as the laser sweeps. So if the laser starts on the right side, once it's pointing straight up jump up to its left side and then hit it until the laser resets, then go back down and wait for the laser to sweep again. These will be very common soon, but we'll have an MC that will freeze them for a bit so you can kill them more easily. Anyway to the right is the wall you need to break. Go right but instead of jumping to the next platform, drop into the pit to find an MC on the left wall called Ceno's Treatment. With that head back up and jump across the platform and continue right to the boss.

For the first phase, he will either jump into the air and land on the other side of the arena (walk under him as he does this to avoid it) or he will bend over and stomp his foot twice, then charge. When he does this jump onto the platform opposite him and jump into the air after the second stomp, as he will charge. Once you deplete about 1/3 health, he will fall over and you can whack him some more. Once he gets back up, his moves change. Now after his first charge he will charge back across the arena. His leap now also involves him bending over, but he won't stomp his feet. Once 2/3 of his health is gone, he gets one new attack. He will charge energy into his stomach and then shoot a beam across the bottom of the screen. You'll want to be on top of one of the platforms when he does this.

Make sure to equip the MC Ceno's Relaxation before you head into stage 2. The Ceno's line of MCs will be a staple for your playthroughs.

Stage 2: Day of Destruction

Stage 2

SZk Air Torpedo! - Head right, you'll come across some moving platforms. Past the second one is more of them, you want to jump onto the top one and then jump onto the platform above it. Jump up these platforms until you reach the top one, and jump to get the MC Milliam. Jump off and head right and you'll get an arena with a few enemies, and a canister looking enemy. It will constantly summon explosions if you're anywhere near it, it has a huge range. Kill them as soon as you see them. Once you kill everything head right again and you'll reach a wall that has what looks like teeth or something. Grab the wall and take it up and to the left into a tunnel. Jump to the top, and then head right for an arena with a canister. Once it's clear head left to the wall and you'll see an MC inside it, break the block you can't see and grab the MC Thor's Arc+. Head a little further right and the game will tell you to go up, do so to get to the next area.

Run! Ha ha ha! - Use the platforms to go up. You'll reach a small shaft leading up, grab onto the wall and climb up it. Use the platforms to continue going up, then right down a huge slope. At the bottom jump to the right and grab the MC Nive's Anger. If you miss it you can jump back onto the platform and try again. Use the floating platforms to get onto the stationary platform with the canister and head right again. You'll eventually reach some platforms that have stairs on them, that's your cue to start heading up. At the top you'll see a light gray platform, this will crumble when you step on it. You need to jump onto that one and jump across a few more going right to grab an MC called Falk's Joy. If you fail, you'll have to jump across some platforms going right, and then follow them up. You'll see another light gray platform, jump onto it and then the platform left of it, and you can jump onto the platform with the MC. Head right onto the platforms, take a few up, and then head right to the next area.

Mosquito Museum - Head right and destroy the canister, and a bit after that you'll find a hole that leads to a canister and a path going left. Drop down into the hole you see and go right, you want to jump over to a platform straight to your right and then go up the path. When you see the small platforms jump up them to find a canister, and then go right. You'll reach an arena, and the red guy will make his appearance. He is quite hard to kill because he blocks most of your attack. You either have to freeze him, or wait until he jumps into the air and spins around and then you can hit him. As with most enemies, he will also disappear if you wait long enough. Once he's dead a ship will spawn. These have cannons on each wing and some of them will drop extra enemies. You want to attack the bottom of it (so the wings can't shoot you) until it dies, then the stage is done.

You'll want to equip the MC Nive's Anger. Much like the Ceno line of MCs, the Nive line will be another staple in your MC setup all game. This is the body slam MC I've mentioned a few times already. When you cast it, you damage every enemy you walk into for the duration. This helps a ton just in general because you can only hit one or two enemies at a time with your sword, but with a body slam, you can just run straight through them all and damage them. It will kill weaker enemies in one hit. Another use of it is that you can actually stand close enough to some bosses to damage them with body slam, and also hit them with your sword, increasing your damage output. Basically, when you see a group of enemies use this and run through them.

Stage 3: Abandoned Guardians

Stage 3

Sheer Wall - Head right. The path will eventually slope upward and then hit a wall, climb the wall all the way up until you can't go any higher, and then jump on the moving platform and head left to a wall and then take that up. The path will start going right again, use the moving platforms to head right. Eventually, you'll jump on a platform and see a platform at the top of the screen, jump onto that, onto the stationary platform nearby and head right to the next area.

Rain - Head right and you'll see these, uh...roombas. They damage you when they run into you and some colors can shoot at you. They are quite easy to kill though. Continue right for an arena fight. Once it's clear head right and jump over the first pit, then fall into the 2nd one, head to the right and jump onto the small platform and destroy the hidden wall, and go right to a secret area.

Secret Room Destruction - Head right for an arena fight. You'll see two new things here. The first is a guy will appear on the screen and then these moving walls will cross the screen. If they hit you they knock you down and do some damage. The other is these enemies that glow. They do more damage and take more hits to kill but are pretty easy to kill if you mash X to kill them before they hit you. Once you've won head right for the MC Thor's Arc Combo++, then head right to the next area.

We Have Descended - Simply stay on the ground and head right. After a long walk, you'll reach a ledge and see purple fire, jump to the right to land on a platform and head up, then right to the next area.

Temple of the Wicked - Head right into an arena fight against a ton of the little robot things. Jump onto the platform to the right and then head up and left. You'll see a platform above you going right, jump onto it and head right. Follow the platform above left and then jump onto the one above that going right. Do it again and then head right, across a gap you'll have an arena. Destroy the ship to end it. Head right, jump up the wall and then go right for a new enemy, that I lazily call the swordsman. His main attack is dashing to you and swinging his sword, and he also dashes to random spots on the ground and throws an orb of energy at you. Regardless of what he does, your goal is the same. You want to get behind him when he is doing either attack and hit him, which will probably knock him away. Try and get behind him before he gets up so you can smack him again before he does anything. Repeat until he dies, which finishes the stage.

Stage 4: Closed Paradise

Stage 4

This stage is the first of the stages that have branching paths and a ton of stages. The biggest stage before this was 1, which had 7 areas. Stage 4 has 16, more than double. Despite the size, there's not actually a ton of MCs to grab, so it's mostly just surviving until the end. You will need 3 playthroughs to visit every area. The good news is that you don't need to finish the stage each time, you only need to visit the area. I got the achievement at the beginning of the last area I needed to visit, but to be safe what I would do is get to the next area and then die to make sure it is saved. I'll detail when to do this.

Madness - Simply head right to the next area.

The End of Fiction - Go right a tiny bit and you'll see stairs going up and stairs going down. This is the first true split path. Taking the upper path will take you to an area, and the lower path will lead to a different area. Anyway, jump onto the top stairs and go up. Continue heading right, jump over the pit, and you'll find a block and the next area.

Lost - A short, simple area. Simply head right to the next area.

Broken Dreams - Head right for an arena. A bird will appear, and he'll drop a bunch of fireballs onto the platforms. You'll see a red light where they will land. Hanging off a platform will not stop you from getting hit. Once it leaves you can head right to the next area.

Broken Future - Head right. This area has a few rooms, and they all have flame spouts in the pits. The easiest way to get around them is to jump and grab the ceiling, and head over the flames. There are also a few canisters. After a couple of rooms, you'll reach the next area.

Anarchy - Head right until you get an arena fight, just destroy the ship to end it and head right to the next area.

Yell! Scream! - Go right to find a wall of old cars. Some of the cars will break from one hit and others seem to only die from a charged attack. Head right through the first set. When you reach the second set, jump up to the 3rd platform from the bottom, as you break cars you'll come across the MC Cassus's Refusal. Then go right to the next area.

Existence - Head right and you'll reach an arena with easy enemies, a ton of bees mostly. Once it's clear head right to the next area.

Prototype Model - Similar to Broken Future, it's just a bunch of pits with flame spouts and canisters. Head right to the next area.

Planet Blaster Cannon - Here's the boss, which is a big cannon. It charges up and then shoots, and it will likely kill you instantly (though perhaps you might survive one hit on easy). When it is charging, blocks will drop down and you need to jump on them to avoid getting hit by the cannon blast. If the block falls onto you, or you attack it, it will disappear, so if you aren't careful you can screw yourself over. When you get it down to 2/3 health, it will move to the right and you'll have to head right. Repeat the same pattern (only two blocks will fall this time) until it is down to 1/3 health and it will move again. Follow it and destroy it (only one block this time) to end the stage and get an achievement.

Playthrough 2

When we do playthrough 2 or more of a stage, the walkthrough will be abbreviated. I won't talk about areas we've already been through unless you need to take a specific path.

Madness > End of Fiction - This time stay on the ground and take the lower path going right to the next area.

Evolutionary Purpose - Head right to an arena with a bunch of bees. Head right for another arena fight with a bunch of bees. There's a moving platform in the middle and one of those orbs that comes up from a pit. Once it's clear, head right to the next area.

Humanity's Future - This is another split path; take the lower path again to the next area.

Fruit of Paradise - Head right, you'll have another fight with the swordsman. The fight is the same as the last time. Head right to the next area.

Prison of Delusion - Go right and you'll see a path going up and down; take the one going down to find the MC Thor's Arc Combo. Now take the upper right path to the next area.

Escape to Reality - Head right across the moving platforms to the next area. There are some bees on the way but body slam will deal with them. The cannons on the ceiling shouldn't bother you if you keep moving.

Existence - Already been here, so just die. The easiest way to do so is to go right and stand in the pit until you die.

Playthrough 3 - Madness > End of Fiction - Take the lower path. > Evolutionary Purpose > Humanity's Future - Take the upper path to the next area.

Killing Machine - Head right for an arena, you'll meet the Bullet Turret (BT from now on). It's the other enemy besides LCs that can wreck your run real quick. They don't take as many hits to kill as LCs though, and can be frozen, so they are slightly easier. On easy they turn very slowly, so you can get behind them and hit them if you don't want to freeze them, or don't have the MP. Head right to the next arena for 2 BTs. After that head right for a laser reflector. You'll see little orbs and the enemy bounces lasers off them. It has very little HP though, so generally, you just need to get close to it, crouch under the first laser, and then kill it before it fires another. Once it's dead, grab the ceiling in this area and head to the highest point, you'll find the MC Lofas's Worry. Head right to the next area.

Anarchy - Already been here, just die. There's a pit not too far to the right.

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