5. Moon Diver Stages 9-12 and MP/Clean UpUpdate notes

Stage 9: Ruin Wanderer

Stage 9

This one is much simpler than 8, thankfully.

The New World - Head right until you have an ambush. It's a ton of those teleporting guys. Once it's clear, continue right for another ambush with a ton of the people ones that shoot homing bullets. Head right for another ambush with a bunch of different enemies and a floating ship. Once they're all dead head right to the next area.

Treacherous Moonlight - Head right and you'll find some floating platforms. You need to take them all the way up to some stationary platforms, then follow the path they make up and right. Eventually you'll reach a big wall you can jump onto and climb up, and then head right for an ambush with one of those laser reflectors. Once it's clear, double jump up and you'll see a platform with an MC to the right of you. You want to jump on one of the moving platforms and jump up to the platform with the MC Falk's Smile. With that you want to head down and then right when you see the purple fire. From here follow the platforms up and to the right for the next area.

Moon Drivers - Head right, and when the ground slopes up a bit, you'll see a vent to the right under the platform you are on with a healing item in it. There's a pile of rubbish on top of that vent and it leads to a secret room. Pass it by for now though. You'll find an ambush with a blaster cannon, and another arena fight with a blaster cannon after that. Past the second blaster cannon, stick to the ground. You'll notice the MC below you behind a breakable block, drop down and grab Cassus's Treason. Now backtrack to the vent and break the rubble, and drop down to the secret area.

Secret Room Despair - Head right for an ambush, there are two flame jets, just stay in the middle and use Nive's Rage. There's a ton of bees and a few regular enemies. After it's clear head right for the MC Thor's Arc Army++. Head right to the next area.

Ragnarok - Head right until you have to go down, then do so with a boss fight against the swordsman. This one is a bit of a pain because he will shoot bullets from positions where it's hard to get behind him and hit him. The best chance you have is when he moves to the edge of the screen, then charges at you and swings his sword. You want to try and jump over him and then stab him in the back. Once he's dead the stage is over.

Stage 10: Birth

Stage 10

Another fairly simple one with a mere 4 stages, but we will have to play it twice. I got the 10,000 enemies killed achievement in this stage. We have plenty to do, so if you don't get it here you'll get it eventually.

Skyscraper Barrage - You want to head up, you'll find a ton of BT and LC on the way. Try to stay on the right side. There's a blaster cannon on the way up. There's a moving platform to the left of it you can use to kill it. It will move by the cannon when it's preparing to fire. Then hang off the platform when it fires, and climb back up when the laser is gone to do it again until it's dead. Or just go past it. Either way, continue climbing up (the arrows that pop up will help you find the proper platform). Once you reach the top head to the next area.

Beneath the Full Moon - There are two different ways here, but they aren't as simple as a fork between two easy to reach exits. When you head right you'll come to a floating platform, you want to jump on it and follow the path it leads to. It will lead to more floating platforms and a bunch of enemies will spawn as you head right. Have body slam going 24/7 and watch out for blocks you need to break to keep going. If you don't fall off, you'll reach the upper exit to the next area.

Wrecked Labyrinth - Head right to the end of the platform you're on. You want to jump to the platform to the right, and then to the right wall. You'll see a breakable wall below you, get close to it (but not too close, or you'll fall) and use a charge attack to break it. Head right for the MC Ragna. Climb up the wall to the top and head right. Look for a floating platform and head up. You wand to head up and left, and eventually you'll find a stationary platform. Head right for an ambush. You'll have a ship and a bunch of fodder, it's an easy fight. Once it's done the stage is over.

Playthrough 2

Skyscraper Barrage > Beneath the Full Moon - Instead of taking the floating platforms, just head right and fall down and you'll have an ambush. You won't fight enemies, and instead what looks like a boss will appear. He will stomp and boulders will fall down, with a red outline where they land. Simply avoid them until he leaves. Once he leaves head right, and just keep falling down (few LCs on the way). You'll reach the exit.

Lonely Orchard - Head right until you find the swordsman. You'll have to fight him with other enemies around, and to the far right is a blaster cannon, so try to stay to the left. As for the swordsman, he seems to have way more life this time, but the process is the same. He does have a new attack, which is basically the same as those red canisters, you can hit him while he does this. Once he's dead head right and destroy the blaster cannon. Continue right to dodge some more fireballs. Once he leaves head right to what appears to be a dead-end, then climb the wall and then move across the ceiling. You'll see a floating platform, jump onto that and then head right. You'll reach an ambush, and it will have a bunch of fodder and 3 ships at once. When you've destroyed them all the stage will end.

Stage 11: A New World Created

Stage 11

Only 6 stages in this one, but we will need 2 playthroughs. Don't worry, 12 is a shit show, so the fun is about to end.

Lunar Eclipse - Head right until you have an ambush. The bird will drop fireballs on the arena as you fight. There's a ton of those red guys that are hard to kill, you can either wait them out or freeze them so you can deal with them much more easily. Continue right through a few LCs and you'll come to another ambush. The bird will drop fireballs and there are 3 fire jets. Once it leaves you can go right again. After a few more flame jets you'll find the next area.

Humanity's Descendants - Head right to find a laser reflector. Then continue right for an ambush. You'll have a ton of the purple dudes (body slam works as always). Once they're dead head right to a third ambush, DO NOT DESTROY THE BLOCK! You need to jump on it afterward. You'll have a bunch of the grey dudes. You'll also have a first : LCs will spawn during the fight and start shooting. Needless to say kill them as they spawn. Stay on the ground and kill the grey ones as they come to you, don't go jumping around trying to kill them or you might destroy the block. Once it's clear jump on the block BUT BE CAREFUL. Your second jump does damage, and that can break the block. I would do the second jump far away from the block and then move onto it, you can also grab onto the ceiling and drop onto it that way. Either way you want to jump to the platform above the block and head right to a room. Double jump up to a platform, and above that is the MC Ceno's Revival. Now there's 4 pits in this room you need to fall into the 3rd from the left (2nd from the right) you'll get the MC Cassus's Revolution when you do. If you go down the wrong one you can backtrack and try again. You'll drop into another ambush, kill the 4 LCs first and then slaughter the fodder. Continue right for a laser reflector, and past that is the next area. Ceno's Revival should be your 50th MC if you've found all the ones in the walkthrough so far, so you should get an achievement. I'm not sure if the MC each character starts with counts or not, so you might get this on the next one.

Ask Their Name Again - Head right until you see a floating platform going down, then drop down and head left. You'll reach an ambush with some of those grey guys, and LCs will spawn as you fight them. Head left until you see a floating platform and take it across the purple fire. Continue left a bit and then drop down to the bottom, and head right. You'll have an ambush, afterward continue right. When you hit a wall and have to go up, you should see an MC in the wall above and to the right. Break the wall to your right and then jump up and get the MC Lofas's Misery. Once you have that head up and go left, kill the LCs on the way. You'll have to go up and go right over some flame jets. Then you go up and go left, after you kill the canister walk left into the wall and break it, then drop down to get the MC Niltor's Symphony. Head back to where the wall was and head up, then right to the next area.

The Black Horse of War - Now to fight the horse. He starts with two attacks, he can kick you with his legs, and a cannon on his shoulder can shoot bullets at you. He doesn't seem to do any new attacks, when he gets to about 1/2 health he will drop a bunch of fodder. I found standing in between his legs and jumping while swinging right (toward the front of his body) was relatively safe and worked the best. Once he's dead the stage is done.

Playthrough 2

Lunar Eclipse - Head right to the ambush. Afterward, head right, cross a pit with the flame spout and then jump over 2 flame jets. You'll see a pile of rubble just past them, destroy it and drop down to a new area.

Breath - Head right, the first 3 pits have flame spouts. Continue right until the game tells you to go up. Then go left. Shortly after jumping over a few flame jets, you'll see an MC by a platform below an LC called Motaht's Mercy. Head up and then right. When you reach some platforms (you'll see those moving walls that hurt you), jump up them and head right. You'll probably have to stand on the platform on the right, and then jump onto the side of the platform above and to the left to get up. From there head left until you find some more platforms, use them to go up and then right to find the MC Thor's Arc++. Return to the platforms with the moving wall and then head right to the next area, but make sure to grab the MC right before the GO arrow, Falk's Delight.

Early Summer Garden - Head right, and eventually you'll reach an ambush. It has a ton of bees and an assortment of other fodder. Right after it is the next area.

The Black Horse of War

Before we head to Stage 12, make a slight detour to good old Stage 1. In the first area, head right until you see a sign, with some rubble in front of it. Destroy the rubble and drop down to a secret area. You need a high POW to destroy the rubble, so we couldn't do this previously. You should have more than enough POW by now.

Secret Room Heresy - Complete the arena fight and then head right for the MC Leviranal. You can die in the next area and then move on to stage 12.

Stage 12: The Halls of Hades

Stage 12

This stage is a fun one. As you can see from the map it has more stages than stage 8. There's not a lot of MCs to grab, but there's a total of 4 bosses here. You have to go to every area but one just to unlock the path to the final boss, and then you have to fight him, and obviously, you can't die during. The first area is probably the hardest of them all.

De Ludel Tactique! - You need to head right until you hit a wall, then just keep heading up/right to the next area. The problem is there's a ton of LCs and BTs on the way. On top of this, the sword dude will show up shortly before the first ambush. I mostly run through this area, and only stop to freeze and kill LCs. I would wait until I got to the ambush to fight the sword guy, since killing the other enemies while I fought him would provide some HP/MP items to help stay healthy. Head right to the second ambush, and then right after it to find the next area.

Premonition - Simply head right to the next area. As an aside, you'll be returned to this area after you beat a boss so you can go through the stages and fight another one.

Divine Door - There's an upper path to the final boss, but you need to kill the other bosses first, so take the lower path to the next area. Just a bunch of spiders on the way.

Duty - Head right. You'll run into 2 BTs and then a room with 6 LCs. Past that is an ambush, it's a bunch of purple guys you can easily just body slam through. Head right past a few flame spouts in pits to the next area.

Ancient Covenant - There's an upper and lower path here, stay on the ground and head down to the next area.

Memory Without Record - Stick to the ground and take the lower path again to the next area. On the way are a few BTs, and a ship after them.

What is the Enemy's Name - Head right. When you see some platforms, jump up them and jump onto the pipe. Follow the path right and go up when you can, and go left and then up the small passage. You'll find some LCs and BTs above you. Kill them and then jump up both platforms and then head right. Ignore the floating platforms and stay on the ground. When you reach a pit, jump to the right wall and enter the part where the wall appears to be sticking out a bit to find a secret room.

Secret Room From Bad to Worse - Head right to find an ambush and 3 flame jets. You'll have a ton of bees, and a bunch of those glowing guys that take a few hits to kill. Save all your MP, the next area is a boss. It's the horse guy, but he's got more health and damage. Once it's all clear, head right for the MC Kutoh's Dependence. Head right to the next area.

Ancestors and Descendants - Horse boss again. He has way more health and does a little more damage too. The main objective is the same though, smack him with your sword and stay on the opposite side of the cannon so the shots don't hit you. What I tried to do was jump and swing at the cannon a couple of times, then double jump to the other side. Once the cannon swung around to my side I'd do it again. He doesn't appear to have any new moves. Once it is dead head right to the next area.

With Evolution and Pride - Head right and after 2 LCs you'll find a blaster cannon, the fight is the same as always. Head right to an ambush, you'll have two blaster cannons. You should have enough POW to destroy them before they fire, so blitz the bottom one until it dies. Wait for the top one to fire and then destroy that next charge. Go right to the next area.

Changing Species - Simply head right to the next area. There are a few BTs on the way, but you can just go past them.

Static Species - Just go right to the next area.

Premonition > Divine Door > Duty > Ancient Covenant > Memory Without Record - Go right and you'll see a platform above you going up, take it and follow it to the upper path.

Verge of Extinction - Head right until you reach a room with LCs. Destroy them all and then jump on the ceiling in this room. You'll see some rubble in the middle of the ceiling, it's actually a hole you can climb up. Once you get to the top go left to the room with 2 ships. Jump onto the left wall and climb up and you'll see the MC Thor's Arc Army+. Now go all the way right to a room with 2 ships, after clearing it out jump on either wall and head up, then jump to get the MC Nive's Rage. Go back to the hole and go down. Head right through a bunch of LCs and a laser reflector to the next area.

Assembly - Simply head right to the next area.

Guardian - The bird boss again. He has way too much health to simply blitz him, so you'll have to play much more carefully. When he raises his head up into the air for a few moments, he's about to spew bullets. Head to the other side of the screen and dodge the bullets as they come. As for hitting him, you want to be far enough away you don't touch his body as you take damage. Once he gets to 2/3 health left, he will start summoning the explosions. Try to jump constantly so you don't have to worry too much about them. When it gets to about 1/2 it seems to start turning into a fireball and then bouncing around the map. It bounces up and down first, then left and right next. Once he's dead, go right to the next area.

Promise - Head right to the next area.

Changing Species > Static Species > Premonition > Divine Door > Duty > Ancient Covenant - Head right and when you see a platform jump on it and the one above it and head right to take the upper path to the next area.

Humans - Head right to find a laser reflector, and past that you'll have an ambush where you have to dodge boulders. Afterward, head right to another ambush with a bunch of different fodder. Head right to the next area once it's clear.

And Spirits - Head right and when you see a platform, jump onto it and take it up and right to the upper path's next area.

Fighting Together - The first boss of the game again. This time you don't have the platforms above to stand on when he charges. This means that you need to time your double jumps to get over his charges. The good news is his health is much lower than the other two bosses. Use the attack boost MC and go to town. You might have to heal once depending on what level you are, but not more than that. Once he's dead head right to the next area.

Alliance - Head right for an ambush with a blaster cannon. Once it's down head right for another ambush with a blaster cannon. There are some walls blocking the bottom part of the area, but you should be able to blow up the blaster cannon before you need to dodge. When it's destroyed head right to the next area.

Promise > Changing Species > Static Species > Premonition > Divine Door - Head right and when you see a platform jump on it and head up and right to the upper path exit.

Grand Stairs - Head right. You'll come across some LCs, and then an ambush with fodder after that. Head right, and when you see some BTs/LCs you'll need to head up, and then left. You'll find a couple of rooms with a ton of LCs and BTs, and then 2 ships. The next room has a ton of BTs, destroy them and the canister and then head up and right. You'll reach an ambush with a laser reflector and 2 BTs. There will also be a bunch of the red guys near the end of the fight, I'd freeze them to kill them easily or you might get overwhelmed. Head to some more LCs, and after that head right to the next area.

The Creator - Time for the final boss of this exhausting stage. The good news is he isn't too hard and he summons fodder that you can get HP/MP items off of, so that helps quite a bit since you're no doubt fretting about dying after spending so much time on this stage. The fight starts with a lengthy cutscene, when you gain control the boss will summon a bunch of orbs. These can be destroyed and they damage the boss, but they explode and can damage you if the explosion hits you. Which means not only do you need to make sure they don't hit you, but you need to make sure that when you're destroying them you aren't TOO close or the explosion will damage you. After a bit the boss will start to charge energy (he'll have a blue aura), and then he'll throw the remaining orbs into the sky and then at the ground to try and hit you. If you destroy most of them it's fairly easy to dodge them, otherwise you'll probably get hit. After that the boss will summon some fodder, make sure to kill them all for a chance at HP/MP items. After that the blue aura will disappear and the boss will summon more orbs. The only new attack I saw it use was after it had lost 2/3 of its health. It will use the same attack the canisters do, just run back and forth across the arena to dodge the shots. As for actually hitting the boss, when the orbs are up just aim for the orbs, ignore the actual boss. When he has the aura going, you can attack the boss itself. In between attacks you can keep jumping and slashing at him until he does something. It seemed like the final blow has to come from orbs, once he got down to a few hits left his health bar wouldn't move when I hit him, he only died when he summoned some orbs and I destroyed some of those.

Once you win that's the end of stage 12, and you'll get an achievement.

Playthrough 2

De Ludel Tactique! > Premonition > Divine Door > Duty > Ancient Covenant > Memory Without Record > What is the Enemy's Name - Proceed as normal until you jump up the platforms that have an LC on the bottom and 4 BTs in the middle. Instead of going down and jumping across the pit to the secret room, wait for the floating platform and use them to go right. After you get on the third one, wait for it to go as far right as it can, then jump off and head right to take the upper path in this area.

What are your Name's - This should be your last area, getting the achievement.

Now we have the multiplayer to do and the level achievement. For the leveling achievement, you need the AVERAGE of every character to be 50. That means everyone doesn't need to be 50, just that the combined level of all 4 characters is 200 or more (200 divided by 4 is 50). So something like 60/50/50/40 would work. Seyfert should be 50 or close to it, so boosting the other ones is what we want. For this, you want to head to level 9 and change the difficulty to insane. There are 6 of those big blaster cannons in the 3rd area (Moon Drivers). These give tons of experience. There are two ways to do this depending on whether you have a 2nd controller or not. Having a second controller is much, much faster.

If you have a second controller - Play up to the Run! Ha Ha Ha! area of Stage 2 and get the Nive's Anger MC with each character. Now get to the blast cannons in stage 9 with Seyfert. Once you reach them press start on the second controller and pick one of the other characters. Get close enough to the cannon that body slam will damage it, and smack it until you need to move to avoid the blast, then continue until it dies. You get experience for killing it AND experience for hitting it. You want to make sure you keep the POW of the other 3 characters at zero so they can get as much experience as possible from hitting it before it dies.

For the first two cannons, you can put Seyfert on the top platform so the cannon won't hit him and have the other character hit the cannon and use the higher platform to escape the blast. The next encounter has two cannons. What I usually do is put the 2nd controller on the middle platform and kill the top cannon with Seyfert, then have the 2nd controller beat up the bottom cannon while using the top platform to avoid the blasts. This can be a bit difficult early on because you'll need two rounds of attacks with Seyfert to kill the blaster cannon until you level his POW up more. The 2nd controller usually dies and then I revive it once the top cannon is gone. For the last pair, the only way to avoid the blasts is to sit in the middle area and crouch. Since that's hard to do on both controllers with two hands, I usually let the 2nd controller die and kill them with Seyfert. If you want, you can rubber band cn_LT down on Seyfert so you can destroy both cannons with the 2nd controller (cn_LT didn't work on my second controller so I didn't try this). Then I go to the next area and let the BT near the start kill me, and do it all over again.

If you don't have a second controller - You can't just start on stage 9 with each character (not that they'd survive) you have to play through to stage 9 with each character so you can grind the blaster cannons that way. This is the worse option for two reasons. It takes longer, and you can't keep your POW at 0 to get more experience from blaster cannons, because you wouldn't even be able to make it to the blaster cannons without dying.

Needless to say, I would suggest using a second controller, it was much faster. Seyfert was 74 when I got the achievement, and the other 3 were in the low 40s (43, 42, 41).

As for the multiplayer, you can't take other controllers into multiplayer, so if you don't have 4 controllers, you'll need a boosting session with 3 others. For the MP achievements you need to link MCs (or whatever you want to call it) with the other players in the game. You need to link 10 of the 2 player MCs, 10 of the 3 player MCs, and 10 of the 4 player MCs. You can't do a 2P link for a 4P MC and get credit, it has to be a 2P MC. If you look at the squares under the MCs in the selection menu, you'll see white squares that denote what type of MC it is. 2 squares means it counts for as a 2P MC, 3 squares is a 3P MC, and 4 squares is a 4P MC. What I did was start with the top MC (the Thor's Arc line of MCs) and equip the 3 below it. Then I'd go into stage 1 and use all 4 of them, then quit the stage and equip the next 4 below those, then use those and quit out, and equip the last 2 and use those. They don't have to hit any enemies. To link them you need to have one person hold cn_B, and then they will have a bubble appear around them. Other players can hold cn_B to join in, and they'll have a bubble appear around them as well. Once everyone is holding cn_B, the original person let's go of cn_B and the MC link occurs. The person who initiates it (or holds cn_B first) is the only one who will get credit for it, so if you're doing it with human players, you'll need to do each type of MC 40 times, 10 for each player. If you happen to have 4 controllers, you only need to do it 10 times, of course. Note that the other controllers do not need the MC to link with Seyfert. Not sure if it works this way with other human players online, but I would assume so.

The last MP achievement is for reviving 10 allies who go down. When they lose all their health chains will wrap around them and you have 10 seconds to save them. Attack the chains to break them. If you go for the level achievement with a second controller you'll probably get this along the way, if not you can have someone stand in the shooting range of a BT and keep reviving them as they get wrapped up in chains.

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