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Smokey Joh
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Smokey Joh
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Posted on 20 November 17 at 05:19
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Morphite Review

Capturing the essence of space travel in a game with its limitless unknowns and wonder must be a terribly hard thing to do. For starters, traditional games must have a through line or arc that provides the player with motive and reason and then works in the core gameplay aspects across the experience. Morphite, a low poly space exploration game from Crescent Moon Games, does admirably with a unique art style and finds a pretty good balance between the two with a procedurally generated universe that is both its best asset and it’s achilles heel.

Played in First Person, you take the role of Myrrah a young science assistant on a space station somewhere in the universe. After a series of events she sets out on her own adventure and finds a mysterious element known only as ‘Morphite’ and starts to unravel the secrets around it’s purpose and in doing so, her own. Or, not, if you don’t want to. Because this is a procedurally generated universe, the main quests have static planets and missions but there are an infinite number of alternative planets and solar systems and space stations to explore. And what do you do there? Aside from dealing with any hostile locals, you scan the flora and fauna on each planet and sell those scans for Chunks (currency) to upgrade your ship/weapons/suit etc. then, you hop in your ship and do it all again. It actually does a pretty sweet job in capturing that explorer feeling we all have inside us and the excitement of finding something new and different before anyone else. Some planets have large play areas and some small, some have lots of life, some don’t. There is a fair bit of variety to see, but as with anything it wears a bit thin as the game goes on. You start to see repeating assets like trees or enemies and it kind of breaks the illusion for a minute. It was wise of them not to have detailed textures because if they did it would be more obvious than just a tonal colour change but it still comes up eventually.

The combat is simple and the weaponry is of a fairly standard fare, aside from Puggles the weaponised robot Pug dog that follows you around. You can even press a trigger to lock onto enemies which makes it even easier. There are randomised events that can happen between travelling to planets ranging from being attacked by fighter ships to trading with ships to choosing either heads or tails from an alien ship and either getting shat on (not literally) or given stuff. The main quest is somewhat interesting and probably has some of the better levels/planets in the game (because they are human designed), and you unlock abilities through them. The script isn’t Oscar worthy… okay it’s pretty cringey at points but moves things along fine. Resources are gathered from each planet and some boxes in space stations and they are used on the upgrades for your weapons and suit along with some chunks. Enemies are quite varied space faring animals and winged beasts but again, they do sometimes repeat on planets.

Overall Morphite had me for the first half of the 20 or so hours I played it. It’s a calm, do it at your own pace game that captures the wonder of space exploration and has light FPS action. The second half however dragged a bit as the mechanics wore on and the procedurally generated worlds started to become too familiar. Recommended for those that enjoy playing relaxed games in short bursts, over time.
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