Mortal Kombat 11 Reviews

    30 Apr 2022
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    Okay, so as a disclaimer I am not a highly skilled player at this game, nor am I heavily experienced in the fighting genre. Nether the less I found collectively Mortal Kombat 11 was a pleasant experience for my time playing the game. As always, I logged in plenty of time to experience each aspect, which gives me enough knowledge to provide a sturdy review.

    Single Player

    I did find this aspect in my opinion to be the weakest side of MK11. I found that it played it safe and repeated a common narrative from previous games. Characters die, earth realm is in danger, you must kill a god trying to takeover everything etc. For this reason, I didn't find the dialogue extremely impactful, in some aspects it lacked any energy which then led to a lack of attention.

    I believe if the Krypt along with quests/objectives could have somehow been integrated into the main original story, it could have provided more of a punch. (Sorry for the pun)


    I found the many options available elevate this game to a great point. The Towers of Time and Classic Towers both provide great challenges to the player with its varying levels of difficulty. I also believe the leader boards give another reason to compete with others. In addition, the co-op towers and battle mode challenges provide regular content for you and anybody you may team up with.

    With me being less skilled than probably 70% of players, I enjoyed competing in AI Battles. Being able to see players defending teams, and then picking your own fighters with styles that best counteract them, adds a great element to the game. (I did spend a lot of time watching my characters getting sent to the NetherRealm, but still fun)

    Ranked Play and Kasual play was also fun. I found that Ranked play provided a real challenge, and even though I lost most games, it was great to see how skilled others are. Kasual play was definitely more for me, and it is great to be able to use Friendships, Brutalities, and Fatalities. After using the training drills, I grew more confidence and I also realised how complex this game really was.


    This game pleasantly surprised me. I found the combat complexity brilliant, which rewards players for taking the time to learn character moves. Even for a relatively mediocre MK player like myself, I found tutorials and learning as you go along really does improve your own skill which keeps the interest going. The story may have been a bit dry, but every other aspect was nice.

    With the game being on Gamepass, it is certainly a title that anyone should try. It may take some hours to get used to, but it is definitely worth it. I can see why the MK fan base is so passionate.