Mortal Kombat X Reviews

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    04 Feb 2020
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    Mortal Kombat X is the tenth instalment into NetherRealms acclaimed series. It brings with it fan favourites and new additions to sink your time and teeth In to and I mean alot of time. The game is set 20 years after the previous games ending and in true Mortal Kombat style the only way to save the day is by ripping off body parts and making slaughter look fashionable. Shinnok has caused quite a stir with an amulet of power that has everyone fighting to control it, this has caused tensions to rise between Outworld and Earthrealm with treaties being cast aside and fighting starting between them. I don't want to say much as I don't want to give away the story but this is a thrilling ride for anyone partaking in it.
    The story is extremely lengthy especially if you don't skip through the cut scenes but for the most part it is worth it. With the addition of QTE's in some cutscenes the wait between games is slightly more hands on but it is more of a gimmick than an important action. The story has been extremely well written with a great plot and even greater acting. Interactions between the characters feels natural and is extremely pleasant to witness. I feel hardcore MK fans will be more than happy to play out this new instalment. This is punctuated with an immersive sound track and crisp sound effects allowing you to hear every guttural scream and shattering crunch.

    The Krypt is back and this time I suggest you bring a spare pair of underwear when traversing it. NetherRealms has placed a few surprises within this first person unlock shop. The Krypt is the place to be if you're looking to spend your hard earned koins. Within this area you will be able to unlock new fatalities, secrets and a whole host of other collectables for the game. It is a fantastic way of letting us shop about instead of a more conventional approach to the unlock screens.

    Now Mortal Kombat wouldn't be right if it didn't allow us to fight in as many different ways as possible and MKX really brings it home. There are many different game modes from towers which are fights with dynamically changing modifiers to make them easier or harder. Test Your Luck fights which will give you a single fight with a random set of modifiers and King Of The Hill online matches, winner stays on style. There really is a lot to do in MKX but unless you are a fighting game fanatic or a fan of the series you may find that there just isn't enough diversity between the game modes. That's where the new character variations come into play.

    A fantastic new introduction to the franchise is the ability to choose between 3 different variations of each character. The variation you choose will change the abilities you can use and the way you will play that character. I found this kept the gameplay extremely versatile and i enjoyed trying the different variations and in turn the different fighting styles i could perform. As character customisation is extremely limited and new costumes only available through dlc or the krypt the character variations gave me a sense of freedom.

    Freedom of choice also comes in the way of Factions. You can now choose to be part of your favourite faction in the series and help towards making your faction the best on the leader boards. The factions available are Lin Kuei, Black Dragon, White Lotus, Brotherhood Of Shadow and Special Forces. These bring a great deal of competition between players as killing members of the opposite factions will rank you up and go towards your factions rank. To add a dynamic twist to the faction war there are now Invasions, which can happen randomly and cause you to fight a member of an opposite faction. Invasion Bosses and Invasion Towers are a great way of testing your skills as they offer an elite challenge. All progress within these invasions will progress you and your faction.

    Finally it wouldn't be a good review without the inclusion of achievements and there are many. This game should be reserved for the completionists that have plenty of time to grind them out. This is by no means a quick completion. With achievements relating to 50 living towers complete that contain a minimum of 5 enemies per tower, you can see the amount of grind that it will take. Other achievements include many online and character specific challenges including fatalities, x-rays and combo counters.

    Overall Mortal Kombat X has an extremely good story narrative built up over next gen graphics. With the QTE gimmick aside it is an experience everyone should try. Plenty of game modes will keep this feeling fresh for a little while but not as long as i would have liked. I would have liked to have seen some form of character customisation outside of the Krypt but not enough to warrant saying there was none.