1. Mortal Kombat Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Welcome to the Mortal Kombat walkthrough, the ninth installment in the series. This game isn't the easiest completion, as there are some achievements that will prove to be difficult even for experienced players . The vast majority of the achievements are easily obtained, as they are difficulty independant. Although the achievements can be completed in any order, I would personally recommend obtaining them in the following order:

  • Start off by completing "Tutorial Mode" and "Fatality Trainer" to give you a feel for the game and unlocking achievements at the same time.
  • Play through and enjoy the Story Mode. To make this easier you can set the difficulty to beginner before you start from the game play options.
  • Complete Arcade Ladder with every character and get familiar with each character which will prepare you for the next step.
  • Complete Challenge Tower consisting of 300 challenges.
  • Unlock everything from the Krypt, as you will now have more than enough koins to do so.
  • By now you will be a much better player than when you first started, so it is time to head online for those achievements.
  • The rest of your time will be spent gaining mastery for all your characters to unlock the "My Kung Fu Is Stronger" achievement, by far the most time-consuming achievement in the game.

Best of Luck!

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