2. Mortal Kombat General hints and tipsUpdate notes

The best tip I can give to you to help you on your journey to 1,000G is finding a character that is best suited to your fighting style. After you've completed story mode, and completed arcade ladder with each character, you should already have selected a few characters that you know you fight best with. From here, the best thing you can do is go into practice mode and learn all the different attacks your character can do and what combos you can string together. The more damage you can inflict in one combo, the better!

It's not all about attacking though, you need to be able to defend and know when to attack by reading the moves of your opponent which is something you will learn naturally the more you play the game.

The reason I say it's a good idea to get a lot of practice with your favourite character is to tackle some of those difficult online achievements, as these require a lot of skill if you are earning these achievements legitimately.

However, even if you are at a beginner on fighting games, you will still be able to net most of the achievements for this game as a lot can be achieved on beginner difficulty. There are also easy methods you will find in this guide that will help you gain some of those harder achievements.

Kombat Kodes

In Mortal Kombat, there are quite a few Kombat Kodes you can enter on the loading screen on a Versus match for various, different effects. The only two you will need are Sans Power and Unlimted Super Meter. This will speed up the process of King of the Hill boosting and Character Mastery as you will find out in this guide.

To enter these codes, on the loading screen you'll see three symbols on each side of the screen. The first set is player one; you'll press X for the first position, Y for the second, and B for the third. So if you were to input the code 123-456, player one would press X once, Y twice, B three times. Player two would press X four times, Y five times and B six times.

The following codes you need are:

Sans Power - 044-440 (this makes both players health 1%)
Unlimited Super Meter - 466-466

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