3. Mortal Kombat Story walkthroughUpdate notes

Practice Mode

First things first, go to the "Practice" option on the menu, and select "Tutorial Mode". Select a character of your choice and simply follow the on screen commands. I recommend doing this before starting story mode as it shows you the new Mortal Kombat battle system. Simply complete the 15 on screen tutorials and you will gain the following achievement:

Next, go to "Fatality Trainer", select any fighter of your choice, and simply perform their fatality. The commands to do this will be displayed on screen. As soon as you have done this the following achievement will unlock:

Story Mode

Next step is to play through and enjoy the fantastic story mode where you will be fighting with most of the characters in the game. To make things easier you can change the difficulty to beginner from the game options menu, otherwise you will be playing through on normal difficulty. By completing story mode on any difficulty you will unlock the following achievements:

You will also unlock the following achievement with natural progression. It popped at some point during my story mode play through:

You may also unlock a few other achievements during story mode. If not, these can be found in the miscellaneous section.

Tag Arcade Ladder

Next up is to start on Tag Arcade Ladder. The reason for choosing tag arcade is that you get to choose two characters, and the two that you choose both count as completing the arcade ladder with. Since there are 27 characters, this will require 14 tag arcade playthroughs. For this, set the difficulty to beginner with 1 round to win and a 30 second round timer. This will vastly speed things up for you.

To speed things up even more, I would recommend performing each character's Forward and Backwards throws, X-Rays, Fatalaties and Babalaties to save you time in the long run.

On your first play through, try and complete it without blocking (pressing the right trigger). To make sure, I also did not use X-Rays as sometimes you may have pressed block without realising. Complete tag arcade without blocking with your first two characters of choice, and you will gain you the following achievements:

During one of your tag arcade playthroughs, you should use both Sektor and Cyrax so you gain the following achievement:

For one arcade ladder achievement you need to complete the game on the hardest difficulty without using a continue. This does sound like it's going to be a very difficult achievement, however there is a relatively easy method for doing this. So on one of your tag ladder playthroughs I would use Sheeva and Noob, ensuring Sheeva is your starting player. Before starting, go to the options and change the settings to 1 round and 60 seconds instead of 30 to give you that extra bit of time in case your opponent starts attacking you early on in the fight. During every match spam Sheeva's Down, Up (Jump Stomp attack) which usually lands around 75% of the time. Sometimes you will find your opponent gets stuck, and you can spam it over and over without them getting up. In the event that Sheeva is taken out, you have Noob as your back up. Simply keep spamming his Down, Forward + A attack. This attack has a lot of range, and Noob is a good substitute character to use when Sheeva has been taken out. This may take a few tries to complete, but if you manage to complete this you will unlock this achievement:

From here, complete tag arcade with your remaining characters, including Quan Chi and Cyber Sub-Zero which you unlocked for completing the story mode, and you will unlock:

Arcade Ladder - Hidden Kombatants

There are a few hidden fighters that need to be found for an achievement each. Start up the ladder (solo, not tag) and choose your favourite fighter. Let the ladder load and see what your fight stage is. Depending on what it is, either restart until you find one of these three, or following the appropriate instructions:

The Church / Temple:

Normally, there is an outworld sorcerer in the background of this level. If you load the fight and see Noob Saibot standing in the background, simply win the fight without blocking and once you do, the game will immediately load the Noob fight and the achievement will unlock. If you accidentally block, or if Noob isn't there pause the game and choose Select Fighter to reload the fight; the stage will remain the same. Starting this fight (you don't have to win) will unlock:

The Pit at Night:

This fight has to be won double flawlessly and ended with a stage fatality. Also, in the first few seconds of the match, you will see either a Witch or Santa Claus and his Reindeer fly across the night sky and in front of the moon. If you don't meet any of these criteria (Or neither Santa or the witch show up), pause the game and choose Select Fighter to reload the fight on the same stage. I would recommend using Sheeva and spamming her Up, Down (Jump Stomp) attack to get an easy double flawless. Once you perform the double flawless and do the fatality, the Classic Reptile fight will load. This will unlock:

The Living Forest:

Occasionally you will see human Smoke hiding behind one of the trees on the right hand side. Pressing the BACK button on the controller while he is on screen will load his hidden fight. Basically, once the stage loads, spam the BACK button. If the fight doesn't load after a few seconds, pause the game and choose Select Fighter to reload the fight on the same stage. This will unlock:

The final hidden kombatant is the hardest one to unlock. The requirements for this achievement are as follows:

+ A minimum of 2 rounds is required.
+ Round time and difficulty settings do not matter (so set the difficulty to beginner).
+ You can’t lose a single match.
+ At least 3 Fatalities must be performed before reaching Goro/Kintaro.
+ At least 5 Flawless Victories must be achieved before reaching Goro/Kintaro. This means at least 3 Flawless Victories must be achieved before Shang Tsung in addition to the 2 that will be required on him. It’s also possible to get all 5 on Shang Tsung by using the retry trick.
+ You must get 2 Flawless Victories on Shang Tsung without losing a round.

Once all the requirements above have been met, you will see the loading screen on Goro Lair, you'll be fighting against Jade and your achievement will unlock.

Note: You may re-select your fighter without penalty when it asks you to “Finish Him/Her!” (meaning you have to win). By doing so, you will fight your opponent again without a loss of rounds or matches. This is particularly useful against Shang Tsung. Selecting a different fighter between retries is also allowed. If a match results in a retry, all Flawless Victories achieved during that match will still count towards your total, including that of the final round. While you aren’t allowed to lose a round to Shang Tsung, you can lose a round to anyone before him.
I would recommend using either Sheeva or Scorpion for this achievement. If you are using Sheeva then spam her Up, Down (Jump Stomp) attack. I personally unlocked the achievement using Scorpion the same way as shown in the video below:

Completing this will unlock:

Challenge Tower

There are 300 challenges in total in the Challenge Tower. Most of them are relatively easy, but there are some which will prove very challenging. You do get an option to buy your way past a challenge using the koins you have earned, but I wouldn't do this as this will effect you from earning certain achievements.

Once you have completed 25 of the challenge tower missions you will unlock:

One thing you should note is that no matter how badly you are losing do not retry in the middle of the match. Reason being that the challenges get progressively easier the more you retry. This is especially helpful the the 300th mission in the tower; after 5 losses you will notice you gain a little bit of health after each win. After 10 losses you gain half your health back, and after 15 losses you will find the challenge a lot easier as well as gaining half your health back after each fight.

The main two fights that I had trouble with is challenge #269 and #300.

For challenge #269

For #269, the best method is staying as far away as possible from Shao Khan whilst spamming his pistol attack (Left, Right + X). Timed jumps are required when he throws his hammer. Don't bother ducking from them as you'll get hit anyway. This challenge involves fighting 4 Shao Khans. Oonce you have defeated one of them block and wait for the right time to uppercut him so that you gain distance from him. Rinse and repeat and you should get this mission completed after several attempts.

For #300, the best method in my opinion is to use Stryker as this is the only challenge where you have the choice of character. I would use the method mentioned above where you lose purposely 15 times in a row, as your health increases after each win. You should now be able to get to Shao Khan without too many problems. Once at Shao Khan, use the technique mentioned above for challenge #269, and you should get this completed in no time.

If you are struggling with any other challenge, like I said, lose the fight and retry; it will gradually become easier the more times you retry. If you're still having trouble with a specific challenge search YouTube for "Mortal Kombat Challenge Tower XXX', XXX being the challenge number you are struggling with. For any difficult challenge there will be a video guide for it to help you complete it.

Once you have completed the Challenge Tower you will unlock all the mini-game challenge achievements as well as unlocking the achievement for being awarded Mileena's 3rd Alternate Costume for completing challenge #300 in the tower. The following achievements will be unlocked by completing this:

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