Motion Explosion!

Motion Explosion!

Xbox 360

Motion Explosion! Achievements

Most Earned

I Am Better Than Me
I Am Better Than Me11 (10)Set a new record in any single game.
Bronze Medal Effort
Bronze Medal Effort15 (10)Get a score of 30 in any game during Motion Mix mode.
Star Struck
Star Struck15 (10)Collect every star in any level of Tilt Board
Picture Perfect
Picture Perfect16 (10)Match a full pattern in any level of Heavily Armed.

Least Earned

Fabled Motion Master
Fabled Motion Master260 (50)Reach level 20 in Motion Mix mode.
Super Duper Star
Super Duper Star688 (150)Earn 30 stars in any 5 games. (150 stars total)
The Grid Runner
The Grid Runner156 (35)Complete Level 10 of Off the Grid with three stars.
Hammerin' Crank
Hammerin' Crank152 (35)Complete any hard level of Crank it Up with three stars. (Levels 7-10)
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