Motionsports Adrenaline

Motionsports Adrenaline

Xbox 360

Motionsports Adrenaline Achievements

Most Earned

Adrenaline License
Adrenaline License5 (5)Complete your first race in any event
Motion Sickness
Motion Sickness13 (10)Use Adrenaline Boost 4 times in any one race
Hot Dog
Hot Dog14 (10)Perform 3 tricks in a single Kite Surf race
Challenging15 (10)Post a challenge

Least Earned

Midas Touch
Midas Touch1000 (100)Earn a gold medal in all relay, coop and single player modes in all events
Silver Rush
Silver Rush452 (50)Earn a silver medal in all relay, coop and single player modes in all events
Solid Gold
Solid Gold832 (100)Earn a gold medal in every round in Adrenaline Party mode
Clean Slate
Clean Slate168 (25)Complete all 3 Wingsuit tracks without hitting an obstacle
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E3 2011: Motion Sports Adrenaline Announced

Have you ever fancied trying out a wingsuit, but thought that flinging yourself off a mountain might be too much for your sense of self-preservation? Maybe you've watched so many Youtube videos of pe

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