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Ubisoft Closing Online Servers for Several Games

No one ever likes to see it happen, but it's something that will inevitably always occur. In a few days, a handful of Ubisoft games on the Xbox 360 will have their multiplayer servers taken offline.

Posted 4 years ago by Marc Caccamise, 345 comments

Retail DLC Roundup: December 13th, 2011 [UPDATED]

This week sees DLC releases for 15 games, five of which add extra achievements to their list. Luckily, only two games have region exclusive DLC. Here is this week’s list: Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

Posted 7 years ago by Rebecca Smith, 20 comments

Xbox 360 Demo Roundup: November 8th, 2011

With demos for five different games being released today, we decided to write one larger article instead of several individual ones. This may become a more permanent option, but that is up to you. Le

Posted 7 years ago by Rebecca Smith, 26 comments

Retail Releases: Week of October 31st, 2011

To start off the week, we need the quintessential 007 quote: "The name is Bond. James Bond." This week marks the release of the much anticipated retail remake of Goldeneye, GoldenEye 007: Reloaded. I

Posted 7 years ago by Perpalicious, 29 comments

E3 2011: Motion Sports Adrenaline Announced

Have you ever fancied trying out a wingsuit, but thought that flinging yourself off a mountain might be too much for your sense of self-preservation? Maybe you've watched so many Youtube videos of pe

Posted 7 years ago by Rebecca Smith, 14 comments