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    I love Grand Prix Motocycle Racing and all it's classes (125cc, 250cc which is now Moto 2 600cc and Moto GP) The series hasn't has a great game for years. Not since the Early PS2 and Xbox days. I borrowed this game from a friend as he was done with it and he said it was a great game. He was wrong..very wrong.

    The first thing which will bug you about Moto GP 09/10 is the announcer. Why did Monumental games think he was a good addition to the game. His accent is a mixture of Welsh/Scottish and Irish accents plus he has nothing useful to say. Do I need him saying Career, Arcade, The riders names, track names etc.. all the time aswell.

    There are 4 modes of play which are Championship which is a single season playing either 125, 250 or Moto GP, Arcade which is like championship but you have a time limit which carries over all the races and you have to keep it going by doing things like overtaking, hitting the perfect racing line, slipstreaming, clean sectors etc.. This is in my opinion the game's best mode. If it had more factors to add or deduct time it would definitely promote more then one playthrough of it. It is too easy to gain alot of time though. At the end of it I had 13 minutes left and at the start I had 60 seconds.

    Career Mode is the main mode of the game and it's my opinion it could have been alot better. You create your team and your rider (There's a letter limit to your rider name?) and start in 125cc with the aim to get to the Moto GP championship and win. One thing career lacks is team rivalry. Having a teammate to compete with or be able to dominate with would be a great feature and improve the basic career mode.

    Bar competing in races you can do practice and qualifying aswell for more reputation which is not a bad idea however the reputation/grading system is flawed. You will be marked down for collisions which are not your fault and it takes way too much of your overall grade. I had a guy take me out on the inside when I was on the racing line which was his fault but I got penalized for it...ridiculous.

    Another issue is that to get positive reputation for being on the perfect racing line you only have to go through 3 small gates. That's not being on the perfect racing line. It doesn't matter how bad you do in the corner. If you hit those 3 gates you are sorted. The penalty system is flawed aswell as for accidentally going off track you should not be given penalty time. You can go off track for 1/2 seconds aswell and have a clean sector aswell as hit other bikes. This shouldn't be the case. There should be rep for varied things and it be tougher aswell.

    You can hire staff to improve your bike and give you more opportunity's to increase rep and earn money which is nice but again it's basic. Hire staff, pay them, get better staff later on. You can also get sponsors which is good as your starting bike looks pretty bare. Customizing your team is probably the best part about career mode.

    There is a time trial mode aswell where you can set best times and download ghosts online. It's functional. The AI is unbelievably bad. They will stick to the racing line pretty much all the time. You can beat them with a rubbish bike in career by 5/10 seconds in qualifying but in the race they smoke you on the straights. Surely i should be doing worse in qualifying then? They are not dynamic and competitive...just there.

    The bike handling is pretty good as far as gameplay goes that's about it. The bike sound terrible and you are only bike which has sound. The racing line isn't much help as it's not clear enough when to brake and in particular when to not accelerate during a corner.

    Another issue is the music. Racing game music is supposed to get you pumped and get into the action. There are only 12 songs in Moto GP 09/10 and only about 1 or 2 manage that. Examples of a good racing game soundtrack go to Pure, Dirt 2 and the Gran Turismo series.

    As far as graphics go at items they are really bad. At times they are ok. Bikes look good enough and the weather effects are alright. Rain in particular looks nice although it has little effect on handling. The track environments look very bare though. Some of the weather effects are terrible aswell. One race was cloudy and it was pretty much like playing with a black or white filter. Menu presentation is quite ugly and dire aswell.

    The best parts of Moto GP 09/10 would have to be the sense of speed and the achievements. You do feel on the edge alot of the time. If you go to helmet view you really get a feel for it. Bar the online achievements it's a great list of many varied tasks covering different modes.

    I wish there will be another good Moto GP game but this I'm afraid this is no better then previous efforts. I wouldn't pay money for this. It feels rushed and that no real care was taken over it. It has number of graphics issues and gameplay flaws aswell as a bad online component with frequent disconnections.