4. Moving Out VHS Superstore

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The VHS Superstore levels are bitesize version levels, that have you in some more weird situations. There are 12 VHS Superstore levels, Also there are no collectables in any of these levels so it's just a case of bringing out your inner Smooth Moves passion and DELIVER.

(There isn't much information that I can provide here so unfortunately this may just be a list of names, progress, and time limits.)

The Luggage Rescue of 84' 1/12 - Time - 9:00 (Solo, Assisted)

The Packmore Small Business Soccer League Semi-Finals 2/12 - Time - 10:00 (Solo, Assisted)

(If you didn't manage to get it before this is the perfect level to unlock the following achievement since there are only two items to deliver)

Minute Mover

Beat a level in under a minute

Minute Mover
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeTime/Date

The Boulder Dash 3/13 - Time - 0:43 (Solo, Assisted)

The Traffic Jam of 82' 4/12 - Time - 5:50 (Solo, Assisted)

The Haunted Labyrinth 5/12 - Time - 9:00 (Solo, Assisted)

The Legend of Rake Island 6/12 - Time - 9:00 (Solo, Assisted)

The Great Flood of 83' 7/12 - Time - 6:30 (Solo, Assisted)

Shredding Season 8/12 - Time - 6:30 (Solo, Assisted)

The Cash Box Incident 9/12 - Time - 7:00 (Solo, Assisted)

The Jam in Space 10/12 - Time - 10:00 (Solo, Assisted)

The Mysterious Client Caper Reveal 11/12 - Time - None

The Parade for the Greatest Moving Company in Packmore History 12/12 - Time - None

Upon completing all of these "MEMORY" levels you will unlock.

Remember The Time...

Complete all memory levels

Remember The Time...
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperative

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