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The Best Xbox Shoot 'em Up Games Available in 2018

What no one tells you about the shoot 'em up genre is just how helpful the Five Ds of Dodgeball can be. In the words of the immortal Patches O'Houlihan, "dodge, duck, dip, dive and... dodge" can go far in a shmup.

Posted 5 years ago by Mark Delaney

Mr. Shifty Review

A hero who doesn't carry a gun, picking up items on the fly, must stop a dangerous weapon from being released upon the world. How dangerous can one man be whose only talent is teleporting? Actually, quite dangerous indeed.

Posted 6 years ago by Cindy Minguez

Top Down Stealth Brawler Mr. Shifty Announced

Indie publishers tinyBuildGAMES, the fellows behind No Time to Explain and Party Hard, have announced a new title that they're bringing to Xbox One, the top down "speed-stealth, kung-fu brawler" Mr. Shifty.

Posted 7 years ago by Chewie

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