Ms. Pac-Man (Xbox 360)

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Ms. Pac-Man (Xbox 360) Achievements

Most Earned

Cherry5 (5)Eat the Cherries that appear after eating a set number of Pac-Dots!
Strawberry5 (5)Eat the Strawberry that appears after eating a set number of Pac-Dots!
3 Ghosts10 (10)Eat three ghosts in succession after eating a Power Pellet!
Orange11 (10)Eat the Orange that appears after eating a set number of Pac-Dots!

Least Earned

Perfect55 (30)Eat all ghosts four times within a stage!
Clear Round 2162 (40)Clear the advanced level by completing the first 21 rounds!
Banana24 (20)Eat the Banana that appears after eating a set number of Pac-Dots!
Pear24 (20)Eat the Pear that appears after eating a set number of Pac-Dots!
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