Ms. Pac-Man (Xbox 360) Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

This walkthrough will give you all of the information you should need to unlock all of the achievements in Ms. Pac-Man. If you have played and completed Pac-Man, you will recognise the achievements. They are almost identical. There are however slight differences to the gameplay, as the boards present Ms. Pac-Man with different mazes.

Whilst this game can be completed in one play through, it is recommended (and very likely) that you will need to aim for the "Perfect" achievement after obtaining all of the others. This is because this achievement requires lots of skill, know-how and patience.

On your first playthrough, clear each of the first 21 rounds, collecting each of the different bonus items along the way for their associated achievements. You can make this easier by changing settings to increase lives, and choosing to start the game from the latest round in which you have reached.

After clearing round 21 and obtaining all bonus item achievements, return to Round 1 and keep replaying until you are skilled enough to eat all four ghosts four times within a stage. A video demonstration by YouTube user squidpunch is included in the walkthrough.

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