Ms. Splosion Man (WP)

Windows Phone

Ms. Splosion Man (WP) Achievements

Most Earned

Hell Hath No Fury5 (5)Destroy 10 pieces of scenery.
To the Conservatory!36 (15)Find a secret exit.
Eye of the Tigress17 (5)Complete level 2-1 without dying.
The Silver Shoe Award52 (15)Collect 20 pairs of shoes.

Least Earned

Best of the Best156 (30)Complete the game in Hardcore Mode.
Urge to Kill Rising99 (20)Complete level 3-1 in Hardcore Mode.
You'll Believe a Ms. Can Fly46 (10)Complete Single Player level 3-14 without touching the ground.
The Golden Shoe Award111 (25)Collect all 47 pairs of shoes.
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