Mushroom Quest Reviews

  • BIG ChromerBIG Chromer350,292
    14 May 2020
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    Mushroom Quest is a fairly simple puzzle game, where you have to collect all the gems in each level, by moving various boxes, and hitting switches. It’s one of the many games I’ve played that hit the category of “Was in TAs quickest completions of this weeks sale” article”. As such I was expecting a simple 1000Gs before moving onto the next one. I must however say I was really pleasantly surprised! At no point did it feel like a slog, I decided to do it guideless to see how challenging it was.

    As referenced, it’s a VERY simple puzzle game, with not too big a challenge with the most a level taking me being 10 minutes. However, each level made me think about how to approach it and I enjoyed the simplistic charm and music.

    I was left after the 1000G wishing I had more to complete, and that anyone who wants an easy game achievement wise with a good side order of gameplay should get this game.

    All in all I’d give it 3/5. While it offers a slight challenge and fun, it probably won’t blow your mind.
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    A Big RadroachAlso bought this and a few others to play on my day off tomorrow. Looking at the game via YouTube let's plays. The review is spot on! There's not much more you can say about the game
    Posted by A Big Radroach on 15 May at 01:07