Mushroom Savior Reviews

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    17 Jan 2021 20 Jan 2021
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    This review is based on the Xbox One S version of the game. Your experience may differ when playing on newer systems. The core gameplay elements, however, should be the same.

    Game Info
    Mushroom Savior was developed and published by Flying Islands Team and released on 4th September 2020 for the price of €4.99 (€2.15 on sale)

    In order to appeal to a wider audience, the game provides a language choice in the menu. A great idea when properly executed, in this case, it seems like the company lacked resources and/or knowledge to implement this feature. It's very obvious a software like was used to make this happen, with many words feeling off. In total there are about 20 words in this game, any capable freelancer would fix this issue for €10.

    The goal of this game is to get through 30 levels of "increasing?" difficulty. In each level, your task is to save/collect little mushrooms by either moving boxes to create a path, using a teleporter to move boxes, or making an explosion to clear a path by combining 2 boxes in a teleporter. Standard puzzle-solving elements with a fun twist applied to them. Sadly, the lack of challenge and need to think makes this interesting idea really boring.

    I was really surprised to see a boss fight at the end, not something I expected. It combines all of the game mechanics and has you repeat the same process 5 times in order to defeat the evil tree. Like many other things in this game, it started off as a cool idea and quickly turned into something completely different, boring.

    Mushroom Savior fails to provide fun, challenging gameplay. If it wasn't for the achievements I'd never complete it. The game plays, looks, and feels like many other free games released on Newgrounds. Overall I'd rate this game 2/10 for the two times I had to actually use my brain.
    If you're going to buy this game you're one of two people. An Achievement hunter who can easily justify €2 (on sale) for 2000 gamerscore or a person who never experienced the flash game era.