2. Music Racer General hints and tipsUpdate notes

This game is a lot of grinding, and I mean a lot.
Because of this, I suggest you use the following ways to make this as painless as possible.

Firstly, I found that the F1 Bolide seemed to "skip" the least notes, so I would advise using it.
Secondly, you want to be playing on "Zen", as this means there are no Red Blocks. Touching a Red Block takes points away, and resets your Combo.
Thirdly, although it doesn't change how things play out, I suggest you play on "Retro" or "Retro_2", as these two levels imitate roads, so you can see what is coming (if you're not AFKing that is).

So, you always want to be playing on either "Retro" or "Retro_2", playing on "Zen" mode to get the most points as possible, the song depends on what way you are going to go for these. I highly suggest you mute your TV, your sanity will thank me later.

1) If you own a Turbo controller, this game can be AFK'd over 1 or 2 nights, set the controller to keep pressing cn_A, profit.
- Song: Roots (has the highest points/minute)

2) Go watch something on another device, and just remember to hit cn_A every now and again. This is definitely the slowest method to do so, but it works.
- Song: Infectious (very high points/minutes, but requires you to press cn_A less often!)

3) You can use the Cloud Save Trick as shown by Achievement Land to reset your balance after a purchase, you don't need to earn all of the 413,000 points, you will only need ~100,000 points using one of the aforementioned methods.

EDIT: "Lonsta DaMonsta" says to make sure to QUIT the game from the guide before you do this method, as it triggers a cloud save to occur. If you don't, you may lose progress. Once you are doing the method, do not quit out of the game though, as that will save your game after you have spent your money.

- Buy what you need to buy
- Quickly press cn_guide
- Scroll over the game, and press cn_start
- Scroll to "Manage game & add-ons"
- Scroll down to "Saved Data"
- Delete personal save data from console only
- Reload game
- Spend your points
- Repeat

You don't want it to autosave as you are buying things, and have to work back up to 100K. Also, avoid bulk buying, as it gives the game more time to autosave.

There seems to be a bug when switching accounts that can cause you to lose your progress! Be careful!
It happened to me as I was using my second account to screenshot everything for this walkthrough.

The game is pretty fun though, and it's 3x faster to actually play the game than it is to AFK!

A rough estimate of how long it will take to AFK all 413,000 points is 23 hours. By actually playing, you can get this down to around 7 and a half.

Using the Cloud Save Trick, you would only need to AFK for 5 and a half hours, or play for around 2.

--- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Here is the spreadsheet I made to get as much information as possible to make this walkthrough as effective as possible.
(All stats registered using the F1 Bolide on Retro_2 on Zen, average taken from 3 runs, AFK points rounded down due to inconsistency)

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