3. Music Racer Story walkthroughUpdate notes

When you first load the game, you are met with the car selector

The first three achievements we are going to actively get are:

To get One Star you will be getting 1/3 of the total notes (this doesn't include your combo).
The easiest way is to load up the song "Wait for Love" on "Zen" and put your controller down.
This may take a couple of tries, but it's the most consistent method I found to get 1 Star.

To get Two Stars, simply play any level on "Standard", and try to go for points.

To get Three Stars, choose any song you want, play on the level "Retro" and play on "Zen", go for points.
This may take a couple of attempts, but as long as you get ~90% you'll get this no problem!

3 down, 33 to go!

Now we just need to buy every car and every level. The order in which this is done isn't important, but if you're using the Cloud Save Trick, you will want to save as much as you can.

Here are the remaining 33 achievements by price:

At 1,000 we have:

At 1,500 we have:

At 2,000 we have:

At 3,000 we have:

At 5,000 we have:

At 10,000 we have:

At 15,000 we have:

At 20,000 we have:

At 40,000 we have:

At 50,000 we have:

At 60,000 we have:

At 100,000 we have:

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