1. Kinect Fun Labs: Musical Feet Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

The walkthrough will guide you through the seven achievements in a logical order, starting with the 6 achievements that can be completed solo, before finishing with the only one that requires a co-operative partner. Begin the game by recording a custom sound and then selecting the 'Custom' option. Record a video using this custom sound and perform a Keyboard Slide for the "Recording Artist" and "Glissandro" achievements. Share the video to your friends and KinectShare.com for the "Look, I'm a Musician" and "I'm Famous" achievements.

In total, you must record 10 videos across the 9 different sounds (including Custom), so return to the title and one by one select each of the different sounds. You are not required to 'Playback' or 'Share' your recordings. Play at least one key on each sound for the "One Man Band" achievement, and create 10 videos for the "Rock Star" achievement. The final achievement, "Play a Duo", requires you to play one Custom sound with one other player in your playspace.

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