2. Kinect Fun Labs: Musical Feet General hints and tipsUpdate notes

Musical Feet is one of the quickest and easiest Fun Labs games to complete. You can obtain 6 of the 7 achievements solo, whilst the last remaining achievement will require a co-operative partner.

There are two achievements that require you to 'Share'. As such, you will need to ensure that your Kinect Sharing Settings are enabled to unlock these achievements. You can find these settings by returning to the Dashboard. Go to your Profile and select Privacy Settings. If it isn't already, change the Kinect Sharing to 'Allowed'.

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This is the first Kinect Fun Labs game that does not use the upper body to navigate (aside from starting the game). All of the other menus require you to use your feet, whilst the game itself is played on a keyboard projected on to your floor. As such, it is essential that you provide enough room for the kinect sensor before the calibration. It may also be difficult to play if there is too much sunlight in the room, or if your floor is reflective.

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