3. Kinect Fun Labs: Musical Feet Story walkthroughUpdate notes

Unlike the Fun Labs games before it, Musical Feet only has 7 achievements. However, one of these does require a co-operative partner. Providing you have a co-operative partner and enough space to play, you should easily be able to obtain all of the achievements within 15 minutes.

Upon selecting 'Start' from the title menu, you will be instructed to move out of view, so that the Kinect sensor can calibrate the play-space. If you do not provide enough space, the calibration will fail. Think about elevating your kinect sensor, as this will give the sensor a better angle to view the room, meaning less space will be needed. Approximately 7.5 feet is required to continue. You should also make sure that there is enough room across your playspace, as this is certainly more important for this particular game.

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Once the kinect sensor is satisfied with the area of your play-space, it will allow you to continue. Select 'Start'. Your first instruction is to record a sound. After you record a custom sound, navigate to the 'Custom' option and select 'Accept'. Move to your right and select 'Video'. A fifteen second recording will be saved.

Once the recording starts, move from one side of the keyboard to the other (Keyboard Slide), using the keys on the floor. For playing a Custom sound, you will unlock the "Recording Artist" achievement. For completing a keyboard slide, the "Glissandro" achievement will unlock.

Once the video has been recorded, select 'Playback' and then 'Share'. You will be asked whether you want to share your video with your friends and KinectShare.com. In both instances, select 'Yes' for the"Look, I'm a Musician" and "I'm Famous" achievements.

Once you have shared your video, return 'Home'. From here, 'Start' and one by one select each of the remaining eight sounds. Record a video for each of these sounds, making sure that you have played at least one key. It is not required for you to 'Playback' these recordings.

Custom (already completed)
Dog bark
Cat Meow

After playing at least one key with each sound, you will be rewarded with the "One Man Band" achievement.

Providing you created one video for each of the above sounds, you should have created a total of nine. Create one more for the "Rock Star" achievement.

For the last remaining achievement, you will need to find a co-operative partner. Select the 'Custom' sound. Now simply play one key with a friend in the playspace for the "Play a Duo" achievement.

  • Play a Duo

    Successfully played a custom sound with a friend (primary player rewarded)

    Play a Duo

Congratulations, you have now obtained all of the achievements in Kinect Fun Labs: Musical Feet.

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