Mutant Football League Reviews

  • Osmagic17Osmagic17115,128
    06 May 2020
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    One of the absolute best sports titles I've ever played. Hours upon hours of fun and the commentary lines never get old even if you've heard them 1000 times. Easy 5 out of 5, would join the MFL if I could resurrect after a game. It's quite possibly the best mature-rated football game since Blitz The League. I now eagerly await a Mutant Baseball League and Mutant Hockey League! That would be an extremely entertaining followthrough to this game and I think many players would go for it. As a lifelong fan of Major League Baseball, and even the MLB Slugfest or The BIGS series, I must say, that would be an excellent addition to any sports lover's gaming cabinet. All in all, MFL is an incredible game that any sports gamer should play!