2. Mutant Football League General hints and tipsUpdate notes


Touchdown - 6 Points

Point After Attempt (Kick After Touchdown) - 1 Point

2 Point Attempt (Go For Another Touchdown after a Touchdown) - 2 Points

Field Goal (Kick Over Goal Posts Within Field of Play, and Not After a Touchdown) - 3 Points

Safety (Defense Tackles Offensive Player In Their Own End Zone) - 2 Points

General Football Mechanics:

In football, the movement of the ball is not fluid between teams like in association football (soccer), rugby etc. Instead, one team will always be attacking (offence) and one team defending (defence).

When you are on offence, your objective is to get the ball in the other teams "end zone". To do this, you progressively move the ball up the field by passing or throwing the ball forward to one of your fellow players (wide receivers / running backs normally) and then running them to the end of the playing field to score.

If you are unable to score and are tackled before you make 10 yards, you will have to try again, but this time this will be '2nd down' your 2nd chance to try again. You will have 3rd down and 4th down in case you fail on 2nd down, but 4th down is your last chance and depending on where you are on the field, just punt the ball as far away from your end zone as possible.

Unique Mutant Football League Mechanics:

With this game there are a few differences from NFL games that you are able to do, namely the ability to cause harm and kill your opponents. All players have health bars and when you either sack the Quarterback and start dropping elbows or kicking or tackle an opponent with the ball, their health bar will appear and you can see how much life they have left after each hit. When all their health is gone they will be killed and crumble into several pieces (not as gruesome as I am making it out to be) and that player is replaced with another in the same position. If you kill enough wide receivers, for example, the opponents will not field anymore in that position. Kill enough players you win by forfeit (that's an achievement).

There is also the option to play 'dirty' and use 'specific skill sets' for Offence and Defence depending on your team. You can bribe the Ref to your advantage or attack the Ref if you see the word 'bribed' above his head. Specific skills I said above (for instance for the Nuked London Hatriots) include Beast Mode and Shotgun for Offence and Ginormous and Thunderclap for Defence. You will have the option to run these in your upcoming play depending on how the game is going and you need an advantage for that particular play.

With that in mind, let's start you on your road to glory!

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