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OK then, let's get cracking.

This page is for the base game whilst the next page is if you purchased Dynasty Mode, after finishing the base game like myself. Mayhem Bowl is replaced with Dynasty, and Mayhem Bowl is now under Game Modes. If you purchased the whole package (Base game plus Dynasty), then you can merge these 2 pages together as I see no reason during Dynasty you can't unlock the original list of achievements. Only setting out this guide as to how I finished it.

Mayhem Bowl

Start a Mayhem Bowl and before you select your team, let's set some Game Settings first shall we? Press cn_X to come across how the speed of the game is, how long a Quarter length and what the weather will be plus more!. These are some of the settings I set:

Game Speed - Classic

Quarter Length - 3 mins (you could play more to keep it safe regarding the Rushing, Receiving, Passing and Sacking related achievements)

Dirty Tricks - On (this is the Mutant Football League after all)

Resurrection - (Please read the info at the bottom, dealer's choice)

Karnage Level - Rough

Difficulty - Newbie (no point in making things more difficult then they have to be)

The remaining settings I left as is:

Bench Substitutions - Auto

Hazards - On

Weather - On

Tutorial tips - Tips

Allow spectate mode - Off

After that, please select your team and for those who know and follow the NFL, you will probably want to be your team nearest to the description it offers. For the purpose of this, and for Dynasty Mode, I chose the Nuked London Hatriots with their Quarterback: Bomb Shady.

Now you can skip all the build-up to the match by pressing cn_A till you can get to the select play screen which is for kick-off or read what is on screen, your choice. You will be asked whether to kick off or receive, (personally I receive so I can be on Offence right away, however, if you wish to kick-off and like to rush the opponents, that is also your choice) and with your Kick Returner try to gain as many yards as possible and start your first down.

Click cn_A for Return Center and prepare to receive the ball. Now there is the chance (albeit a small one) that you could return the ball for a touchdown. This all depends on the opponents, your team and the difference in skill between the two, and the skill of you whether you namely aim for the opponents go out of bounds or in fact sneak your way to the endzone. You could score a touchdown if perhaps you follow your Blockers, so you wanna remember to move cn_RS to dodge cn_RT for a small (small this is) burst of speed at some point (early on because it is so small so get it out the way early) and see how far you get. Also, use cn_Y to hurdle over saws and mines depending on what stadium you use (Phlegmbly Stadium has this) and if you manage to outrun your opponents and just have obstacles left in the way.

If you score a touchdown, congrats, don't forget to convert that field goal, by pressing cn_A, cn_X and cn_X and position your cursor pretty much dead on center. You don't have to worry about height or length as seeing how close you are, in terms of range and distance, you can only miss if you alter the cursor so it goes a short distance and completely misses the goal. To convert the field goal you will need to hold down cn_A which will start the bar on the bottom right of your screen, and then you need to release and click again cn_A when the bar is at the top of the screen in order to maximise power. After scoring maximum points, click cn_A to Kick Center.

Now if you were not fortunate enough to score a touchdown on receiving the ball from the kick-off, not to worry. That is only a bonus if you can as there is plenty of time to create more scoring opportunities. Using the on-screen playbook, cycle through which play you would like to use and confirm with cn_A, cn_X or cn_Y as cn_B will make you go back a screen. Depending on how far you made it up the field, you could try for a field goal perhaps, if so follow the above directions for that. If you barely made it out of the gate you may decide to punt the ball, so press the correct button on the controller (this changes every time you cycle through the options, and then press cn_X to punt. However if you made it a decent amount, let's say halfway up the field, you will want to make a decent go of this.

A play I used right off the bat, is cn_A then cn_X which is Goaline and Post. Press cn_A twice, a couple of seconds apart and the Quarterback will snap the ball and pass it to a Wide Receiver. What you may see is how clear the Wide Receiver is to the left, so make a note of this play, as the opponents all rush to the right with the exception of one as an opponent will try and tackle you so best be on your toes and run, jump and avoid. If you make it to the end zone great, but if not, hopefully, you have made 10 yards so let's try a different play that may make you more. I went with cn_A then cn_X which was Monster Mash and Moneyball (again depending on how the plays are lined up on screen will determine what the buttons are) and managed to get more yardage, but also waiting for Throb Bronkowski to get clear and move to the left so getting a further 10 yards for my team. My 3rd play with Goaline and Toss Right which after starting play (cn_A) the Quarterback tossed it to Hex Brickhead who went all the way for a touchdown. Congrats and 6 more points on the board. I went for another field goal but if you decide to go for 2 more points try one of the above plays for another touchdown.

If at any time you were not so lucky with one of the plays and got tackled, select one of your other players quickly with cn_B and when the play is over, start attacking players with cn_A, by moving near them namely the opposing player who tackled your own. Why? Well, this can go to one of your first achievements in the game.

You can get this by attacking the opposition after a play has happened either a touchdown, or failed touchdown or whatever is going on in your game. Continuously hit players with cn_A until their health runs out. Do this to 10 players:

Now that we have your first achievement out of the way and have points on the board, it is time to flip sides of the field and become Defence and ready to face the onslaught of your opponent. Click cn_A to Kick Center. Try and get one of your players nearest and quickest to the Kick Receiver in order for the opponents first play to their endzone. Not only is there a chance for a Safety, but a chance you could steal the ball and have a minimum amount of yards to score a touchdown.

Now your best bet is to try and sack the Quarterback near enough on each play (in the hope that the CPU tries a play where it is looking for a receiver and is essentially holding onto the ball while you charge the player). Other times the opponent might try and charge through the middle, in which hopefully will charge right into your defence and get smacked! My first play as Defence I did Attack and then Buzzsaw, which was pretty successful as the opponents barely got any yards at all. In the event you get the chance to attack an opponent, either press cn_X or cn_A, this will differ in either a shoulder charge or body slam, but either button works. Simply break the line of defence and get to the Quarterback before he can throw the ball to a teammate. Do this 3 times to unlock:

After sacking a Quarterback, or failing that, attack the opposing player the Quarterback passes the ball to, you can work towards killing the players. By pressing cn_X to tackle and then press cn_A you will drop elbows and stomp on the player. Continuously do this so their health bar depletes and they explode into several pieces. By doing this 10 times you will unlock:

NOTE: I unlocked Killer and Cheap Shot in separate windows so I cannot confirm that by doing Cheap Shot you will unlock Killer. If this works great, if not then having already discussed it, nothing is lost.

My 2nd play of defence, I did Goaline and Center Blitz (don't forget to cycle through your players (cn_B) in order to rush to the Quarterback to sack him), this play was not as good as the last one as more yards were gained by the Offence, but fortunately not enough for a first down. My 3rd play I went with Attack and Side Swiped, this forced the Quarterback to move far away into the opposite corner of where his Defence was, making him open. With my rushing players baring down on him, he threw the ball with no success as I managed to intercept (cn_A) and steal the ball to go for another touchdown (it also helped that my player had wings so got some good airtime!)

With some basic plays for Defence of sacking the Quarterback, intercepting by pressuring the Quarterback and forcing them to run out plays to punt the ball, to add to to the Offence plays of Tossing Right, Wide Receiver plays to the endzone, and even doing a QB Sneak, you will outscore the opponent and win the game to unlock:

Now with the first game out of the way, we can start to look at the other achievements that you will try to unlock during the season for them to come up at the end of the season. Now myself I did this across 2 seasons, but you could try and do it all if you wish. I am referring to being the leading team in Passing, Receiving and Rushing yards as well as being No.1 in Sacks. So with each game that passes when in Defence, you make sure you sack the Quarterback each time or at least every time to make sure you're getting the numbers.

In case you are not sure about the definition of Passing, Receiving and Rushing Yards, the kind folks at sportingcharts.com (Thanks to you very much) have these definitions:

Passing Yards

‘A statistic that measures the number of yards gained by an offensive team on completed passes’.

This is measured from the original line of scrimmage to wherever the player is stopped (either tackled, endzone or forced out of bounds). With that in mind then, all that needs doing is from the Quarterback to a Wide Receiver and there you go all. The. Way. Touchdown!!!!!!!!

Receiving Yards

‘This is a statistic used in football defined as the number of yards gained by a receiver on a passing play’.

Looking at Mr Tyreek Hill on videos is a prime example of receiving yards whether it is from a kick-off or receiving a pass from the Quarterback, it will be the point from where your player receives the ball to wherever he is stopped. Here’s hoping for you it is in the endzone where it will be stopped being measured (each and every time!).

Rushing Yards

‘A statistic in football that records the total number of yards gained by a single player as the result of a rushing play (or plays), in which the player carries the football (as opposed to receiving a pass).’

When you are the offence and you are ready for the play, what you want to do is find one in which the Quarterback hands off (not passes) to a Receiver (example) and then that Receiver runs as far as he can to the endzone. If not the Quarterback hands off to it will be the direct snap player from the center. More than likely you will get rushing yards without realising it if you mix up your plays as opposed to constantly going for the same one.

Now if you are treating every game as you did your first (whilst in Offence, every play is a touchdown and whilst in Defence sacking the Quarterback/tackling the opponents who have the ball) then the following achievements should be unlocking in order:

  • Man

    You have won a Playoff Game!

    Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperative

  • Winner

    You have won a Mayhem Bowl!

    Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperative

That's a good run. Again I'll state I got these over 2 seasons, but for seasoned NFL players, I don't see why you couldn't get these in one season. You can check your stats on the statistics page before each game so you can see how you are doing. To do so, go down the menu till Statistics then select, you have the option of Team or Player Statistics. We'll go Team Statistics, this then gives you either Playoffs or Regular Season (which depending on where you are in the season, will either show both or just Regular Season). What is now displayed is all the info on the in game statistics such as Yards, Touchdowns, Fumbles plus more. Hopefully this is where you can keep record of how far you are going for the above achievements needed. Don't forget to cycle through the categories with cn_LT and cn_RT. If you press cn_B you can go back to the menu before you entered Statistics, then this time going Player Statistics (again either showing you Playoffs or Regular Season) and look at the players individual records depending on positions.

NB: Regarding the achievements Rushing MVP, Receiving MVP, Passing MVP and QB Crusher, I did not look at the Statistics after each game or before each game to see where I was or how far close the next nearest player was, I simply mixed it up: Always trying to sack the QB, getting as many touchdowns as possible either through long throw/pass to receiver then go all the way to the endzone.

Even in the midst of getting all these achievements, you are still hungry for more and hungry for more punishment on your opponent then you can go for the kills on the Quarterback and/or players during the match. Sacking the Quarterback/player with cn_X and then pressing cn_A in order to deplete health and then kill them. Continue doing so until the following unlocks:

Of course, you probably will get swept up in this ending of life that you might end the game by 'removing' the opponents from the game so they have none left. If so you will unlock:

Congratulations on your completion of the base game and 1000G!

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