4. Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Investigate the crash-siteUpdate notes

The High Road (I)

When you enter the area, head right towards the river to find scrap along the riverside. Follow the river west until you find a pile of weapons parts. Continue towards the quest marker to encounter a new companion for your squad - Selma. After talking with her, you will unlock the achievement

While having a third squad member is hugely beneficial in and of itself, Selma actually comes equipped with another silent weapon! So now we can start killing some isolated higher health enemies silently. Equip Selma with a hand grenade and upgrade either her Joker or Super Tendons mutation (joker tends to be more useful in the right circumstances) and then learn her Tree Hugger mutation. The "Green Fingers" achievement requires you to use Tree Hugger to trap enemies 10 times, so be sure to use this ability periodically during the campaign as you use her. This mutation is pretty useful and we use it a good amount during this walk through, so the achievement should come naturally.

Head north to find an overturned car with the Evacuation Guidelines note (DLC: 3/37) and scrap. Do not head up the ladder and instead turn east and follow the trail. Once you cross the bridge, head north to find weapons parts lying next to a log. At this point, if you have been following the guide you should have 34 weapons parts. Head back to the Ark and upgrade Selma's Ancient Pistol to level II. You can also equip the Noatum - EMP 30 onto the pistol as well. Go to Pripp's and learn the Pyromania skill with the artifact point you should have. Return to the High Road location.

Head back to the place we were at before heading to the ark just now to find two Zone Dogs patrolling around an abandoned house. Since we can now deal a combined 10 damage using silent weapons, use both Dux and Selma weapons to take the Zone Dogs out individually. Feel free to use Selma's Tree Hugger ability on one of them to start working on that related achievement! Explore the house remains to find scrap and the Aristo Hat (DLC: 2/14). Feel free to equip the hat to either Bormin or Selma, but I personally found this hat useless. Cross the yard and climb a ladder to the top of a slide to find scrap and head to the southeast corner to more scrap in a shack. Follow the ??? marker to go towards the next area.

Scrap collected: 28

Weapons parts collected: 10

The Fallen Angel

From the entrance, head west to find some scrap next to a washed up boat in the river. Head north and you will find some scrap lying next to a tree. Continue north until you run into a lone Butcher. Kill him silently and collect his loot. Moving further north you'll run into a large mass of enemies that we will want to deal with. Do not engage them right now though. Instead, head east and you will find a patrolling Hunter. Kill him silently and collect his loot. Head towards the helicopter and search the surrounding area to find the Alpha Level Clearance Only note (DLC: 4/37), the Hipster Fruit Tester artifact (3/12), scrap and weapons parts. Inside the helicopter you can find weapons parts and loot the Explorer Helm (DLC: 3/14). I gave this to Bormin, but you can equip it to whoever you like. Follow the trail east to stumble upon a patrolling Butcher who can kill silently. Loot his scrap and follow the trail north to find more scrap and weapons parts a bit further along the trail. Follow the trail down the hill, collect some scarp and move to the back side of the group of enemies we saw earlier.

Before we engage them, use the 5 skill points you should have to learn Bormin's Hog Rush mutation. The "And Stay Down!" requires you to knock down 10 enemies using this ability so remember to use this mutation during your campaign progression.

This mutation is definitely one of the most useful ones available, so this achievement will come naturally as we use it a lot. Use the Hog Rush ability to knock out the Med-Bot without alerting the group of enemies (pay attention to the fast the Hog Rush does knock back the enemy a little bit, so you need to be careful not to knock any enemies into another enemy's detection radius on accident). Use Dux and Selma's silent weapons to finish him off while he is knocked out. DO NOT use Bormin's loud weapons as we do not want to alert the other enemies nearby. Once the Med-Bot is defeated, collect the weapons parts, scrap, and the Stalker Vest armour. Equip it to whoever you like, but I chose Dux. At this point, learn Dux's Moth Wings mutation. This allows you to fly giving you +25% weapon accuracy. If we combine this with the Skull Splitter mutation we can deal critical damage with 100% accuracy now which can be very helpful when we need to sneakily take out larger enemies. Feel free to also unlock the first two stats for Selma (Health Booster and Thrower) and unlock the first stat for Bormin (Health Booster).

While there are a lot of enemies left, we can take almost all of them out in one turn. Make sure both Dux and Selma have a hand grenade equipped and then ambush the enemies. First, use just 1 action point to move Bormin behind the small rock near the enemies as indicated in the screenshot

Fallen Angel - 2

If you cannot quite reach where you need to position Bormin using only 1 action point, just exit combat using cn_LSc, reposition Bormin and try again. Attack the Pyro with Bormin's Gaper gun. This will knock back the Pyro closer towards the Zone Dogs and Chief Husse. Next, use Selma's Tree Hugger mutation to root all of the enemies in place (this gives you 5 enemy traps towards the "Green Huntress" achievement and also prevents Chief Hesse from hiding behind cover during his turn). Then throw a Hand Grenade which will kill the Pyro and Marauder. The Pyro will drop a Molotov cocktail that will ignite the Chief and the 2 Zone Dogs. Throw another hand grenade with Dux that hits all of the three remaining enemies. At the start of the enemies turn, 1 zone dog will die from the Pyro's Molotov Cocktail earning you both the "Butterfingers!" and the "Sent to the Farm" achievements.

Chief Husse will then fire off a shot at one of your squad members and the turn will pass to you. Focus on killing Chief Husse first and the zone dog second in case your positioning works out where you cannot finish both off during this turn. After all the enemies are dead, heal your injured squad member and loot the surrounding area to collect scrap, a medkit, weapons parts, a chem flame, and most importantly... the Mimir Needle Pistol: a third silent weapon! Equip the Mimir Needle Pistol to Bormin and move the Stinger to Selma. We are all done here now. Go to your Zone Map and travel back to the Ark. At the Ark, the only thing to do is buy a hand grenade at Iridia's Shop. Equip this hand grenade to Selma, and fast travel back to The High Road.

Scrap collected: 73

Weapons parts collected: 28

The High Road (II)

Follow the trail west towards the quest marker until you come to some ladders. Climb the ladders to reach an elevated area and head right to find some scrap laying next to an abandoned truck. From the scrap, head west to find another pile of scrap tucked away in a little enclave. Head towards the quest marker to find a lone Butcher patrolling the area that you can take out silently. Along the wall near the Butcher is more scrap you can collect. While avoiding the detection radius of the Med-Bot and Hunter, go and loot the chest in the south corner of the map to get the Gladiator Armour. Equip it to Bormin and put the Stalker Vest onto Selma. Head back to the ladders you climbed to reach the area (there is some more scrap on a semi-truck you can pick up when heading back to the ladders). From the ladders, head south towards the quest marker. We are actually going to skip killing the remaining enemies in this area as there is no easy way to take them on without taking some damage. Wait for the Shaman to move as far north towards the ladders as possible during his patrol. You can them sneak by him on his left side and avoid him detecting you. Make sure you hug the railing while sneaking past him. Pick up the pile of weapons parts lying in front of the truck right before exiting the area.

Scrap collected: 29

Weapons parts collected: 5

Cave of Fear

Head west following the path and as soon as you can turn right and then right again. You'll find a medkit, some weapons parts, and scrap back here. Turn around and head west again where you will run into another pile of scrap. You'll eventually stumble upon a group of 3 enemies. Turn left before running into them to ignore them for now. Head west towards the back of this map area to find some scrap and a patrolling Butcher. Take out the Butcher silently. There is another Butcher hiding further in the back. Kill him silently too. Collect the loot and scour this back are to find scrap, weapons parts, the "I'm SORRY" note (DLC: 5/37), and a Molotov. Equip the Molotov to Selma. Head back to the group of enemies we ignored in this area earlier.

Approach from the west side next to the left side of the ambulance. The main strategy for this combat encounter is to prevent the Hunter from having any line of fire on you. Switch to Selma, and follow along the wall. Move as close as you can to the Med-Bot without alerting him, and press ambush the group. I've attached a picture showing how close I got. What you want to check before using any combat actions is that the Hunter has no line of fire on you. You can check this by trying to target the Hunter with Selma, and if you have no line-of-sight, it will tell you. If you're at the same positioning I am in the screenshot, you should also have a 75% chance of hitting the Pyro as well.

Position for Cave of Fears attack.

First, use Selma's Tree Hugger ability to trap all of the enemies, and then throw a hand grenade that hits all 3 of the enemies. Use 1 action point to move Dux to a location where he can 100% hit the Pyro but is still out of the line of fire for the Hunter. Use both the Moth Wings (press cn_up) and Skull Splitter mutations to deal 7 critical damage to the Pyro with the crossbow. Lastly move Bormin into position to kill the Pyro without being able to be hit by the Hunter. On your next combat turn, move Bormin to the front of the ambulance and attack the Hunter with the Gaper. If you are positioned right at the front of the ambulance you can hit the Hunter without triggering his Overwatch ability if he used it during his turn. Attacking him with Bormin will then remove the ability trigger. Use Selma and Dux to finish off the Hunter (making sure to avoid the patch of fire leftover from the Pyro we killed). All that is left now is to finish off the Med-Bot (which may take you two turns, but that is fine because we have 1 turn left from Selma's Tree Hugger ability and the Med-Bot needs two combat turns in order to revive a downed enemy).

Collect all of the loot including scrap, a smoke grenade, a MIMIR - Driver 30, and the State Switcher weapon. Equip the State Switcher to Selma (replace the Stinger pistol she has equipped). Learn the first two Stats for Dux (1 Health Booster and 1 Movement Booster), Follow the quest marker to the exit out of this area.

Scrap collected: 40

Weapons parts collected: 51

The Sea Titans (I)

Head north and follow the guardrail on the right side of the path. Turn into the area where there is a break in the guardrail to find a hand grenade (equip it to Selma). Look behind the nearby ambulance to find some weapons parts. Head back to the main path and head north to find a chest with the Fertility Crown hat (DLC: 4/14), and equip it on Selma. Head west to find some scrap lying near another ambulance. Go behind this ambulance to find a picnic table with the "Stalker Anton" note (DLC: 6/37). Finally head southwest to find the stair path leading down to the main part of this area.

Take the right fork at the bottom of the stairs to find an area where a Marauder is patrolling. Take him out silently. Loot the scrap and turn north. You will see a run down trailer you can investigate with some scrap laying near the truck towing the trailer. You should notice a Sect Pyro off to your side with a nearby Hunter and patrolling Brother Bodin. (Make sure that Brother Bodin and the Hunter finish their conversation before doing anything next. There are reports that killing Sect Pyro before the conversation finishes will cause the Sect Hunter to not patrol.) Wait for the Brother Bodin to move away from the Sect Pyro so that his detection radius no longer includes the Sect Pyro. If we kill the Sect Pyro silently while he is within Brother Bodin's radius, it will alert Brother Bodin to us and he will attack us which we do not want right now. You can position yourself as I have in the screenshot in order to easily tell when Brother Bodin is out of range.

Image 1

When Brother Bodin is out of range, ambush the Sect Pyro. Use Dux's Moth Wings/Skull Splitter combo to deal 7 critical damage with the Crossbow and use Selma and Bormin's silent weapons to kill the Sect Pyro. Feel free to loot the Molotov from his corpse. Turn around so you are facing north and head up the stairs to an elevated area with a large broken down building. Head to the northeast corner of this area to find a trail leading to a lot of scrap and weapons parts. There are a lot more enemies in this area, but we are going to ignore them for now and try to scavenge some more weapons parts for a bit.

Head back to the main set of stairs at the beginning of the area. Instead of taking the right path, take the left path now. Head all the way left along the path to find a pile of weapons parts next to a dead man dressed in a hazmat suit. Continue directly north where you will come upon a picnic table next to a house. On the picnic table is the "MESSAGE to 555-6789390" note (7/37). Enter the house to find some scrap as well. If you wait near the picnic table long enough a patrolling Marauder will come near you that you can kill silently. Loot him and head west along the dock to find two piles of scrap. We still need a little bit more weapons parts for what we want to do, so ignore the enemies and head towards the ?? marker on the map. Along the way you should find some scrap and the "Stalker Kalle" note near the exit (DLC: 8/37). Keep following the ?? marker into the next area.

Scrap collected: 44

Weapons parts collected: 20

The Rot Warren (I)

Do not be alarmed that this area is well above our current level. We will not actually be killing any enemies here. Rather we are just looking for a few more weapons parts. Before that though, follow the path towards a closed gate. Before entering the gate, turn left to find some scrap lying near a truck. Continue east until you find a clearing with a broken down MIMIR Z600 that you can investigate. Search around the clearing for an EMP grenade and several piles of scrap. Turn around and go back to the closed gate, open it and follow the trail. At the fork, head left into the bunker. Continue along the path and down some stairs until you have the option to turn left. In the room, you can find a pile of weapons parts and some scrap. Head into the attached room to find a chem flare and more scrap. Once you have collected these items, return to the Ark.

At the Ark, go to Delta's Fix Pit and dismantle the Stinger for 11 weapons parts. If you have been following the guide, this should put you at 92 weapons parts. Use these weapons parts to upgrade the Mimir Needle Pistol and the Crossbow to levels II and III respectively. Feel free to also attach the Mimir - Driver 30 mod to the Mimir Needle Pistol. While this gives +2 critical damage, I do not like equipping it onto Dux or Selma's silent weapons because of the 30% chance to knock back enemies. An unwanted knock back can move an enemy into another nearby enemy's detection radius which will alert them to us even if we kill the first enemy silently. Because Dux and Selma are my first people to attack when using my silent weapons, I want to avoid them having any chance of knock back during their attacks.

After all the weapon upgrades, we can deal a total of 16 silent damage with our squad. This is a pretty critical total damage to be able to do with silent weapons as a lot of next few enemies we will deal with have 16 health, and we can now silently kill them in one turn. We are done at the Ark, so fast travel back to the Sea Titans.

Scrap collected: 28

Weapons parts collected: 5

The Sea Titans (II)

When you load in, follow the path down the stairs and take the right fork near the base of the stairs. At the base of the stairs, head back to the north edge of the map. You should come back to a set of stairs leading up to an elevated area with a larger run-down building with a Sect Hunter that we left alive last time we were here. There is also a nearby patrolling Marauder. Ambush the Sect Hunter and use your silent weapons to kill the Sect Hunter in one turn. Proceed to loot all the contents in the building: hand grenade, Ancient Eye weapon mod, and scrap. Next, silently kill the patrolling Marauder next.

After looting him, head towards the place in the map as indicated in the screenshot below, and wait for a patrolling Sect Butcher to head up to the platform across from you on the boat. When he is on top of the platform, wait to make sure there is not a Sect Hunter lurking down below and behind him. If the Sect Hunter is positioned behind him when we kill the Sect Butcher, then the Sect Hunter will be alerted to our location. Simply just wait until the Sect Butcher is properly isolated from anyone. In the below screenshots you can see the INCORRECT positioning of the Sect Hunter and one with the CORRECT positioning. Double check you have the positioning correctly before ambushing the Sect Butcher.

Image 1

Use Dux's Moth Wings/Skull Splitter combo to silently kill the Sect Butcher with the Crossbow. Since you only used mutations to kill the Sect Butcher, you will unlock

Head east and go down the stairs to the main area of the map. You should be where you killed the Sect Pyro earlier. You will see Brother Bodin by a campfire. He should be fully alone. If he is not, then wait for the patrol path of the nearby Sect Hunter to fully isolate Brother Bodin. When he is isolated, ambush him, and use Bormin's Hog Rush ability to knock Brother Bodin out for 2 turns. Then use your silent weapons to easily finish him off before he regains consciousness. Loot the EMP Grenade from him and wait for the Sect Hunter to walk towards where you are. When he is in range, ambush and silently kill him. Loot him and head west towards the quest marker and onto the boat.

You will see a Sect Butcher on the left side of the boat up some stairs. Ambush and kill him in one turn using Dux's Moth Wings/Skull Splitter combo. After he is dead loot him, and head over to the opposite side of the ship and loot the other Sect Butcher we killed earlier. Along the way over to loot the other Sect Butcher's corpse, you should see more scrap you can loot. At the topmost level of the ship where the map area exit is, you can find more scrap to loot. Head down to the back most end of the boat and loot the area to find a chem flare, scrap, the Power Brick artifact (4/12), and the Evac Control Key. Head east off of the boat, turn south and follow the chain-link fence to find a locked gate that you can now open with the key we just found. Loot the whole pier to find scrap and Pyro Armour. I equipped the Pyro Armour to Dux. We are all done here now so head to the quest marker to leave the area.

Scrap collected: 49

Weapons parts collected: 5

House of Bones

When you first load into the area, we will take care of some mutation upgrades. Learn Bormin's Corpse Eater mutation, and then learn Selma's Contortionist mutation. Head towards the quest marker. You will come to a chain-link fence with a closed gate. Before passing through the gate, you should see the Red Plague Protocol (DLC: 9/37) note to your left. Pass through the gate, turn left and head down the stairs. At the base of the stairs, there is a patrolling Sect Butcher you can silently kill. If the Butcher is not there yet, wait for him to patrol near you. After you loot him, head north to find two enemies talking. When they finish talking, they will split up and you can silently kill the Sect Butcher loot him. The Sect Marauder should hang around by the side of the building where he can also be silently killed and looted for a hand grenade.

Head into the school where the Sect Marauder was standing and you'll see two enemies on the floor above you. You can walk around freely on this lower level without alerting them. Search around this bottom floor to find lots of scrap, some weapons parts, and the Defibrillator artifact (5/12). Head back out through the side of the building where you entered from and head south so you are traveling back to where you first entered this area. Turn left when you get to the front of the building and head east. You should spot some scrap in between two ambulances on your way. Keep going and you'll find a lone Sect Butcher that you can take out silently. After killing and looting him, you should now be level 18. Go ahead and learn Dux's Circuit Breaker mutation. Keep exploring the area east of here to find scrap and weapons parts and turn north. You should stumble upon a patrolling Sect Marauder you can silently kill.

Turn back towards the school building to see a ladder going up to the second floor of the school. Climb it and head down the hall towards the two enemies we saw on the second floor earlier. When you get close, they will start talking. Let the Sect Pyro and Sect Hunter finish their conversation, and they will then split up. You can then silently take them both out individually without alerting the each other. After they are both dead, loot the chest to find the Boomstick weapon. Equip the Boomstick to Bormin and move the Gaper to Dux. In the southwest corner of the second floor, there is a wall opening you can fall through to end up outside again.

Head north, and you should see a Med-Bot hanging around the north side of the school building. Make sure Dux's Circuit Breaker mutation is equipped and ambush the Med-Bot. Use Dux's Moth Wings/Circuit Breaker ability to stun the Med-Bot and then proceed to silently kill him in two turns. Loot his corpse and the nearby weapons parts. You'll see there are still 4 more enemies we need to kill. The Sect Pyro and Sect Hunter stay still but Brother Skoog will do a small patrol loop between the two of them. Wait for Brother Skoog to move as close to the Sect Pyro as possible. This should put the Sect Hunter just outside of his detection radius. See the screenshot which shows the positioning. You can now silently kill the Sect Hunter without alerting any other enemies when he dies.

Image 1

Now head around the group of enemies to the Sect Butcher. Wait for Brother Skoog to move outside of the Butcher's detection radius, and then silently kill the Sect Butcher and loot him. Wait for Brother Skoog to move close to the Sect Pyro and then use Bormin's Hog Rush mutation to knock out Brother Skoog. Wait to ambush until you just enter Brother Skoog's detection radius. This should let you be able to Hog Rush AND have an action point left over to to attack the Sect Pyro. Proceed to kill the Sect Pyro and then focus on Brother Skoog. If you were not able to get a shot off from Bormin during the first turn that's fine. Just kill the Sect Hunter during your second turn and then use a medkit to heal whoever the Sect Hunter attacks during his combat step. Feel free to use your loud weapons now. You should easily kill them both before Brother Skoog's regains consciousness. Proceed to loot the area for a Medkit, Molotov, and the Green Eye weapon mod. At last, free Magnus. After the cutscene you will unlock

Hopefully by this time, you have unlocked the "Green fingers" achievement with Selma. If not, whenever we take out an isolated enemy, just swap her back in to your squad and use her Tree Hugger mutation to trap enemies until you have trapped a total of 10. For the rest of the walkthrough, we will be using a squad compose of Dux, Bormin and Magnus. Magnus has two achievements related to his mutations: "Frying tonight!" and "The power of flesh". "Frying tonight!" requires you to use his Chain Lightning mutation to kill 10 enemies, and "The power of flesh" requires you to mind control 10 enemies using the Puppeteer mutation to control 10 enemies.

Both are pretty annoying to get.

I found Chain Lightning to not be useful for combat as enemies were not close enough to use the ability's chaining effect and the actual damage dealt the mutation is relatively low compared to traditional weapons you have. Nevertheless, we want the achievement. So make sure to use it on an enemy as soon as their health is at least 4 or lower so you can kill them and finish off the achievement quickly to avoid worrying about it later. Chain Lightning is very useful on robots though as it deals double damage and ignores armour. So when going for this achievement, focus on robotic enemies (a great area is the Metal Fields discussed later in the walkthrough).

Puppeteer is a much more useful ability for combat. However, the mutation only has a 50-100% chance of working depending on the type of enemy you target with it. This makes using it on enemies 10 times pretty difficult as you are not always guaranteed for it to work each time. The mutation has a 50% chance of success if used on a Tank or boss character, regular enemies have a 75% chance, but there are a few enemies with a "weak brain" that you can use the mutation with 100% success. I will try and avoid relying on using Puppeteer during any description of combat I give in this walkthrough to avoid requiring "luck" to beat the game. But I encourage you to use this ability often to make combat less stressful for yourself if you are having a difficult time. With all that said, Magnus is who I used to finish the game from here on out, so I will walk the walk-through assuming you are as well. This will give you plenty of opportunities to use the mutation during your play through to earn the achievement.

My advice is to use Puppeteer on isolated "weak brain" enemies we want to silently kill. Equip a Molotov cocktail onto Magnus. Use Dux and Bormin's silent weapons to weaken the enemy, then have Magnus mind control the enemy. While the enemy is mind controlled, throw the Molotov cocktail to burn the enemy to death before the mind control wears off and he alerts other enemies to your location.

Make sure to unequip all of Selma's armour and weapons and equip the following onto Magnus: Ancient Pistol, Rambino, EMP Grenade, hand grenade, Fertility Crown, and Stalker Vest. Proceed to also learn his Telekinesis Shield, Sneak, Pupeteer, and Chain Lightning mutations as well. Before exiting the menu, make sure to equip a Molotov and hand grenade to Bormin, and an EMP grenade and hand grenade on Dux. Learn also the Joker mutation on Bormin as well. With all that out of the way, head to the ??? map marker to head to the next area.

Scrap collected: 74

Weapons parts collected: 20

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