6. Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Reach EdenUpdate notes

The Castle of Light (III)

When you load in, make a beeline towards the quest marker picking up any scrap you find on the way (although by this point we have been here three times, so it should be almost picked clean.

Scrap collected: 0

Weapons parts collected: 0

Grave of the Ancients

Head west until you get to the quarantine wall.  Head south to find some scrap.  Turn around and head north until there is a break in the wall for you to head west.  As soon as you pass the wall, immediately turn south to find some scrap.  Head back to where you passed through the wall and head west.  Ignore and avoid any MIMIR Z200 scouts you see in this area.  You'll come upon the Ingmar's Journal Page 152 note (DLC: 19/37) just past the building with the Frisor sign.  Head west until you see a crashed MIMIR Z800 which has some scrap lying on the north side of it.  From the robot, head to the north to find more scrap inside a building.  Turn and go back towards the robot.  Head west to find more scrap in an abandoned arcade.  Keep heading west to find the Your Journey Is Just Beginning note (DLC: 20/37) and some scrap.  There is also a nearby downed robot you can investigate. 

From there, turn and head south picking up the weapons parts along the way until you get to the Polis-Bot Enforcer.  Equip the Circuit Breaker mutation on Dux and ambush the Polis-Bot Enforcer.  Attack him first with Magnus' silent weapon, and then use Dux's Moth Wings/Circuit Breaker combo with his silent weapon to stun the Polis-Bot Enforcer.  Proceed to finish off the enemy using your squad's silent weapons.  We will ignore all other enemies in this area as there are too many within range where we can't use loud weapons to quickly take out. We do not really need the XP anyway as our mutation skill tree is already maxed out.  Loot the corpse and proceed to the the ??? map marker (picking up any loot in the nearby area first).

Scrap collected: 15

Weapons parts collected: 10

The Forbidden City

From the start, head north to the northeast corner to find weapons parts.  Head west to see three Polis-Bots ahead.  Head into the building to the north to find some scrap on the ground floor and some weapons parts and an EMP grenade on the third floor (just keep climbing the ladders).  Before going further, make sure all of your squad members have an EMP grenade equipped.  Go back to the ground floor to engage the enemy trio.  Shoot the front most Polis-Bot Enforcer with Magnus' loud weapon.  Next, use Bormin to throw an EMP grenade at the Polis-Bot and Polis-Bot Enforcer in the back stunning them both.  Then use Dux to throw an EMP grenade at the first Enforcer.  With all of them stunned, proceed to use your squad's loud weapons to take them all out easily. Loot the corpses and replenish Dux and Bormin's EMP grenades you used.  Head west across the bridge.

Up ahead you'll see a functional MIMIR Z800.  It has a searchlight that you want to avoid.  Occasionally, it will emit a pulse and if it detects you with it, will cause the MIMIR Z800 to deploy two of the MIMIR Z200 scouts making for a difficult fight. Try to sneak up on the MIMIR Z800 and ambush him before getting caught in his pulse or searchlight (it's not very difficult to do so). Once you ambush him, shoot him using Magnus' loud weapon.  The MIMIR Z800 will deploy both of the MIMIR Z200 scouts he has.  Use Bormin to throw an EMP grenade to stun all three of the enemies.  Proceed to finish off the MIMIR Z800 using your loud weapons.  Upon death, the MIMIR Z800 will explode and actually kill the MIMIR Z200s it deployed.  Killing the MIMIR Z800 will unlock

Replenish Bormin's EMP grenade (take it from Dux or Magnus if you are missing any extras).  Along the south wall to the west there is some scrap.  From the scrap, turn north and up a ladder to find scrap and a hand grenade.  Drop down to the ground floor on the north side of the building.  Head east along the wall until you find some scrap near an old transport truck.  Head north from there to find a lone Polis-Bot Enforcer. Shoot him first with Magnus' silent weapon and then use Dux's Moth Wings/Circuit Breaker mutation combo to stun him.  Finish him off with your squad's silent weapons.  Loot him and wait for a Polis-Bot to patrol near you.  Use Bormin's Hog Rush mutation to knock him out and then kill him silently.  Loot him and head further north to find a medkit and scrap.  Now turn and head all the way back to the Robo-shack building.  Wait for a good opportunity to ambush the MIMIR Z800 near the robo-shack.  Shoot him first with Magnus' loud weapon and then stun all three of them using Bormin's EMP grenade.  Proceed to finish off the MIMIR Z800 using everyone's loud weapons. 

Turn back and go into the Robo-shack.  Before going in make sure each member of your squad has an EMP grenade equipped.  If you don't have enough go and buy some more (if you don't have enough scrap, try to just buy 1 EMP grenade). On the ground floor you will find the Kommode 64 artifact (12/12) which will unlock the achievement

Head to the second floor of the Robo-shack and loot an item.  This will trigger an ambush from the Polis-Bots guarding the store.  Because you are ambushed you will take some damage.  After the first round of enemy combat, use two of your squad's EMP grenades to stun both the Polis-Bot and Polis-Bot Enforcer (if you don't have two EMP grenades, then you can use Dux's circuit breaker mutation with a chem flare thrown at the enemy).  It's possible that the Polis-Bot will stun one of your squad members which is why it's ideal to have each squad member carry an EMP grenade otherwise you may not be able to use the one you have equipped on a particular squad member if they are targeted with the stun.  After both enemies are stunned, it's an easy battle to finish them off using your loud weapons.  After the combat, heal up your squad and loot all the remaining scrap in the Robo-shack to unlock the achievement

We're done here so head to the next area via the ??? map marker.

Scrap collected: 85

Weapons parts collected: 35

The Sealed Gate

From the start, head east until you see some enemies.  Equip Dux's Skull Splitter mutation.  There are two patrolling enemies: a Sect Hunter and Brother Mark Luktar.  Wait for the Sect Hunter to be isolated and outside the detection radius of any other enemies.  Make sure to equip Dux's Skull Splitter mutation. Ambush the Sect Hunter and silently attack him with Magnus first.  Then use Dux's Skull Splitter/Moth Wings mutation combo with his silent weapon and then finish him off with Bormin's silent weapon.  Loot him and wait for Brother Mark Luktar to patrol as north as possible and then ambush him.  Use Bormin's Hog Rush mutation to knock him out and then kill him silently with your squad. 

Now head east past the Sect Butcher and Tank until you find two Polis-Bots standing off alone in the back of the map.  Make sure Bormin has an EMP grenade (buy one if you need) and then ambush the enemy pair.  Use an EMP grenade to stun the both of the Polis-Bots.  Now kill them both easily using your loud weapons.  Loot them and head back to the Sect Tank and Butcher to the west.  We are going to deal with the Sect Hunter on top of the large blue storage container first.  Stand near the base of the ladder leading up to the second floor, and then ambush the Sect Hunter.  Have Magnus climb up and stand at one tile to the east of the northwest most corner of the container (you should be out of range of the Sect Hunter but have 100% chance of hitting them).  Have Dux climb up as well and use his Skull Splitter/Moth Wings combo with his silent weapon the Sect Hunter.  Finally have Bormin climb up and finish the Sect Hunter off.

Drop down to the ground floor. Switch weapons so that Bormin has Dux's Boomstick equipped and Dux has no loud weapon.  Next, switch out Dux for Selma in your squad, and make sure Selma has the Twitch Shot mutation equipped as well as the Elysium - LR678.  Move Selma on top of the blue cargo container.  Ambush the Tank and Sect Butcher.  Use your loud weapon and shoot the Sect Tank with Magnus.  Then use Bormin's Hog Rush mutation on the Sect Butcher, and then have Bormin shoot the Sect Tank with his loud weapon.  Finish off the Sect Tank using Selma's Twitch Shot mutation and her loud weapon.  Switch Dux back into your squad and go back to your original loadout (with the Boomstick on Dux and the Elysium - LR678 on Bormin). 

Loot the corpses and head north until you see a group of enemies with Plutonia off to the east. Now before we go to the next combat encounter, if you like you can go back to the Ark and remove the MIMIR - Driver 30 weapon mod from Magnus' Crossbow.  This is because we will need to silently kill an enemy in a bit, but if we accidentally cause him to knockback from Magnus' crossbow, then the enemy will fall into another enemies detection radius.  So if you do not want to take that chance, then go and remove that weapon mod. Head into the broken down building on the north edge of the map and sneak past the Med-Bot so you are positioned between the MIMIR Z600 and the Med-Bot as in the screenshot. 

Image 1

Make sure two of your squad members have an EMP grenade equipped.  Ambush the MIMIR Z600 and use Dux to throw an EMP grenade that targets both the MIMIR Z600 and the Med-Bot. Silently shoot at the MIMIR Z600 until it dies, making sure to throw another EMP grenade targeting both the MIMIR Z600 and the Med-Bot when you need to to keep the stunned.  Once the MIMIR Z600 is down, turn your attention towards finishing off the Med-Bot silently (if you need to throw another EMP grenade go ahead, although I don't think you'll need another one). This Med-Bot is the enemy I suggested removing the MIMIR - Driver 30 weapon mod from the Crossbow for.  Now that he's gone go back to the Ark and re-equip the weapon mod if you removed it. 

Equip Dux's Skull Splitter mutation again and look towards the Sect Pyro to the south of the Med-Bot we just killed.  Ambush him, and attack him first silently with Magnus.  Then use Dux's silent weapon with his Skull Splitter/Moth Wings mutation combo.  Finish off the Sect Pyro with Bormin's silent weapon. Loot the scrap and smoke grenade from the enemies just all killed and turn your attention to the last three enemies.

The Sect Tank will have 1 combat turn to deal damage to your squad during this next encounter.  But that should be fine as he cannot kill anyone in just one turn and both Magnus and Bormin are wearing armour to protect themselves from the Sect Tank's charge attack.  When you set yourself up to ambush these three enemies, try and position Dux further north than the other squad members so he is furthest away from the Sect Tank.  This helps reduce the likelihood of Dux being targeted by his charge attack.  Equip as many hand grenades as you can onto your squad.  Now ambush the group of enemies.  Use Magnus' loud weapon on the Sect Hunter, and then kill him with Dux's loud weapon.  Use Bormin's Hog Rush mutation on High Priestess Plutonia and then have him shoot the Sect Tank with his loud weapon.  It'll pass to the Sect Tank's turn so just let him do his thing.  When it is your turn again, use everyone's loud weapons to kill the Sect Tank.  Then turn your attention to finishing off Plutonia.  Unless you get really lucky with Critical hits, it is most likely that she will regain consciousness before you can finish her off.  She will then use her Chain Lightning ability (which doesn't deal much damage).  So just deal with whatever damage you take and then kill her once it is your turn again (hand grenades are very useful here because she can deflect bullets from your regular weapons out of the air).  Killing her will unlock the achievement

Loot all the stuff in the area, heal up your squad (make sure to heal up your squad especially if you are going to do the DLC next as we want our squad full strength for that) and enter Eden.


Upon loading into Eden you will now unlock a bunch of achievements if you've done this on Very Hard with Iron Mutant enabled and haven't lost a squad member (which if you followed this walkthrough you shouldn't have):

Quick note, I think this area is best explored while controlling either Bormin or Dux (for the story dialogue), but use whoever you want.  Head east along the hallway until you get to the first room.  Turn north into another room where you can find the Military Recall note (21/37).  Turn around and head south across the way into another hallway.  At the dead end turn west and into a room with a medkit and the Project Cancelled note (22/37).  Head out and back into the first main room and then continue east along the hallway.  You'll eventually come upon a room overlooking a small park/playground.  In this room you'll find the Peace Talks Fail note (23/37).  Head out into the grass area and head north into a room where you can interact with some drawings in the corner for a bit of story development. Head back to where the slide is and head east.  When you enter the building keep going straight ahead until you enter a room with the Bone Density Report 12W note (24/37).  Head back into the hallway, turn north and head into the next available room to the east to find the last note in the main campaign: the DNA Analysis 67J note (25/37).  From here, just continue along the path until you reach the end where there is a computer screen you can interact with to finish the story.

After the final cutscene completes, fast travel back to The Metal Bird area, we have three more achievements to finish up.

The Metal Bird (II)

When you load into the area, you should be coming from the East Outpost area.  Up ahead are two enemies we left from the very beginning of the game.  We are going to sacrifice one of our squad members.  I would recommend quitting the game before doing this to save the game's saved data to cloud, so we don't lost any valuable progress made when we delete the game's save data later.  If you feel uncomfortable doing this, you can do another play through on normal difficulty and just rush to get Bormin's Corpse Eater mutation which you can use on Dux when he is bleeding out instead. If you are going to do it here, then equip Bormin's Corpse Eater mutation and remove all armour from Dux and Magnus.  Ambush the Marauder and Tank, and just move Dux and Magnus into the detection radius of the two enemies.  Don't shoot the enemies, and just let them down either Dux or Magnus.  Once Dux or Magnus are bleeding out, use Bormin's Corpse Eater mutation on them.  This will obtain the two achievements

Since we have now gotten all of the achievements you will also unlock:

Go ahead and reload your cloud save data just so that you don't overwrite the save file in case you are going to do the DLC campaign next!

Congratulations!  I hope you enjoyed this game as much as I did.  Hopefully the walkthrough was helpful for you getting through the Very Hard/Iron Mutant difficultly play through.  I had a lot of fun strategizing for each encounter to make it as easy as possible for you all (although I am sure there are alternate/better strategies that I missed).  If you have the Seed of Evil DLC, then let's continue on to that campaign for more tactical fun!

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