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  • Mr J1mMr J1m425,281
    30 Jun 2009 30 Jun 2009
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    I always like to start a review with something positive about the game, however this one left me struggling a bit. The best i could come up with was that by hitting start the cutscenes can be skipped and the 1000GS is very easy to get.

    That said this is a truly terrible game in every respect. The horse does actually look at bit like a horse, but the people are much less convincing, the graphics look like they came from the early days of N64 rather than using the might of a 360.

    The sound is annoying and repetitive, the commentator has two stock phrases that are repeated ad nauseum. The phrases themselves are not very exciting anyway, but the repetition is truly horrible.

    The games and competitions themselves are also very repetitive and not difficult. On Amateur level the horse even jumps the fences by itself! There are achievements for completing on Amateur and Professional (which is incidently not difficult either) and these don't stack, which means after suffering it once, you then have to suffer it a 2nd time to claim all of the achievements (the games can largely be skipped the 2nd time around tho).

    My daughter is 6 and likes horses - she hated it
    I'm 33, a GS addict and am completely indifferent to horses - i hated it too

    This is one solely for the GS addicts - 1,000GS in about 6-8 hours!

    Is there a no star score? Truly the worst game i've ever played. AVOID!!
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    Mr J1m@Weis - Do so at your peril and don't say I didn't warn you!!
    Posted by Mr J1m on 13 Apr 12 at 15:39
    buy me DoritosN64 is more fun than xbox
    Posted by buy me Doritos on 24 Jun 12 at 01:27
    MatthewFromASDAHow did you get away with 'i' in the second sentence of the review!
    Posted by MatthewFromASDA on 24 Dec 14 at 23:26
  • SashamorningSashamorning2,289,101
    26 Oct 2010 01 Nov 2010
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    Easily one of the most infamous gamerwhore games of all time, My Horse And Me 2 is the delightful story of a girl and her horse. This morality tale exploring the complex relationship between a championship equestrian rider and her noble steed is but a springboard into the profound tale of how the pair must overcome adversity to save their family farm from foreclosure.

    Okay, so the plot sucks. On the other hand, the game isn't terrible. It certainly isn't stellar, and it's quite a bit repetitive, but not a complete waste of time by any stretch. In fact, the more I played it, the more I seemed to find myself in a state of Zen horse riding.

    For those of you looking for this game, it isn't easy to find. The game is a rather obscure title that was only released in Europe. Theoretically it's supposed to be region-encoded, but for some reason never made it that far. Therefore if anyone in other regions can get a hold of this, it'll work in any 360.

    The cheeves are, as expected, quite easy. Play through the game and you'll get most of the achievements. The difficulty of the game, even on Professional, is not much of a challenge. The only downside is that the difficulties don't stack; you will have to play this through twice in order to finish the game.

    In addition to the obligatory practice sessions that help you learn the mechanics of the game, you need to make sure to take care of your horse as well. This happens by cleaning and brushing your horse, feeding him, pulling rocks out of his hooves, etc. As mind-numbing as this might be, I have to admit that I actually learned a little bit about taking care of a horse (much to the amusement of my equestrian wife).

    The actual competitions consist of 3 parts: dressage, show jumping, and cross country. Dressage requires you to move in certain patterns around the ring at particular speeds, as well as move your sticks in motions shown on the screen. Show jumping is... well, show jumping. Cross country is more jumping at faster speeds.

    The other part of the game consists of "fungames" which, I found, were really not all that fun. In fact, they were quite annoying. These were perhaps the one part of the game that was most frustrating. While mechanical bull riding and mazes sound fun, it was quite a bit of a chore.

    In all, the game doesn't suck, although it gets a bit repetitive. If you can find it in a bargain bin (which won't happen), it's an easy pickup. 4 stars for achievement hunters, but for everyone else it's probably worth about 2.5. I'll give my dignity the benefit of the doubt and call it a 2.
  • III JMcH IIIIII JMcH III1,512,223
    08 Oct 2013 08 Oct 2013
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    My Horse and Me 2.

    I remember the hype back in 2008 and as I made my way to midnight launch, I had visions of being the new Bob Champion or for the girls, Tatum'O Neil from International Velvet. I was thinking the xbox needed a top quality Equine game and I was hoping this would quench my thirst

    A few of my favorite Horse quotes:

    -for one to fly, you only need to take the reins
    -the love for a horse is just as complicated as the love for another human being. if you never love a horse, you'll never understand
    -on the back of a horse, you have paradise
    -when riding a horse we leave our fear, troubles, and sadness behind on the ground
    -a stubborn horse walks behind you, an inpatient friend walks in front of you, but a noble companion walks beside you
    -one can get into a car and see what man has made, but one must get on a horse to see what God has made.

    This game will make you feel all of the above and more cry


    This seems fine. Even the more skillful of player can play with one hand. (No I'm not making another Hannah Montana euphemism) This game literally allows you to play one handed. Try to use this skill as much as possible, this will save any stressful situations come the professional run.

    A vast choice of Horses are available ranging from a Donkey at Blackpool beach to Shergar. The choices the game gives you in this regard is immense.

    Disk 2 contains a simulation mode where you can breed your own horses. This is also a good meeting place for you and your online friends to meet up and groom your horses together. Please note that you could potentially waste many hours in those stables trying to breed the perfect horse.

    Normal Mode:

    Ease yourself in this, collect as many of the nasty collectibles, try to master the one handed technique and try and do some of the grindy shit before your next playthrough. On your way you should win all the races with a little luck.

    Professional Mode:

    Ok I'm not going to lie, this is tough. What this game asks you to do is to combine the one handed technique that you should have learnt in normal mode and................................................................
    Press the A button. With this in mind, you should now be well on your way to 1k.


    This is a mode where you train your horse to become a ballet dancer, gently guide your horse around the course in straight lines whilst looking good. Very addictive, only recommended for the hardcore though.


    A decent game but I wouldn't pay anything over $100 for it. Yes you heard me, this is the only game in history that actually increases in value over time.

    Gamerscore wise, don't let the ratio fool you.
  • XantiriadXantiriad170,613
    31 Jan 2011
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    My Horse and Me 2 would not be the first choice for the enthusiast gamer to pickup and play. Buying the game from a high street retailer would most likely result in extreme self consciousness and a hat full of excuses like “It’s for my daughter/wife/partner/mother/sister”. However, the prospect of 1000 easy achievement points can make you play games you would not normally consider.

    My Horse and Me 2 turns out to be a rather enjoyable, if simplistic, sports game. Essentially it is a “Three Day Eventing” simulator (Dressage, Show-jumping, Cross Country) with various horse grooming mini games thrown into the mix. Despite being clearly aimed at young girls, My Horse and Me 2 avoids many of the usual female social stereotypes. It is only the unintentionally funny cutscenes and sugary presentation that illustrate you’re playing something aimed at a specific gender.

    The horse grooming mini games are rather tedious, but the actual horse riding is really enjoyable. The horse riding mechanics will be familiar to anyone who played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, or Majora’s Mask: you control the speed and direction of the horse, whilst the jumping is either automatic or initiated by a button press, depending on the difficulty level chosen. You can play and win all eight regional competitions in under 6 hours but there is still a decent challenge on the harder difficulty. If you also make time to complete the mini-games, you’ll see your gamerscore swell by a handsome 1000 points.

    It would be easy to dismiss games like My Horse and Me 2 as childish and simplistic. However, entertainment can be found in the unlikeliest of places and there are far worse ways of boosting your gamescore.