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Posted on 05 November 10 at 14:29, Edited on 05 November 10 at 15:02
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I can't read the future but I can tell you this much for free. £17.99 by December. That's MySims Sky Heroes' future right there. That's not to say that EA's cutesy plane combat game is awful but it does a very good job of pretending it is, hiding its good qualities behind some staggeringly careless design choices.

Firstly, let's address the Sims aspect. Yes, you get the cutesy characters all speaking in that gibberish voice. It is initially harmless enough but soon becomes a bind when the text translation requires you, Nintendo DS-style, to press A several times to get through all of the lengthy conversations. It's a real barrier to the gameplay, often taking ages of skipping just to get to the next mission, and you can't help thinking 'you daft bastards, why didn't you just give them normal voices? I stopped reading this shit about five missions ago.'

In fact there's my reviewer confession right there. I have no idea what the fucking storyline is. I stopped caring after my hundredth button press. Not that it matters, the story is clearly aimed at the young 'uns anyway. An odd decision given that the gameplay is a lot tougher than you'd expect.

Another annoyance related to the sims aspect is that your customisation options are hopelessly limited, especially before you unlock more character and plane designs but afterwards as well. You could quite easily call this Lego Ace Combat or something, although I'd then be obliged to avoid the fucking thing like cleric on a London bus just for having Lego in the title. Or Lego (tm).

At this point you'd be forgiven for thinking that I hate the game but I don't. If I did this would be way more sweary and I'd have started directing insults at the mothers of the developers. Thankfully the gameplay isn't all that bad. Sure, that's the faintest of praise right there but the game does have its moments.

The gameplay itself is split between standard Ace Combat/H.A.W.X style dogfighting albeit it with limited manoeuvrability (you can't fly upside-down most of the time, indeed there is a weapon that makes you do that against your will) and a selection of weapon power-ups and a kind of kart-racer-in-the-sky racing mode. The dogfighting side is undeniably fun with tight controls and nice, compact arenas to fight in. It loses points for its terrible targeting system (it is nearly impossible to track individual planes), your bastard AI team-mates nicking your kills and unskippable cutscenes before certain missions. However, gaining a streak of kills and chasing enemies through various structures and tunnels can be extremely satisfying.

The racing portion of the game is also not completely awful with the controls certainly not getting in the way and for some tense close finishes that will make you punch the air embarrassingly with relief. Unfortunately the AI follows every other game in the genre and rubberbands you to death. Also, you do occasionally get blown out of the sky just as you are about to win a race. That's the kind of trick that will give Skynet ideas.

However, progressing through the game should give you too many issues (although earning the achievement for getting gold medals on every mission might) and this is, for the most part, an enjoyable romp through the skies. The fact that it isn't full of terrifyingly emo Japanese cutscenes like Ace Combat 6 was only makes me like it more.

So, if you've got your eye on this game, hold on. It'll be cheap as chips soon and should provide you with a few days entertainment before you release it back into the wild.


Not an ideal game for whoring despite the cutesy nature of it suggesting an easy max. The main difficulty comes from trying to get gold medals on every mission, this can be frustrating at times but isn't unsurmountable.

Add to that plenty of 'kill 50 enemies with X weapon' achievements for the chore portion of the max and this won't be a game that you'll max out right away but it's easier than the current 1800TA+ score suggests.
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TA Score for this game: 1,929
Posted on 10 October 10 at 08:39
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Buen juego simple pero bueno, buen control y aunque las misiones son algo repetivas la emocion es mucha.

No creo que sea para niño ya que muchas misiones son un reto y hay que repetirlas varias veces para sacar el oro.

Los aviones los vas desbloqueando asi como las ayudas para tu avion, a veces es necesario avanzar en la historia y luego regresar con un mejor avion para sacar el primer lugar.

Los logros no requieren tanta ciencia y son faciles de sacar, aunque habra unos que otros que te daran un dolor de cabeza.

Lo recomiendo para pasarse una tarde con el, no tiene mucha complicacion como lo dije al inicio es un juego simple pero divertido.
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