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  • AdamRawrrAdamRawrr124,629
    09 Jul 2009
    26 1 7
    Right, i'll start out by pointing out afew pro's and cons.

    * Hundreds of challenges to complete
    * VERY addictive gameplay
    * Thought-provoking puzzles
    * Simple, yet tight controls
    * Level editor for creating punnishing and inventive environments

    * Minor technical problems during online
    * Has a PC version, free
    * Enemies aren't ALWAYS consistant
    * Created levels can't easily be shared

    Breifly, your a ninja primarily dressed as black, with a red bandanna (though the further through the single player levels you get, the more "flavours" - meaning costumes, you unlock). There's not REALLY a story behind this game, rather.. Completing levels from easy up to the really challenging patience draining levels, though the description on the game is rather amusing (see below)

    "Like all ninjas, you have unquenchable thirst for gold, a natural propensity for exploring rooms infested by lethal ninja-killing robots, and a devout belief in N."

    You have five levels to complete before the game autosaves and uploads your scores (if you quit at lets say.. Level three, the next time you click to carry on you'll have to play the first two levels again). Every fives levels you complete unlocks another "Episode" (the next five levels, being increased in difficulty)

    The first few levels can not really be considered a challenge at all, however the game does eventually bite you in the ass with obstacles like homing rockets, mines, various enemies, and maps that will test your platforming mettle to the core. Deaths will come relatively quickly and there even is an Achievement for amassing a thousand deaths that may come very quickly for some players. Once all fifty Episodes (250 levels) are completed you unlock the awesome N+ Expert Levels (10 Episodes made up of 50 outrageously infuriating maps).

    Aswel as having single player, there's also the fabolous Multiplayer aspect (Local & Online) where you and friends, 2-4 players can beat the game as co-op buddy's or battle it out in the Race or Survival levels.

    Race levels are basically, first to get the the end, wins. Though they're alot more challenging whilst actualling RACING.

    Survival levels pitt you and your friend against each other, to see who can stay alive the longest, be it various evemies or hardcore mines in your way (the more gold you collect the more life gets added onto your player).

    And then comes my favourite part of the game; Level Editor.

    If your like me, then you will really get into playing the game so much you'd like a try at creating your own levels, making them fun, challenging or impossible (just to see what happends :'P). You have multiple objects to choose from, being shapes to create different slopes, ramps, jumps and obstacles. Along with shapes you can in-put enemies too, to really spice things up (if your creative, your can make some really immense levels).

    Once they're made you can set up a private session to share your levels with others. Though the downside to this being you have to invite people to play, they cannot just join.

    Additionally, this game has very excellent Downloadable Content, which include Map Packs 1, 2 and 3.

    Map Pack 1 (200MS) - These are made up of 150 maps, for beginners, really easy stuff to work you up for the other two packs.

    Map Pack 2 (200MS) - These are harder levels, being worth more for the money than #1.

    Map Pack 3 (Free) - More on the fun side, being free; more people online have dowloaded these, so you will have better chance of playing them with others.

    Each pack comes with extra multiplayer, races, and/or survival levels.

    Overall score: 9/10
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    CheeseSodaPunchWTF?! THE SAVE SYSTEM DOES _NOT_ WORK!!! I've even got my completion times for levels posted on the leaderboards, but no sign of it being completed on my end. If this is not resolved soon, I might have an aneurysm, which Metanet will be responsible for. Seriously, this easily correctable problem makes my head asplode. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR THE EASILY FRUSTRATED!!!
    Posted by CheeseSodaPunch on 17 Mar 10 at 19:02
    AdamRawrri know i know, the save shit is soo annoying, ive done every level like, 7 times or something probly more and it still doesn't show completion times for some,

    grrr's but owell
    Posted by AdamRawrr on 17 Mar 10 at 21:41
    Posted by FIVWPPJ on 02 Jul 12 at 20:50
  • MotivaSeanMotivaSean571,996
    25 Apr 2010 26 Apr 2012
    15 0 1
    This game is loads of fun, especially for those who are looking for a challenge. Let me explain how the game works.

    You are a ninja. Now you may be thinking "Awesome! I get to throw ninja stars at stuff!" Wrong. This ninja is a pacifist. He doesn't fight at all. At the start of the game you are the normal black ninja with a red headband but you can go into settings and change this. Your goal in this game is to beat a set of 5 levels called an "episode." You must beat all 5 levels in an episode in one sitting or else it will not save and you must start for the beginning of said episode. There are a few things in your way though. Let's start with the most obvious. The door's locked. To unlock the door you must hit the switch. Sounds easy? Nope but, it brings me to my next point. Enemies. So many enemies. Heat-seeking rocket launchers, chain guns, zap drone, mines, among other hazards such as falling too far or hitting your head too hard. But wait, there's more! You only have a 90-second life-span! To increase your life-span you must collect gold which is strewn about each level. Each piece of gold is worth about 3 seconds of extended life. The more gold you collect the more time you have to live. The game is hideously evil, unfair, and just out-right mean. You will die so many times that it will make even the most calm, cool-headed gamer say random crap in anger. There is also multiplayer. You can team up with friends and work together or become rivals and race each other. There is also a game called survival. Who ever survives the longest wins. I guess I'll list some Pros and Cons.


    So many hours of game play
    Massive amount of levels
    Great downloadable content (such as level packs with new ninja colors or flavours as they like to call them)
    Makes people scream funny random crap at their television (that's a pro in my book any day)
    Great challenge
    Level designer
    Easy controls
    Funny level names


    So much of a challenge some gamers will quit easily
    Problems saving sometimes
    Enemies sometime become glitched
    Little online multiplayer activity
    Difficult to share player-made levels

    Altogether great game! I HIGHLY suggest buying it for those who like a challenge. If you want to try the game for free there is it's predecessor, N, available online at www.wayoftheninja.org go try it. If you like it's all the more reason to get this one. I give this game a prefect 5 stars. Good work Metanet.
  • MastahMattMastahMatt113,219
    09 Oct 2010 11 Oct 2010
    15 7 5
    In N+, you control a ninja on a quest for gold. The game consists of extremely simple, well-designed levels that range in difficulty from beat-it-in-five-seconds easy to mind-bending, controller smashing, game-hating hard.

    N+ is an interesting example of a new type of game - a game that relies not on its own merits to draw gamers to complete it, but that relies on an external stimulus, in this case achievements, to compel a player to finish it. Without such a reward, I would have never completed it, and many of my fellow gamers feel the same. The ones who have no interest in achievements don't bother finishing the game once they hit a level that requires hundreds and hundreds of attempts.

    Each level in N+ potentially takes only seconds to complete. The obstacles in a given level might require the player to spend up to a minute on some of the more complex offerings, if executed perfectly. However, this is rarely the case.

    In an insidious design move, the developers split the two hundred and fifty levels into sets of five, with five of these sets being an episode. Saving the game is only possible after completing a set of five levels. What makes this design so maddening is that a gamer might spend an hour or so on a tough set, get through four levels, often getting a lucky break with a jump or fall, and then the fifth might take several hours to complete. On top of that, the game ONLY saves if the player chooses to exit to the main menu. Turning the game off at any point without doing so will lose all progress the player has made in the sitting. At the beginning of each set of five levels, the player is given 90 seconds. Sparkling yellow pieces of gold strategically placed in each level provide more time if collected. For the first two thirds of the game, collecting gold on the fly will be enough; during the later levels, the player will need to collect as much gold as possible in order to have enough time to complete the set.

    The graphics of N+ are ascetic and functional. This design is purposeful, and despite the simplicity of said graphics, the game has a sort of stark beauty. It might be hard to appreciate after six straight hours however.

    The music is excellent. Sort of a techno mix, it's not obnoxious, and it never tends to get in the way, and is pleasant enough that it can fade into the background after a while.

    There is no story to speak of. A small paragraph accessed on the main menu presents a tidbit of info - you are a ninja, you like gold, and you have a 90 second life to get through five levels, a life increased in length depending on how much gold you collect.

    The real expertise behind this game lies in the level design. Its obvious that the designs were executed by people who knew the physics of the game intimately. Levels often require perfectly timed jumps, wall slides and falls to complete, and a single mistake means death. Missiles follow you around corners, guns target and fire at you a split second after you've run by - if you're fast - and lasers charge up and unleash beams at you. It's all great fun, until you hit a level that requires dozens of such perfectly timed jumps.

    It's when you've died 500 times on a single level (that's not an exaggeration) and you realize that if you quit without saving you have to replay the previous four levels (that you already died on 500 times total), that you start to realize that you actually hate N+. You realize that you're really only playing to get that achievement, and that the game has long since lost its charm. But you slog on and finally beat the level - only to run into another one soon after. Finally, on episode 49, level 3, the second to the last level, and without question the hardest of the game, you despise the game so much you just want to rip its digital heart out and feed to it the ninja on the screen, right before you step on him like a bug. Alas, you cannot direct your rage anywhere but at the unfeeling machine in front of you, and so you sit, hateful and enraged, staring at the screen, and vowing never to play this game again - or its sequel if there is one. At least, that's how it was for me, and from some of the people cursing on YouTube as they show you how to complete particularly tough levels, lots of individuals feel this way.

    On top of that, I haven't even mentioned how the game often doesn't seem to record the fact that you just pressed the jump button, or doesn't want to jump the way you push the directional pad, but that could be the controller's fault - it certainly wasn't mine most of the time.

    So, one might think that the last couple of paragraphs are tongue in cheek, and that the game is actually a challenging gem that every serious gamer should rush out and purchase, but really, I don't feel that way in the least. I am not particularly happy that I purchased this game. It only brought me frustration - out of a hobby that should be entertaining and relaxing, and I despise games that are so difficult and punishing that you have to sit and replay the same tiny fraction literally hundreds and hundreds of times.

    Overall, N+ is a game that doesn't stand on its own merits, but instead relies on the hunger for another achievement to keep you playing. Save your money and purchase something enjoyable, and avoid the swearfest and misery that this game entails.
  • DM masterDM master57,237
    21 Feb 2009
    3 7 3
    I love this little arcade game and i dont usally like arcade games...

    Its just fun. You get addicted very quickly and you have a wail of a time up intill about eppisode 20 where it gets so infuriating you really want to quit it but you have to finish it.

    Features: 50 Eppisodes, 10 Co-op career eppisodes (you can play the 50 in coop as well). Two seperate competative modes. Downloadable maps. (many being free)

    If you are easily angered i would avoid it otherwise it is such a fun game especially when doing it drunk at 4 in the morning with 3 other mates all trying to hit X on the others controllers...