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Posted on 26 August 09 at 13:09, Edited on 02 January 11 at 12:58
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I never knew way I liked NASCAR until I saw the 2007 season opener at Daytona Florida, when Clint Bowyer of the 07 car finished the race on his roof! For those of you gamerscore whores out there that have bought/rented this game and haven't a clue what NASCAR is about, well the I will tell you. Basically a field of 43 cars divided into 2 lines of 21 cars on the outside and 22 on the inside and when the green flag is waved prepare to be bored because for the next 500 laps (roughly 4 hours) its just about these 43 cars going around in circles and occasionally one will pull out of the race due to engine failure or other mechanical problems, if you are lucky one might even blow up and the car will be crushed and the driver will be safe and for those moments I watch NASCAR because those cars literally crumple up like a can underneath your foot. The game is pretty much about the same as the real life version. Watching Paint drying is a lot more intresting.


Like all racing games the Right Trigger allows you to accelerate, the Left Thumbstick allows you to move your front axle left and right whilst the Left Trigger makes you car come to a stop (and also spin out of control at high speeds if you turn at the same time). The A button is the handbrake again use it with caution because at high speed it can cause you to spin out. The X button makes your screen go complicated and unless you know your cars I would leave the X button alone, by the way this brings up the tenementary screen Whilst in the main menu there are some options to choose from like what you would like to do, you either do Career Mode where you make your way to the top by doing jobs for some other people, Race Now where you can chose you Favorite series, favorite track and racer (If you have one) and race to your hearts content (until the race is over), Toyota Test and Tune mode where you test and tune your vehicle and do some challenges and the Custom Car is where you can design your own Car or Truck but it is very limited to what you can do, also you can add a number higher then 100 so if you lucky number is something with 2 digits your screwed.

quite easy to pick up and play (if you have played other racing games), and some options to chose from. 5 out of 10.


Surprisingly for a game that you just go around in circles for hours the graphics are quite lush. The developers have played close attention to how the Cars and Trucks look like in the real world and made them look almost as good in the game. WHen I was changing the views I was amazed when I saw the cockpit view it was like I was really racing the car but I was using a controller instead of a racing wheel. When you wreck with other drivers or just drive head first into a wall the area of which you car hit, that area becomes damaged, The graphics for the crowd sucks! Like most sports games they are just 2D shapes with some color but it doesn't really matter because who looks at the crowd anyway. The detail of each track is almost identical to its real life counterpart and the grass/trees are nice to have a look at while you are simulating your way though the game.

6 out of 10.


NOTE: As of the 1 of April 2009 the online servers for this game have been closed.

Offline: 22 achievements worth 965 gamerscore.
Online: 2 achievements worth 35 gamerscore. (READ NOTE)
Offline: 0 achievements worth 0 gamerscore.
Online: 0 achievements worth 0 gamerscore.

As the note says above if you have just picked this game up and looking to get online (Why would you want to unless you want the achievements) the unfortunately the servers have been shut down. However the majority of offline achievements are quite easily obtained and the other achievements require some more time and and effort.

6 out of 10.


If you thought you couldn't have a storyline in a game where you drive around in circles think again. In the Career Mode you must first do some challenges to earn some licenses for different car types (there is Car Of Tomorrow and Standard) and different track types and with these challenges you must earn medals ranging from Bronze, Silver and Gold. Once you have a medal in each challenge you can then unlock contracts for different teams where they will give you specific requirements to fulfill, and then once you have obtained all licenses you can start your own team up to make money driving around in circles.

6 out of 10 because at least it has a storyline.

Replay Value.

Well if you like driving in circles for hours until you finish all 500 laps at Daytona, Florida and enjoy brainless activity then this is a game that is perfect for you but remember that if you play though the series that two road course's will have to be raced and these require actual skill to get round those corners. Or you could just put the disc in your drive load it up and view the newest sports results in the ticker bar at the bottom of your screen.

4 out of 10 for its amazing replayability factor.


I only like NASCAR because I like to see people crash (I guess I have some issues if I like to see havoc) and I wanted to see what they can make a game out of it. Iwas was sadly disappointed. If you are full of energy or trying to sleep maybe you should give this game a go. I am off now to watch some paint dry.

Out of 100 I give this game a 50.

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