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Posted on 08 November 12 at 18:27
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dance]Know that I'm a little late getting the NBA 2k12 game but initially i couldn't score a point after the first 4 minutes. The CPU was making three pointers every time they got the ball, I had to set the game from it's initial settings and go to rookie just so i would at least play more than 5 minutes. Even then the CPU is still tough but I could at least hold a lead for more than 1 possession. facepalm
The game doesn't look as good to me as the 2k11 version did when I first bought it. The controls are getting more difficult (& I think the shot clock is a bit too quick). I can't play in the post cause instead of shooting the ball, when i push the button(I hate the shot stick crap), the guy always tries to do some dumb time wasting moves.warning
but since I've only had for 4 days it'll get better like all new games I get do(hopefully) plus I'm a b-ball person so I'll always choose over all other sports games.toast
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