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Posted on 03 October 17 at 17:09, Edited on 15 October 17 at 13:30
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NBA 2K18 has been roughly the same game for last gen since 2K13/2K14. All the way up until the release of 2K17, there have been an additional mode for users to play. (Path to Greatness, 2K Heroes, 2K Battle) 2K17 had no additional modes, but still had the standard online play and some other online modes, MyTeam, Career, Play Now, etc. 2K18 is the exact same game essentially just updated rosters. Though they only seemed to update the facial characteristics and such for the lottery picks, they left out their customization of really any new face. Even Malcolm Brogdon is a white guy from last year, so there is very little fullscale changes into the rosters.

That being said, the online portion for this game is atrocious this year. It is clear that 2K has actually made the servers worse! Online modes work poorly, for quick match most of your wins don't even count to the servers, it can take up to several wins to get one to count. MyTeam mode is broken, leaving the 82 - 0 achievement unobtainable at this point.

The servers are working to full strength! 2K came through and fixed them!

Everything else is the exact same, last gen 2K is still the exact same game from the years before like I said, but is arguably one of the best basketball sims ever to be made. Most of the animations are fluid (albeit there are a few animations that haven't been fixed over the years) and the gameplay is stellar.

For people who are not avid basketball fans,, you can buy a previous installment that plays the same and is much cheaper. Either way, 2K for last gen still features some of the best gameplay mechanics, but for a more wholesome experience, NBA 2K18 for the Xbox One has everything more up to date and is more versatile presentation wise.
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