NBA 2K6 Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough Overview

This walkthrough will be explaining to you the simplest way to achieve the full 1k in one go.

I will be concentrating on the 20 rebounds with one player achievement as this is the most important achievement in the game since achieving it will get you: 15 3-pointers, 50 points with one player and a triple-double with one player along the way. Then all that will be left is to get a further 80 points to get 140 points in one game (20rebounds all scoring 3-pointers= 60 + 80 more points)

Luckily to make the game easier you can adjust the game's setting sliders to boost your team and punish the AI team. (I will go in detail of this in the Hints page) Along with this we will be turning off the NBA rules to allow us to 'cheat' the game.

Please note that the achievements for the game do not unlock until the end of the match, however the game does have it's own in game pop ups that are tied to the achievements.

By following this walkthrough you will get to see 'Achievement Unlocked - 5 for 1000G' pop up!

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