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Posted on 16 December 12 at 10:29, Edited on 16 December 12 at 10:37
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The Setup

Okay, let's get the basics out of the way: Yes, this is a real game. Yes, it's essentially "Basketball Hero." And yes, if you live in an apartment, your neighbors are going to hate you (more than they already do). That's due to the fact that in order to play this game, you have to bounce a ball off of the floor, up to a bazillion times. A china shop with with plush shag carpeting and low-hanging chandeliers is not an ideal place to play this game. Or most games. But I digress... You will need a decent amount of Kinect play space for your baller-ing. The sensor tracking is actually very good and the menus are generally quick and responsive.

We can essentially break down why you're reading this review into 3 groups of people1: #1 - Only here for the cheesemints. #2 - Thinking about buying it for yourself. #3 - Thinking about buying it for someone else (kids, nephews, strangers, etc.). I'll give you each the information you need, as you will most likely find the other information irrelevant. Please proceed down the review to your assigned section...

#1 - I Only Want Achievements

If you don't have a basketball, you can still net yourself a few achmts here2. You get one just for signing in with your profile. Watch the credits, save a picture, etc. If you both have and can dribble a basketball3, you can get a few more. Your skill level will determine how much you can do. As a frame of reference, on a scale of "basketwhatnow?" to "Space Jam", I'd rate my own basketball handling skill level as "moderate church league." Playing strictly for those delicious cheesemints, I was able to score 26 for 415 in under 2 hours. If you are a completionist, stay away. Seriously.

#2 - I Might Actually Play This...

In order to see the runway of notes and skill moves coming down the screen, you have to look at it. That means that you can't be looking down at the ball. In the time I spent with the game, I actually felt like I was getting better at dribbling with my off hand. Some of the skill moves are not quite natural to me, such as crossover dribbles between the legs or behind the back, but I can totally see myself improving if I were to play this on a regular basis. As exercise goes, you can do a lot worse. The music mix is decent and there are DLC songs available. I didn't hate it, which is saying a lot for a Kinect game.

#3 - This is a Gift for Someone Else

If that someone else likes to play basketball, this can be fun and help them to get better without feeling like they're running killers or dribbling around cones with a coach yelling at them to pick up the pace. As stated above4, you have to look at the screen in order to play, which translates into being able to look at the court and teammates when actually "balling". It's like those learning games that trick you into doing math because you think you're actually having fun. It is a nice way to work on one of the most fundamental skills of the sport without needing a gym, a hoop, or even another person.

The Wrap Up

Majesco did a horrific job of marketing this game, which means we get it for a price drop. Sweet. However, that also means that this game will be hard to find real soon. I borrowed this from someone in order to pop a few achievements and ended up having to buy him a replacement because I kept it. If you have a play space that allows for the game to be played without causing destruction or eviction, you might be as pleasantly surprised as I was. You know what they say, if you can't beat 'em, NBA Baller Beats 'em!5


1 - Group number four is just bored people who are reading things on TA. Sorry, you guys don't get anything more than a footnote.

2 - Puns always intended.

3 - A new retail copy of the game includes a ball, but any basketball will work.

4 - I figured you'd cheat and read the whole thing anyway.

5 - No one says that.
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