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NBA Live Making a Return Via Next-Gen Consoles

During a recent call to investors, President of EA Labels Frank Gibeau revealed that a new entry in the NBA Live series was in the works. Furthermore, the return of EA’s flagship basketball franchise

Posted 10 years ago by litepink

2013 Electronic Arts Online Service Shutdowns

When you are a developer such as Electronic Arts, it's always a hard decision to retire old games. It's also hard for the customers who have enjoyed playing them throughout the years. Furthermore, as

Posted 11 years ago by Graymouse

NBA LIVE 13 Is Cancelled

EA Sport is the developer of many successful franchises in the sports games genre, but NBA basketball seems destined not to be one. It's always sad news when a game is cancelled and today we bring yo

Posted 11 years ago by Kendrene

NBA Jam Now Shipping As A Standalone Product

In a case of both good and bad news, EA Sports President Peter Moore has announced today (via his blog) two key bits of info for Xbox 360 NBA fans. First, the good news: NBA Jam will be getting its o

Posted 13 years ago by zigs00

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