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    NBA LIVE 2010!

    This is my first review on this website so bare with me please.

    Graphics 8/10
    The work on the graphics makes the game resemble how it is in real life more and more each year. The better graphics seemed to be placed on the faces of the main stars and their immediate surroundings. The side graphics and the distant background have improved a lot and it does show making the game more entertaining to watch. The player models are much improved without a doubt. The signature style animations are great looking, a lot of the players shots are almost spot on. Very much improved this year all around even to the dribbling animations which look a lot better and smoother.

    Sound and Music 7/10

    Sound is much better this year with the crowd and the little details they put in with the crowd. You got some marching bands, real stadium chants like in Dallas. Sound effects was really well done this year all around. Commentary is decently improved but not that much because once you play about five to ten games you hear it get repetitive but that is expected year in and year out. The music I have never really liked that much in the NBA LIVE series, lot of people I have spoken to feel this years was worse than last years. Here is a short list of the sound track.

    Afrika Bambaataa – Zulu! (We Don’t Stop Yawl)
    B.o.B. – Champion
    De La Soul – La La La
    Dead Prez – Still Bigga Than
    Grand Puba – Get It
    Laza – Crank It Up
    Matt & Kim – Daylight
    Mick Boogie – Class Of Our Own
    Mickey Factz and B.o.B. – Mind Got Blown
    Murs – We Ballin’
    Xzibit – Fanatic
    Zion I – Go Hard


    Much improved without a doubt is the difficulty. When you play on All – Star or up. You have to play a good game of basketball. The defense this year as you have probably read elsewhere is key in this year’s game. Defense is tougher, smarter and will make you pay for bad mistakes. Penetrating and taking three’s every time no longer will win you games. You have to play smart, pass the ball to your jumpers and big men. If you run in trying to dunk on everybody you will lose the ball fast. It will be a very good feeling when you win these games.

    360 Achievements
    There are no glitches in the achievements for this game ( as of yet ). Most of the achievements are simple and can be attained by just completing a 12 quarter game with the right players and sliders make them very easy obtainable. They do unlock soon as you meet the requirements. Others are like “ Get 10 blocks in Oklahoma City with Dwight Howard in a single solo game.” Which can take a bit of time. Most are very simple to get and won’t take long at all.

    Everyday updates
    This year they have something called Dynamic DNA and Dynamic Season updates. If you buy the game new I am positive that it comes with the code to unlock this. If you rent it or buy it used some where you can bet the code won’t be there. It is up on Xbox Live for 1200 points…Way over priced in my opinion but who is really shocked by it. Dynamic DNA updates just like it did last year with the players DNA. The real gem I think in this is the Dynamic season updates that will start when the season starts. It is suppose to really change every day on how the players react, play and even suffer when things are not going well. To put it simple if Kobe goes lights out with threes then in the game he will take more threes and make them.

    Great basketball sim, improved controls that are tighter, more responsive and work very well. I buy both 2k and Live every single year. Live this year has really impressed me from the first game I played. You will notice a huge difference. The length of things to do and style of the game gives it very high replay value. It has something everyone in my opinion. The improved graphics, sound, controls, depth and more give this game a massive amount of credit of the work they put into it. NBA Live 2010 is the best they have put out in years. Always room from improvement but this is a great place to start.
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    So NBA Live 10 is great fun, have been enjoying it since I got back from my Christmas vacation in Arizona! This game is completely different from 09, lots of people who haven't played it say it's the same as 09, but trust me, it aint!

    Graphics and Sound: ****
    The graphics in NBA Live 10 are much better then 09, the players look more realistic by quite a bit, there isn't much glitchy movements and there are a lot more different animations making the game more enjoyable for a long time. The only thing about the graphics that bothers me in this game is well, sometimes you clearly make a shot, it drops through the hoop, but apparently their is a rebound and it doesn't count for 2 points?(Luckily for me this happens more to the CPU than me) I mean really, come on, fix that bug! But, the music in this game is pretty nice, a lot of unknown artist and that make some good hip-hop music! However, the commentary hasn't improved too much, I guess it has by a sliver, but it is still pretty repetitive.
    But in all, I would give the graphics and sound ****.

    Gameplay: ****
    This game got me hooked for a while, and it still does, I started with franchise mode, got through maybe 40 games with 6 and 7 minute quarters and got a bit bored of that... Then I started playing games online, very fun, and still are to me, but what I love about this game is the new "addidas Live Run", when ever my friends are on playing this game, we play this mode... Fun stuff... But like always, there is something missing about this game, SOMETHING REAL BIG! NO ALL-STAR WEEKEND!!! Why? Why no dunk contests and 3 point shootouts? In fact, I was hoping they would add the skills competition to All-Star weekend... but no, they just took All-Star weekend... this disappointed me... But i'm still hoping maybe they will add some DLC for NBA All-Star weekend.
    The gameplay for this game is fantastic, so **** (* off because no all star weekend)

    Presentation: *****
    Yes, the presentation in the NBA Live series has improved hella lot... One of the things I am most impressed with the presentation is the crowd atmospheres, Playoffs, Season and The Finals... Different replay logos(You know the little animation that says "The Playoffs" or "The Finals" before a replay) and the crowds reactions to things, makes it me feel more "in" the game. But again, the pregame show is all the same ever game basically, I mean yeah, you got the new "Rituals" but, when they show the players warm up, it gets very repetitive. All in all, the presentation has improved so much, giving it *****.

    Achievements: ****
    Now, the achievements, everyones favourite thing to do when very bored. So, the achievements in this game weren't particular hard, but for me, I could care less, because these achievements were fun to get, scoring with one player jacking up their point totals was quite fun... But also, I got about 20 achievements in 2 days while achievement whoring... They really don't take long to get. But anyways, achievements gets ****.

    Verdict: ****
    I think NBA Live 10 is a big step forward from 09; 1 button for shooting and dunking, more animations and big difference in graphics. My final verdict for this game is a 4 stars!
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    NBA Live 10 - Wow!

    I truly enjoyed this game and wished it had more dynasty mode related achievements (there's only 1). The gameplay sticks to the traditional NBA live series with very few tweaks. There's still the turbo/speed boost button, the alley oop, the quick pass via bumper, etc. Graphically the game was a slight increase over NBA Live 09.

    Dynamic DNA has returned, although I didn't feel it like I did in NBA Live 09. The gameplay is very smooth for a basketball game, with only few problems timing blocks and steals.

    There are a total of 7 achievements that require the EA Server be active, I've posted them below for you, everything else is pure single player bliss. You can adjust the difficulty (1 achievement requires a specific difficulty, all others can be on "Rookie"), and the game still has in game sliders so you can adjust the abilities of your team/opponent's team to work on the achievement you're after.

    Achievements that require the EA Server to be active -
    NBA LIVE 10Highlight MakerThe Highlight Maker achievement in NBA LIVE 10 worth 21 pointsCreate a highlight using the NBA LIVE Highlight Reel feature and upload it to EASW.

    NBA LIVE 10SharezeesThe Sharezees achievement in NBA LIVE 10 worth 26 pointsShare a locker file.

    NBA LIVE 10Check It OutThe Check It Out achievement in NBA LIVE 10 worth 26 pointsDownload another user's locker file.

    NBA LIVE 10Online Win StreakThe Online Win Streak achievement in NBA LIVE 10 worth 52 pointsWin 3 Ranked Matches in a row.

    NBA LIVE 10The GrinderThe The Grinder achievement in NBA LIVE 10 worth 161 pointsPlay 15 ranked matches online.

    NBA LIVE 10adidas LIVE Run VictoryThe adidas LIVE Run Victory achievement in NBA LIVE 10 worth 33 pointsPlay and win an adidas LIVE Run match.

    NBA LIVE 10adidas LIVE Run MVPThe adidas LIVE Run MVP achievement in NBA LIVE 10 worth 141 pointsBe the points leader in an adidas LIVE Run match.

    Now to rate the game.
    Graphics - 8/10 (always room to improve, like the alley oops)
    Gameplay - 8/10
    Sound - 4/5 (do you even listen to the music on a basketball game).
    Achievement Difficulty - 2/5 (Adidas Live run and the 3 win streak aside, these are all easy with the exception of maybe the 10 steals and 10 blocks).
    Time to 100% - 10-15 hours if you are able to boost the Adidas game, otherwise longer.
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    Game is very similar to NBA Live 09 and achievements are also easy to accumulate. I played one game and managed to get 7 achievements in one game. The gameplay is rather smooth and the players look very realistic on the court. The option to Pick and Roll is still there from last year and passing a breeze, so is shooting. The Dynamic DNA is still available this year although I haven't activated mine but for those that used it last year I'm assuming it should be similar. All in all I think it's step up from last year but still not the best it can be.