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    27 Feb 2010 27 Feb 2010
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    Review according to rental from Blockbuster and Gamefly:

    I re-rented this game due to the fact that the servers were going to be shut down (they currently are), and I needed to get the online achievements. I also realized that my review for this game was in desperate need of revision. So here we go:

    This is a wonderful game, both for a person inexperienced in the ways of basketball, and a diehard basketball fan.

    It's great because it's a bit of a different take on basketball, I mean c'mon, dudes jumping 10 feet in the air for an alley oop? Guys doing double dunks? I don't think so... Well... EA did.

    The basic premise is that you're a great basketball player, and you're trying to get your homecourt (thus the name NBA STREET Homecourt) on the map, just like great players such as LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant, etc.

    You move up the ranks, increasing your players level (which provides increased stats) and increasing your homecourt's popularity. (By the way, you can name your hometown, which your homecourt will be named after)

    It's basic basketball gameplay, with a twist. I mean, what can you expect, it has the title STREET added to it. Since when has that not hinted at a twist on the original sport in the past?

    Some of the things that you can do, that aren't necessarily realistic, or legal in basketball are: jump-off dunks, double dunks, gamebreakers, insane alley oops, half court shots, full court shots, etc.

    There is character customization and stat customization, but other than in the beginning of the game, where you design your players face and structural build, there isn't much to really do in that regard.

    The soundtrack is a typical kind of basketball music mix: Rap, R&B, and gospel all mushed together.

    The voices of the players in-game are decent and they taunt each other quite frequently (some of them can be pretty funny). laugh They also have good-quality voice-overs from many popular NBA stars.

    This a very fun game, so I would definitely suggest a rent, it's a great game in terms of achieving gamerscore. The one downside now, is that the online servers are shut down, excluding you from two achievements. Definitely check out, you could probably find it at any video/game rental store or in a bargain bin at your local game store.

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    DJP519Currently 900/1000 possible, correct?
    Posted by DJP519 on 26 Jan 11 at 21:53
    ERIKDOTCOMThat's correct.
    Posted by ERIKDOTCOM on 26 Feb 11 at 23:35
    REDEYEDTOFFEE 2The game look's good but i have a ? can you still play online atm ?
    Posted by REDEYEDTOFFEE 2 on 28 Apr 11 at 00:57
  • KARMAgoesHARDKARMAgoesHARD1,751,673
    11 Jul 2009 13 Jul 2009
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    "NBA Homecourt- A quick fix for a NBA street craving!"

    NBA Street HomeCourt~ RPG meets basketball?

    Yes you heard me right, NBA Street brings a RPG taste to its basketball self. In the game you get points that add onto your baller to increase certain stats. On certain levels you can max out a skill. (freak skill, only once, and master skill) To increase the number of points to add to your baller you can unlock special gear. This special gear increases the amount of points you get after a game.

    So how's the “story mode” ?

    HomeCourt doesn't really have a story mode, but its called Homecourt challenge. In this mode you take your created baler, start a local team, and go against other teams. After awhile tournaments will become available. Three in all. Once you beat them you will start going against stars, and after awhile, beat the mode. This mode is very easy, and very short.

    Well how is the online?

    Well the online is pretty good. Its got the leader boards, quick match, and custom match, just like most EA games. But there is no tournament mode, and you can choose from NBA stars as well as your created baller. It can be sometimes unfair, and if you play well, and know who to pick, you will almost be unbeatable.

    What about the achievements?

    Well the achievements are pretty easy, most come while playing through the game. But to make up for the achievements they also have milestones. (Does not affect your gamerscore) The different milestones can be achieved by just doing what it asks.

    Here's for some more in depth review

    Graphics- The graphics are pretty good, you can actually tell who each player is, and the character in the game looks like his real self. In gamebreaker mode the screen sometimes becomes blurry and starts changing colors. It sometimes hurts my eye a little.

    Gameplay- It's a pretty fun game overall. There are enough modes, but I am just renting it, and I have done almost every achievement and I almost mastered the game online. But there are a lot of milestones, which I won't have the time to do. I'm not going to bother buying it, because I have done almost everything you can do by just renting it. That's the only big downside in the gameplay, its too short!

    Sound- The sound is great. You can hear the “SWOOSH” when the ball flys through the net, or when it bangs off the backboard or rim. Sometimes the players start talking to you or their team like “11-9, 11-0 we can still win” and stuff like that. It can be amusing especially if you are wrecking them.

    Multiplayer- there is a multiplayer mode which can go up to 4 players picking real NBA teams or superstars.(Or created players) You can pick the map you play on here and points.(I think its like 3-100 or something like that) It has pretty fun multiplayer, but online is much better.

    Online- You can either quick match a ranked or unranked match, host a match, check the leaderboards, and that's all I thought would be important. There is a pregame lobby so if you don't feel it will be a fair match you can quit. There is a DNF percentages by your name so don't quit in the middle of a game!

    Side notes: It's a fun game, it will get a decent score, but it won't be too high because of not much replayibility and is to easy to beat. But overall it was a fun experience, and I would definitely recommend at least renting it if your into street games.

    My overall score: 8/10- Its falling on the lower side of very good!


    The street part of it
    Homecourt challenge while it lasts


    Not much replayibilty

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  • dudecrazy108dudecrazy108476,007
    09 Jul 2009 09 Jul 2009
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    Story: You go from a nobody to a somebody. Its a basketball game what do you expect.

    Sound: Pretty decent. Some general hip hop stuff along with the sounds the players make.

    Controls: Actually quite nice and simple. Nothing too complicated and easy to learn.

    Gameplay: Nows the good part. The game is actually fun. Could get boring after awhile. Hitting huge dunks and pulling off combos is alot of fun. Can be very easy in story mode if you level your guy the right way where you can just pull long shot after long shot so it kinda gets too easy. Story mode isnt that long and the online right now is made of either people that just got the game or people that are top of the world in it so its not very active online.

    Achievements. An easy 1000. You can get all but 3 by doing the main story mode and then theres 2 online and one for leveling up your second character to level 10 which will take like 45 minutes. The online with boosting only takes about 2 hours and then its 1000 for your gamerscore.

    Rent/cheap buy


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  • S GTS GT609,046
    22 Feb 2023
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    NBA Street Homecourt is a basketball video game developed by EA Canada and published by Electronic Arts. It was released on February 20, 2007. The game is the fourth entry in the NBA Street series and follows the same basic gameplay formula as its predecessors, with an emphasis on streetball and flashy dunks.

    The game's main mode is the "Homecourt Challenge," where players create a custom basketball player and compete against other streetball teams across various real-world locations. As players progress through the mode, they unlock new clothing items, shoes, and even special abilities that can be equipped to their player to give them an edge on the court.

    The gameplay in NBA Street Homecourt is fast-paced and exciting. The controls are easy to pick up, but mastering them takes time and practice. The game places a heavy emphasis on trick moves, such as crossovers, spin moves, and behind-the-back passes, which can be used to create space and juke defenders.

    One of the most impressive aspects of NBA Street Homecourt is the game's graphics. The game's environments are beautifully rendered, with impressive detail and texture work that make the courts feel alive. The character models are also well-designed, with realistic player animations and fluid movements.

    Another notable aspect of the game is its soundtrack. NBA Street Homecourt features a mix of hip-hop and electronic music, with tracks from artists such as Lupe Fiasco, Common, and Ghostface Killah. The music fits perfectly with the game's urban aesthetic and adds to the overall atmosphere of the game.

    One of the game's few drawbacks is its lack of game modes. While the Homecourt Challenge mode is fun and engaging, there are no other significant game modes to keep players invested in the long term. There is no season mode, no franchise mode, and the once active multiplayer mode is now shut down.

    Overall, NBA Street Homecourt is a fantastic basketball game that is both fun and challenging to play. The game's fast-paced gameplay, impressive graphics, and excellent soundtrack make it a standout entry in the NBA Street series. While its lack of game modes may disappoint some players, the Homecourt Challenge mode is engaging enough to keep players entertained for hours on end. Graphics-wise the game holds up with its stylized animations and beautifully designed courts.
    A sequel or remaster would be great at this point.
  • z41n95z41n95This gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    09 Jul 2009
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    Gameplay:Very descent gameplay. 8/10
    Graphics:Good compared to when it was released. 9/10
    Achievements:If u wanna boost your gamerscore this is the game for u. 10/10
    Replay value:You might not wanna play the game once you get all the achievements. 8.5/10
    Sound:While gameplay the players will say some dialogues like 'Shoot it man!!!' or 'Pass it pass it!!!!' and alot of dialogues like these.And rebound sounds are fine or when the ball hits the backboard or the basket it sounds perfect. 9.5/10
    Online:Online gameplay is fine but sometimes it say unable to connect to other player which gets me madangry.And the player online bio works fine.There a lots of courts to choose form so online is fine. 8/10

    Overall:Great game , very cheap , easy gamer score , great sound a must have game for any gamer of any age.
  • E DiddyyyE DiddyyyThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    19 Jun 2009
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    If you are a person that likes a basketball game with CRAZY tricks and good online then this is perfect for you. Playing Against people online is really fun because you can choose the players on your team and you dont get matched up with any "no life" kids either. The story mode (Homecourt Challenge) is pretty basic but if you want the achievements I suggest you play through it.

    The achievements for this game arent super easy like most old sports games but it shouldnt take you longer than a few days to get 1000.

    So if you feel like fooling around on a street basketball game and getting som gamerscore then definately go and check out NBA Street Homecourt.
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