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    08 Apr 2011
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    Repetitive Commentary ruins an already average game.

    At first this game isnt that bad. You will play it, and if you like the typical EA Sports Big games, there is some fun to be had, for about 2 hours, maybe. Sadly, this is a huge backwards step from NFL Street, that was around before the Xbox 360.

    Single Player:
    Free Play/Exhibition or NFL Tour mode. Your 2 main options. NFL Tour mode has you make a player and put it on your favourite NFL licensed team. You play through a season where you play 38 games against other NFL teams and all-star teams. Theres like 9 stages, each with different rules, but none are fun nor very creative. Some are just frustrating. At times its mind-blowingly easy, and at times gametypes make you want to rip hair off your scalp to entertain yourself more. You CAN (and probably will) beat this mode/game running 1 offensive and 1 defensive play. Free Play, you can play a game of your choice with your rules, your teams and whatnot. Basic stuff. Lastly theres the "mini-games". One-on-one rushing (redzone rush) and Smash & Dash (Possession). They're not too fun, but the achievements give you a small taste of them. Bare minimum single player here.

    Yes, it deserves it own section of this review. Earlier, I stated this game was alright for a few hours, but a full 10 hours is unbearable. If you have mute on your TV, use it! So at first, the commentary is both witty and funny. Hearing the same comment every 5 minutes, they quickly get old. They make fun of their own game, and the wittiness doesnt last after hearing them every kick-off. This part of the game took it down 3 notches, from an already low place. I praise the person who can actually play full volume for more than 5 hours.

    Doesn't really exist. There's potential to play with 2 controllers, but there's no online nor leaderboards.

    Easy list here. Folllowing a guide, they will take you around 10 hours. The first 850 take maybe 2 hours, and then you have to play an incredibly stupid and long tour for the last 150. Nothing Unique, but not terrible either. You'll experience the whole game getting the achievements.

    There's probably a bunch of other games I'd rather play for gamerscore that you can complete in 10 hours, but if you can pick this up for $5, it isnt too bad, if that's what you are looking for. If you are looking for a fun football game, with much more arcade style, you can satisfy a craving, but you should probably take a look into Blitz or Backbreaker, which are only a little better.
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    Officer ZeroI'm glad I wasn't the only person who hated this game. Great review of why it's terrible!
    Posted by Officer Zero on 14 Jan 21 at 18:46
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    26 May 2010 01 Jun 2010
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    I just finished my 1000 on this game. Had I spent more than 8 hours and $2 on it, I would feel robbed.

    I could talk about how terrible this game is: there are 20 offensive plays, of which I only ever used three, and 20 defensive plays, of which I also used three; 85% of the time you can use a long bomb and either throw to the X receiver or run, as there aren't enough men to cover both him and the QB; the computer cheats when determining where the play ends, always calculating it in the computer's favor; the optional game modes (obligatory for tour mode) are generally tediously long, heavily luck dependent and un-fun... the list goes on and on.

    What I'll say instead, though: Near the middle of the game I paused it to help my five-year old daughter with the final boss on a Wow Wow Wubbzy flash game on, and Wow Wow Wubbzy was more fun.

    Edit: Wow, I'm getting negative ratings for my review and I'm not sure why... so let me try this again: If you are looking for an easy 1000, this game is fine. It's cheap, relatively fast, and the achievements are (compared to "real" games like CoD X, Fallout, SF4, Prototype, etc etc) all pretty easy. But if you are looking for a football game to play for fun go with Madden - any Madden - or NCAA Football, all of which are literally 10x better than NFL Tour, tons more fun, and many of them can be bought for under $10 on ebay.