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Criterion Games and EA has brought the NFS franchise back to its roots with a exciting installment of Hot Pursuit. If you are one that likes to defy the law at insane speeds or would rather enforce the law and bring stability back to the streets, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit is just the game to satisfy both of your needs.

First thing first, this game is an arcade style racer with simplistic controls and licensed cars - just don't expect a racing sim like Forza or Gran Turismo. Criterion Games has also introduced something called the Autolog which is compared to somewhat like Facebook for your NFSHP game. This is set up to provide challenges, dream shot pictures, and share your experience on the game with your friends that have the game as well. In addition to this, what I thought to be neat is that it will also help you find friends that play this game within its own system.

Hot Pursuit's core concept is quite simple - it is like a game of cat and mouse, or cats and mice depending on game modes and situations. Career mode is broken up into two sides respectively: the racers and the law enforcement. You can choose between the two to unlock more events, cars, and rank up meeting bounty requirements which in turn with earn your more cars to chose from and equipment upgrades. The cars themselves are impressive to looks at and drive. As the racers you can choose from a set of paint jobs to every time you select a car to race with, there is just enough for everyones tastes.

The racers side its pretty much anarchy, you get bounty points and nitrous meter boost for driving recklessly and with style. The law enforcement side (the most fun part of the game in my opinion), you earn points for bringing bounties in and stopping the racers using your weapons and yourself effectively. You do have nitrous as the police to even things out but its usually spent quickly and to earn it back is quite different. Each side have a balanced set of weapons at their disposal: Spike strips which are deployed behind your car will extend and try to blow out the tires of your opponents. EMP you can use to lock on and give a shock to the cars system rendering them uncontrollable for a short second damaging them and causing your opponent to either slow down a bit or if they were in a turn slam into the wall resulting in more damage added. Helicopter and Road Block are law enforcement only, the helicopter you can call in to help drop spike strips in front of the racing pack and road blocks are called in to basically put up a wall to slow down racers. Turbo and Jammer are for the racers only, aside from nitrous, turbo will give racers a great burst of speed over a good course of time. Jammers help out by disabling the map and law enforcements weapons for a short period of time. All of these weapons are good for countering other weapons or getting out of situations. With that said, I think Criterion Games did an excellent job balancing out for both sides.

The game modes are pretty nice, they vary throughout the career making the experience non-redundant. You have your basic race as the racers trying to make it in first place. Time trails, previews, and rapid response all feel the same for me , even though they aren't, but they are pretty much classified into the category of beat the best time. The previews are there to give you a taste of the exotic fast cars you'll unlock later in the career, so you are previewing in a race in under time requirements. Rapid Response is getting from point A to point B to stop a racer within a the time limit. To me where the game shines is during the Hot Pursuits and Interceptor races, playing as either side in Hot Pursuit is just plain fun.. as the police you try and shut as many racers down before they can finish a race. Interceptor is more of a one on one but same rules of Hot Pursuit apply - both of these modes which have weapons for both sides to use, so fun!

Each race usually has a certain object to fulfill, whether it is completing an event within a certain time, coming in first place in a race, or the amount of racers you stop before crossing the finish line. You are rewarded with medals depending on how well you did, gold being best, silver, and bronze respectively.

The open world style race tracks and how they all connect to each other is quite nice. The environments vary and it does have some depth of detail and uniqueness to them all. All the maps have some short cuts you can go through but there are also some which may tease you to take but are not always the fast route. This helps add to the mix in a game deciding to take the route or not.

The multiplayer compliments the game nicely, you can take what you earned in career and play there with friends or random people and it will still carry over into your single player career which is nice. Most games with multiplayer and achievements, I have to say that this is a pretty decent one - the requirements are not insane if you are an achievement hunter, mostly just need to play the different multiplayer games a certain amount of time and you are set. It is almost to easy but hey, we'll take it right?

The game handles great for the most part, although compared to other racing games there is a noticeable difference in handling the cars. you still have you basic racing set up that handles acceleration, drifting, nitrous, and of course your weapons which are mapped to the d-pad effectively. Drifting is actually pretty easy to do as all it requires is to accelerate around curves after braking, no need to toggle between the two to pull off a drift. Some cars handle better than others, this is to be expected as sometimes you sacrifice speed for handling and vice versa. Even though they divide the car lists for events by performance and units, you may find yourself playing with one or a couple of cars more than the rest just because it feels better for you. For example I used the Ford GT for most of my SCPD missions as it felt the best for me, I am sure it will vary from person to person which they feel comfortable with.

The only time I felt awkward with the controls is when using the weapons, especially when turning huge corners and weaving through traffic I would find myself using my right hand at times crossing over while I could still be in control of the car with my left hand. Nothing game breaking, if anything I find it more challenging.

From the roar of the police sirens to the metal crunching wrecks, the sound of NFSHP is top notch. I am by no means a car aficionado, but after awhile I've been starting to notice each car, mainly different class types of one another, even have their own unique engine rev sounds. I also want to make note if you play on a 5.1 system there have been issues where the engine sounds are a tad low. Tire screeching and transitions from pavement to water or dirt are all there.

You don't really have much feedback from the racers point of view when it comes to voice overs other than a computer simulated voice letting you know when certain weapons are available, but on the enforcement side the dispatchers all communicate with you and actually sound authentic and at least enthused about their job.

The soundtrack is pretty decent, though I have to admit I don't pay attention to it most of the time but it does serve its purpose in terms of setting the mood. It is a mix of different genres which is great so its not really techno, metal, or hip hop heavy - it aims to please a wide audience. If you play in Hot Pursuit or Interceptor races the soundtrack is then replaced by a more dramatic tone set up for "the thrill of the chase" which just immerses myself more into the game and the situation.


Overall, NFSHP is a well made game - it may have some flaws but this was a well deserved nod in the series' direction and I for one am happy they brought it back to its roots. The game world is huge and if you felt like it, could explore it in free roam selection as either side. The whole concept of hot pursuit in this game is intriguing to me which is probably why I enjoy playing as the law enforcement. Like I said the thrill of the chase and crashing the party seems so fitting, and Criterion Games have set the mood of that so well. So newcomers and hardcore racers alike should be able to get into this game easily and just have fun.

4 out of 5

+ Two Words: Hot Pursuit.
+ Races are thrilling and will immerse you.
+ Fast learning curve and fun for anyone, especially those unfamiliar with racing games.
+ Balanced weaponry for both sides.
+ Great list of licensed cars for an arcade sim.
+ Achievement Hunters will like this game.
+ Autolog, when it works, is a refreshing concept.

- Cannot use your rear to damage racers coming up on you.
- Lack of perspectives, especially the one inside the car like NFS Shift.
- If you do not have an Online Pass you can't reap the extra cars or increased storage for photos, 5 photos without and 50 with.
- Autolog, like I said when it works, seems to disconnect me randomly and then unable to log back on during the same session.
- Like the above, when not signed it at one time said I completed a race when I clearly never played it and it will tell me after the race I either came in second or first as if myself was a friend's time to beat.
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Tasty Pastry
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Tasty Pastry
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Forward Notes
My roommate was actually the first to own this game. I helped him beat through it, along with my other roommate. Following this, I actually liked the game so much that I beat it on the second roommate’s account, and then part of a third partial account, before finally receiving the game for Christmas and starting to work through it on my account. Therefore, although it says I don’t have all of the achievements yet on the side, you can be assured that I have played this game religiously. I now have 100% in this game. Let’s get onto the review.

Single Player
When you load up your game and enter into the single player career you will be shown a map, which will be your hub from where you select each of your missions. The types of missions are divided into racer and cop missions, which are further divided into subcategories. Let me go over them here:

Race – You and a number of racers (it can range from two others to seven others) have to travel a set distance. The time that you have to do this in will vary widely since the aptitude of the computer controlled racers can change each time.

Time Trial – You must travel a set distance in a minimum time.

Duel – You compete against one other racer in a competition to get to the finish line first.

Gauntlet – A time trial in the sense that you must get to a certain point in a certain amount of time, but this mode adds in cops specifically aimed at taking you down.

Preview – A time trial using a specific car, often times one that you may not have unlocked yet.

Racer Hot Pursuit – You compete against other racers to travel a set amount of distance in a race but with cops trying to stop you.

Cop Hot Pursuit – You attempt to stop the racers before they reach a set distance in the fastest time possible

Rapid Response – You attempt to travel a set distance as a cop in a specified amount of time while not crashing, which adds time penalties.

Interceptor – You attempt to stop one racer who is trying to escape the authorities without him distancing himself too greatly from you.

In total there are probably over a hundred of these sub missions to choose from. Each mission has some value assigned to it in order to achievement 1st place, or what is called “distinction” in the cop events. There is also a second place number, or “merit”, as well as a third place or “pass” time / qualifying amount. Doing well and placing in these events will earn you bounty, the experience used in the game for leveling up. It is also possible to earn bounty inside the races for doing tasks, such as drifting or slipstreaming.

In order to make the game much more interesting, the game utilizes a weapons system in a number of the missions, especially in the cop oriented ones. These are triggered by using the Dpad, and include a spike strip (dropped behind your car), an EMP (aimed at a car ahead of you), a Road Block (formed by cop cars), and the ability to call in a helicopter (who drops spike strips in front of the racers). There is also a Turbo sometimes present on the Dpad, which shoots the racer forward at an incredible speed for about ten seconds. The last Dpad item is a “jammer”, which prevents cars in the vicinity of the user from using any of their weapons or viewing their mini map.

Beyond doing damage with these weapons, your also capable of simply ramming your opponent with your car. Each car has a health bar located above it which signifies how close the racer/cop is to being “taken out”. Taking out a cop car as a racer or a racer as a cop car will subsequently fill your boost (not to be confused with the Dpad Turbo) which you can think of as nitrous, which helps you gain speed. This nitrous bar automatically refills slowly throughout the race, though it will refill faster if the user drifts or drives into oncoming traffic as a racer.

Crashing happens in the races when you hit a wall with enough force or another car head-on. Just like any of the other cars, you have a health bar, and it will be affected about a fourth of health for every major collision. Other smaller things, such as a ram by a police car, will affect your health proportionally. Once the health bar reaches zero, the mission is over, and you will be forced to restart. This is an added threat to keep in mind when participating in every event, including races without cops even present.

Single Player Score – 9/10


There are two areas of multiplayer worth mentioning. The first is the online accessed through xbox live. Here you can compete against other humans in events such as races and hot pursuits. The matchmaking works rather well as you can simply jump into a quick match after choosing the type of event you would like to participate in and the series of cars. The winner of the match is determined through a point system – so whoever gets the “final blow” on a car doesn’t automatically win if another player did all of the damage to it previously.

The main issue with any online multiplayer in a game that takes quick reflexes is that any lag is a tremendous issue, which happens in about half of the matches I played. The matches can also get a bit frustrating as human racers do all in their power to avoid being taken down – including driving backwards or through routes that make no logical sense. Luckily the game integrated a time limit to try to deter this a bit, and finishing first of your group is superior to finishing third in terms of points gathered. The game doesn’t have an online ranking system that I found, but rather the points earned contribute to your same level that the single player points accumulate to, which can be a bit disappointing for diehard online fans. Lastly, if you are eliminated, you are forced to go into a “dead man’s view” of the other players. While this is better than a black screen or something of the sort, it can still get extremely boring, especially in the case of a human player driving backwards or in circles, or in the case of a player that has decided not to really participate.

The other notable multiplayer function is the leaderboards, called the “speedwall”. No matter your time, it is posted to the speedwall for your friends to see and compete against. Before every event, given that you have friends with the game, the game will propose a challenge for you, to beat “X player’s time”. Do so and you have the ability to post it to their wall – a virtual area of the game that basically says “Hey, X user beat your time, try to beat them back”. This increases the replay value of the game considerably and is one of, if not my favorite, part of the game. Unfortunately there are no global leaderboards, but I find competing against my friends much more fun anyway.

The main drawback to the online multiplayer however is the necessity for an “online pass” – a code given with a purchase of the new game that allows you access to the online multiplayer. The pass can also be bought for a set amount of Microsoft points if you don’t have access to the code from inside the game.

Multiplayer Score – 8/10


Let me go over everything first, then I’ll go into more detail at the bottom of this section in terms of how I feel about it…
Since the game was released in 2010, you can expect up to date graphics. There are a plethora of real cars to choose from, and since I know quite a few people will be interested, here’s a list of some:

Alfa Romeo 8C Spider, Aston Martin One-77, Audi R8 Spyder, Bugatti Veyron, Chevy Camaro, Dodge Charger, Ford Shelby GT, Lamborghini Gallardo, Jaguar XKR, Lamborghini Reventon, Mazda RX-8, Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 Edition, Pagani Zonda Cinque, Porsche 911, and the Koenigsegg CCX, as well as many others…

The cars look rather good, and sometimes even include motion during the races (the Bugatti releases its spoiler as it reaches a certain speed). Crashing a car, performing a take down, or hitting an opponent with a weapon will trigger a cutscene that often shows massive devastation, and I can remember quite vividly a couple of times going “Oh crap, that guy got rocked!”.

The game also utilizes cut scenes before each mission to try to “set up the situation”, as you see a bunch of cop cars chasing a racer, or something of the sort. When you receive enough points that one of your Dpad items receives an upgrade, or when you reach a new level, you’ll receive a cutscene indicating such. There are also cutscenes explaining to you how each type of event works when you approach it for the first time.

The sound in the game is divided into two aspects: racing sounds and music. As far as the racing sounds go, they are solid, as you’ll hear the sound of boosting, tires squeeling, and cops using their radios to call in speeding. A lot of the time the audio can be very helpful in helping you figure out where to go and what lies ahead of you, and also helps you keep a sense of the racers around you. The music includes various artists, including one of my favorites, Chiddy Bang, who is featured on their commercial. Beyond that there is also 30 seconds to Mars, Benny Benassi, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Bad Religion, and Pendulum. Basically there is going to be a bit of rap/hip-hop and some pop as well.

Updated March 6th 2012: There are three DLC packs for this game. This has been largely positively received, but I have heard complaints that some wished they would have designed a new track as well. Beyond that, a number of cars have also been released for download for free after they attempted to get users to watch a youtube video one million times (it got about half way there). There are also cars available for purchase from the store if you’re so inclined.

Now onto how I actually feel about all of this. First of all, when you load the game up for the first time, you’re absolutely forced to watch a trailer for Shift 2, a new game they will be releasing. Beyond this you’re physically forced to watch every cutscene in between races, explaining to you how to do each event if you’ve never participated in it before, showing every upgrade you receive, showing each rank up you get, and inside the races everytime a new type of cop appears, everytime they show a new upgraded attack for the first time(they’ll zoom in and text will appear that will say “Level 2 roadblock” for instance), and every time you take down a racer or cop. While this can all be helpful, (knowing that you get penalties in rapid responses, for instance) this can also be extremely annoying, especially if you’ve played the game before or are playing it through a second time. Inside the races, the game kind of just “drives for you” during these cutscenes, which means that you’ll have to figure out what to do when you’re “thrown back in”, which has often led to me yelling at the television saying “THANKS GAME” because I’m headed straight for a wall.

The music can either be love it or hate it for sure, and for the most part I was disappointed with it. I think some classic tunes would have fit better into the game, especially in the cop missions, and I played it on my computer accordingly. Luckily the game has a menu interface that allows you to turn off the music volume while keeping the rest of the audio effects on. The DLC is fun, and I’m glad they gave some of it to you for free, but in many of the missions they taunt you during your car selection when you highlight a car saying “buy this in the marketplace”, which is a bit of a turn off to me.
The loading times can be a bit of a pain. Before each race, the cutscene that is supposed to “give you the feel”, gets very repetitive, and even though it prompts that you can skip it with the A button, you’re still forced to watch a good portion of it as the game loads. Burning the game to the harddrive helped a bit, but not considerably. That being said, the loading times weren’t horrible, it was mostly just my frustration with the unskippable cutscenes.

There are quite a few intangibles in the game that really make it special to me. Firstly, they randomize the events that occur inside the missions – you will rarely see the same traffic pattern for example. If you continually restart a mission over and over, many of the cars will act differently – sometimes one will even crash within the first twenty seconds giving you a quick take down. This means that times can vary widely, making improving your time on the speedwall just that much more fun to try to work towards. This can also be a turn off to some people since they consider it “unfair” and not a “true test of skill”, but I view it as more of practice and patience leading to benefits. The game is also excellent at utilizing the “wow” factor when viewing the take downs that you create. Beyond that, the tracks are interesting and varied, and include shortcuts, some of which assist on certain missions while others only slow you down – in other words, exploration and excursion are not only available, but encouraged.

Negatively, the game seems to have a real issue with allowing you to do damage with the back of your car, which has not only ruined my times quite a few times, but actually resulted in me failing missions that I would have otherwise excelled at. The controls take some getting used to, but that's to be expected with any racing game. I would also get randomly signed out of the autolog (you need to be connected to live for it), while still having my xbox live connection, and their button of pressing "start" while in the hub to reconnect rarely worked, forcing me to quit to the dashboard and reload the game if I wanted to reconnect. The different types of events are liked by different types of people - I for one love the cop events the best and completed those way faster than the racer events. Quite a few people find the rapid responses annoying. One of the biggest drawbacks was the camera angles unfortunately - I like to drive from inside the car every once in a while, but it proved virtually impossible, forcing me to drive from the view of behind the car the entire game.

Graphics – 9/10 Sound – 6/10 DLC – 9/10 Intangibles – 6/10

Total Section Score: 7.5/10


I rather liked the achievements in this game and found them a pleasure to work towards. There are multiplayer achievements, so if you do intend to 100% this one, you will have to shell out for the online pass or buy a new copy of the game at some point. However, these online achievements don’t require boosting whatsoever since they only require you to complete the missions inside the online play – you don’t even have to win. There are a number of these, and they are rather straight forward:

Need for Speed: Hot PursuitChaseThe Chase achievement in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit worth 10 pointsPlay 10 Online Hot Pursuits as a Cop

The single player has a wide range of achievements, most notably for getting first place/distinction in every mission and ranking up. These have quite a high TA ratio since they can take a considerable amount of time:

Need for Speed: Hot PursuitMost WantedThe Most Wanted achievement in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit worth 132 pointsReach wanted level (20) Most Wanted as a Racer

Need for Speed: Hot PursuitUltimate EnforcerThe Ultimate Enforcer achievement in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit worth 151 pointsReach rank (20) Ultimate Enforcer as a Cop

Need for Speed: Hot PursuitTrue BlueThe True Blue achievement in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit worth 267 pointsEarn a Distinction in every single-player Cop mission

Need for Speed: Hot PursuitGolddiggerThe Golddigger achievement in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit worth 281 pointsEarn a Gold Medal in every single-player Racer event

Besides that there are quite a few oddball achievements that really help you explore all of the game’s functionality – from taking pictures to uploading times to your friend’s walls, to beating said times. There are also oddball achievements that simply require you to fulfill certain requirements inside a race such as:

Need for Speed: Hot PursuitEye of the NeedleThe Eye of the Needle achievement in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit worth 30 pointsAs a Racer, drive through an undamaged Road Block without hitting it

Quite a few of these will pop right away, giving you about three hundred gamerscore in the first couple hours of gameplay if you’re competent whatsoever. The game also includes some oddball achievements that the developers clearly liked, but are very easily obtained, such as:

Need for Speed: Hot PursuitFlight of the BumblebeeThe Flight of the Bumblebee achievement in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit worth 43 pointsWin the 'Muscle Reflex' race in a Bee Yellow Chevrolet Camaro SS

All in all I was rather pleased with the achievement list and felt that it was more than fair and a very capable 1000/1000, without being overly easy. The only issue is the online pass if you’re buying this used.

Achievement Score: 9/10

Final Score: 8.38/10 = 4.18/5 = 4/5

Final Thoughts:

I think this game was absolutely brilliant and I actually voted for it for game of the year. That being said, it isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely a racing game worth checking out if you like the genre whatsoever. I think it has some of the best replay value of any game on the market with the use of the speedwalls and top level graphics and gameplay really make it stand out. I hope you enjoyed my review, please leave any comments below if you feel them necessary, thanks!
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F L Y B 0 Y 9 1
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F L Y B 0 Y 9 1
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Posted on 08 March 11 at 23:57
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Not to in any way to detract from the excellent reviews already on offer here, I feel that I must just add a review of a few lines for those gamers who do not have the patience to read more than a few lines of text in one go!

This game is absolutely FANTASTIC. Spot on graphics, sounds, music and gameplay all combine to make this one of the most playable and entertaining games in the whole of the NFS series. After the disappointment of some of the preceding titles I too was worried that this game might be yet another nail in the NFS coffin - but never was I more wrong.

The single player experience is varied and with a gentle learning curve suited to both the casual and hardcore gamer. Multiplayer has a variety of modes and possibilities and I guarantee it will extend the game's lifetime for you.

There are plenty of DLC options available, adding even more cars, modes and tracks to the already bulging package.

From a TrueAchievements point of view, the achievements are also incredibly easy and not that time consuming. Despite this, they are immensely good fun to earn.

I hope that this "pocket review" as I'd like to call it has given you an at-a-glance look at what the game has to offer, which really is a superb collection of cars, open roads and - of course - Police chases.
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DJ KroniikZ
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DJ KroniikZ
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Posted on 05 January 12 at 07:36
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I remember when i was a kid growing up and playing Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit on my computer and how that really got me started into gaming. The second i heard that this game was coming out i was ecstatic and pre-ordered my copy right away as I was hoping it would reunite me with my childhood memories of driving that Lamborghini Diablo SV through the open countries of Hometown. And in short lest just say this satisfied those memories quite well.

The gameplay is set up very well. There are 2 different ways you can play, as a cop or as a racer. You level up differently in each area as well. So if you complete races, it will level up your racer profile, if you complete police missions, it will level up your police profile. You have to level up your profile in order to unlock better vehicles and there are 20 levels in both the police and racer profiles. The gameplay is a lot different than those racing sims like Forza and EA's previous entry, Need for Speed: Shift. No the game play is much more arcade-y, which is exactly what it was intended to feel like and that is why EA brought Criterion (creators of the Burnout series) in on this project. The cars and wrecks are almost identical to burnout and it gives you the thrill of racing high performance vehicles while at the same time smashing them into a million pieces.

The graphics are astounding, all the cars look amazing just like they do in real life. Not only do the cars look amazing, but the terrains look great as well. Its hard to not look around at the sunny beaches and beautiful cliff face as you tear along the shore of Calypso Coast or barreling across the desert. The weather effects are also very well done. When it rains, or has been raining, it shows on the road as puddles and the vehicles respond to those conditions. My favorites are the crashes though. The crashes seem to look a lot better and feel that much more satisfying when they are manufacturer cars that's for sure. The sounds in this game are amazing as well. All the cars sound like they do in real life as well. Nothing more satisfying than hearing the Mclaren F1's engine roar as you race away from the cops or chase down fleeing racers. I was disappointed by the soundtrack though because there are not a lot of big name artists there so i found myself flipping between the same 5 songs over and over again.

The Multiplayer in this game i found to be something I would only play for the achievements. The races seemed to cycle between themselves a lot and without DLC there aren't a lot of game modes to choose from. Also racing with others online wasn't really the best for me because i noticed when you bump into other cars, they don't respond the same as they would offline, instead you would bump off the car like nothing happened. Now I'm sure this was meant to happen but I find it bothers me.

The achievements are relatively easy to get if you focus and put effort into them. Most of the challenges i did on the first playthrough and only had to go back for a few. And the achievements involving the specific vehicles can be achieved over the course of your journey no problem.

Autolog definitely increases the retail value of this game, unfortunately if you are like me and do not have any friends that play the game your out of luck because you can only beat your time on the speedwall so many times before it becomes a bore. But if you have friends that play this game regularly it is a blast being able to beat your friend and earn yourself some bragging rights until he posts a faster time.

Unfortunately the one thing i find really annoying is the traffic and some jutted glitches on the shortcuts. The traffic is supposed to be there I know, but it spawns at the worst possible times I find, whether it be right at the top of a hill or just as you are accelerating out of a corner. Other than that I have no problems with this game. Another thing I found disappointing is the lack of Ferrari's in yet another NFS game. Yes i know Ferrari will not let NFS use their car's in video games, but i was really hoping id get to run my Enzo 200mph into a wall just because i could.

Overall I would give this a 4.5/5. This game is a fresh new take on an older NFS series which will get newer gamers hooked onto it. Even though i did curse out the developers my fair share while playing I've never been so satisfied reliving my childhood gaming memories. Criterion's help definitely pushed this game to its maximum potential and if you are a fan of the Burnout series, I suggest you buy this game because this is the closest you will EVER come to playing Burnout with actual Manufacturer cars
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1,215,902 (684,758)
TA Score for this game: 3,010
Posted on 30 July 11 at 12:57, Edited on 05 October 11 at 11:51
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Need For Speed : Hot Pursuit

Need for Speed : Hot Pursuit is a great game. There is no denying that, as Jose Bear can attest to with his 10/10 review (LINK TO REVIEW HERE)

With the recent addition of some of the HP DLC on Xbox Live’s Deal of the Week, I decided it was a good time to finally pick up the content and go for 100% completion. Along the way, I thought I’d let you guys know whether it was worth it.

Super Sports Pack

The first piece of paid DLC for HP was entitled the Super Sports Pack. For the price tag of 560msp we were treated to 3 new cars, the Bugatti Veyron SS, Porsche 911 GT2 and the Gumpert Apollo as well as the Interceptor/Police version of each car as well as thirteen new events to try and get those illusive golds/distinctions on.

Overall, the DLC is solid. If you love HP, then the DLC is a worthwhile investment, more so for the events that it adds rather than the cars. The thirteen new events are split between the racer and interceptor careers, and follow in the same game modes that the original game contained.

Unfortunately, as with the original game the cars all feel “samey”. I don’t particularly notice the difference between driving an American Corvette or an Italian Porshe. The new cars to me felt no different, with possibly the exception being the Gumpert Apollo, as that actually felt like a low down sports car. At the end of the day, it just felt like we were paying for new skins on top of the same chassis.

As with all DLC, it has to be graded against its cost. It’s not a full game, merely an extension on what we already have. It offers nothing particularly new, and in my opinion HP features an extensive car list already, three more cars are not worth breaking the bank over.

Based on the 560msp price tag and value for money wise unless your a die hard HP fan this piece of DLC tops in at 4/10. Purely because it’s too much money for what you actually get.

Armed & Dangerous

The second piece of DLC, Armed & Dangerous may address previous concerns from the SSP, but also at a cost. We gained some new game modes for the online play, but as a trade off lost any single player events and cars. As with all other DLC’s for NFS:HP it comes with the price tag of 560msp.

The two new game modes were “Arms Race” and “Most Wanted”.

Arms Race is just a spin off of the normal race mode found in careers, which as the name suggests, we are now armed. All racers are equipped with the staple weapons from the original including the EMP’s and Spike Strips. The aim of the game is to cross the finish line first. You can do it purely by racing, or you can try to take your opponents out.

Most wanted is another spin off, this time of the Hot Pursiut mode. Instead of the Police trying to take down all racers in a race, they are aiming for a specific car - the most wanted. The police have to take him down, where as the racers try to protect the most wanted. For the Police to win, just bust the Most Wanted - for the racers, protect the Most Wanted so that he can escape.

As with any “online” DLC it poses a bit of a problem. The DLC is only useful as long as their as an online community to play with, and with DLC like this, as long as their is an online community to play with who also own this DLC. There is no compatibility pack or anything like that - to play the modes you must buy the DLC. And unfortunately, at the time of writing the online community on this DLC addon is pretty dead. I did get a few games in, but I had to rely on friends to do so. The omission of any new career events or cars makes this DLC extremeley short lived.

Because of its shelf life, and the lack of single player content I can only rate this DLC at 3/10. The score would of been considerably higher if they had thrown in some single player events. To be perfectly honest, this should of been a free game update rather than DLC.

Lamborghini Untamed

Now we are talking, a piece of DLC based around the legendary manufacturer. Unfortunately, the only thing that made me go “wow” about this DLC is the title. It comes in once again at 560msp, and features the same layout as the SSP DLC. We get three new cars, the Countach, the Siesto Elemento and the Diablo along with 10 new events. The cars each get a racer/interceptor skin and the events are split evenly between the careers.

So now I have the problem with that I feel like I’m reviewing the SSP all over again. We get more cars to an already crowded roster and some more single player events. The only difference is that fortunately this piece of DLC features three of my favourite cars from all time. The Countach, a legend from when Supercars looked like tanks - The Diablo, one of the most beautiful Lambo’s ever and the Siesto Elemento, one of the most amazing pieces of engineering ever to grace the earth.
Personal bias aside, it’s still not worth the 560msp. The career races add no new modes and its basically just playing the campaign again with new skins again. The only reason this is getting a slightly higher score, is purely because I’m in love with the cars that this DLC gives us. 5/10.

Porsche Untamed

The fourth and final piece of DLC for HP is a mirror of the other three car/event DLC packs. It comes in at 560msp and gives three new cars and ten new events. As with the Lambo pack, we get another iconic legend - the Porsche 911 Turbo alongside the Porsche 959 and the Porsche Speedster. The events and cars are once again split across the racer/interceptor careers just like the previous pieces of DLC.

Following the same setup, no new game modes are added so it really is just an un-needed extension of a fantastic original. 4/10.


Overall, this was one of the hardest reviews I’ve ever had to write. I can fill pages upon pages with one DLC pack for say Fallout or Oblivion. So when I can only muster just over a page for four DLC packs for NFS:HP, I know there is something wrong - and it’s quite easy to spot the problem. There is just a huge lack of content included in the DLC.

One of NFS:HP’s greatest features was it’s original car roster. It was packed to the brim with amazing cars and due to this extra cars via DLC was unwarranted. It could of been so much more - they didn’t design new levels as they didn’t have to ; why not give us a DLC pack that featured another fifty career events. Peggle Nights did it, so why couldn’t they?

I’ve had to spend 2240 msp to experience these pieces of DLC, and for my £18 I’ve managed to pick up 9 new cars and 30 new events. When you compare that to what else I can get for my money, you can see it is just far too expensive.

I’ve rated the DLC based against the price they sell at, and the only way it would of been worthwhile was to bundle them all into one pack that sold at 800msp, 1200msp at a push. And the Armed & Dangerous pack should of never have even been classed as DLC in the first place....they just decided to charge for a free game update instead of doing the right thing.

If I had to recomend one, I’d have to abstain. The packs are so similar its hard to say. It basically feels like I paid for the same thing three times - Just go with the one that features the best car lineup.
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TA Score for this game: 290
Posted on 26 June 12 at 20:32
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External image

This game doesn’t follow a story, but rather a compilation of different encounters between police and road hogs that don’t vary much apart from that you can chose sides. The game presents you Seacrest County, where you can chose different missions from the map. As you progress in the game by winning medals in different races, you unlock new missions, cars and upgrades for your weapons.

Do you want to be the good or the bad guy?
You can play as officer or speed demon, and EA has done the right thing; Gone back to the classic cop chases from the start of the series, and they have done well. The game is quite challenging and sometimes you just can’t dodge that damn roadblock in front of you, even if you hit the brakes as hard as possible. The most common mode you meet in this game is getting from point A to B within a time limit – being chased or not.

External image

What’s really new in this game apart from the the first few games in the series, is the Autolog. If you are connected to Xbox Live or PSN and the EA servers, and unlocked the online pass key they included for free with a new game (this can be bought for 800 msp on Xbox Live Marketplace) the Autolog automatically tracks your friends who also plays the game and compares their times in the different races with your time, and you can then go for either the medals that the game has set as standard times, or you can try and get to 1st place amongst your friends. Via the Autolog you can also share the screenshots from within the game that you can easily shoot via pausing the game or hitting left stick in a race.

If you like cars a lot, the game presents the cars in a great way, with a short story about each car, both as text, but also by the narrator, which is a woman. She has a nice and easy understandable voice, but as a woman playing, I can’t really decide if I like it. Did the developers chose this because guys listen to and respects a female voice more than a male?

You need to have your skills right
Driving 90mph in a 35mph area past a waiting cop is a blood rush. You know he’s gonna start the chase, but you don’t have time to hit the brakes, so just activate the nitrous and hit 150mph instead, leaving him far behind. Eventually he’s gonna catch up, but you chose to take the short cut that you know exactly where are, because you’ve been trying to beat this damn time for a while now – but to no avail, because they have setup a roadblock right after the short cut is ending into the main road – and you hit the cop cars with 120mph. Now you can’t reach the finish line in time to get that gold medal, you so badly want before starting on the next race.

External image

On the other hand, taking down the speeders with your acquainted fast and heavy police car is satisfying – watching them crash in slow motion makes your heartbeat increase and motivate you to go after the next racer on the agenda.

The relaunch of the series is doing pretty good
The relaunch of the Need for Speed series is done well and flawless with the NfS: Shift as the simulation racer and Hot Pursuit as the arcade one. It’s a great arcade racing game and has a good feeling when you hit the brakes hard, and your swerve through the turn and hit the nitrous as you go out of it, to quickly hit the top speed to avoid losing too much time.

Where the game loses it’s pace is the lack of variation, but I think I can be safe to say that most racing games has this problem. Arcade or simulation, doesn’t matter.
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Posted on 10 January 11 at 03:39
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At last EA released the Best Need for Speed.

After so many NFDs I am really glade EA released this in the series. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is the best in the series I remember when they released it for the first time.

Big changes happened since. I asked my friend who has the game how is it he says it is fun and his elder brother plays it from time to time.

Game Play: (9/10)
First missing this kind of racing car makes cry. I am really glade they remade the series. Game play is fun and enjoyable.

Control: (9/10)
In the beginning the control is hard because I used on the other racing games which requires another style of handling the cars.

Soundtrack: (9/10)
Nice song, enjoyable and fits the game.

Online: (9/10)
One of the best online I ever played.

Overall: (9/10)
The game is worth it.
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