2. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit General hints and tips

NFS: Hot Pursuit features two separate careers, Cops and Racers. How you play is totally up to you. At the start of the single player you will be shown one location on the map for each career, both containing one event. As you rank up and complete events, more will become unlocked.

Cop Career

In all there are 48 events. You will be aiming to earn a Distinction on all for the True Blue Achievement.

True Blue

Earn a Distinction in every single-player Cop mission

True Blue
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At the start of each event you will be shown either a target time or number of Racers you need to bust to achieve a Distinction. Prepare to become annoyed! You will most likely have to replay certain events more than once to be awarded a distinction. Keep at it though. What seems impossible one race soon becomes achievable with a bit of practice and effort.

There are 4 types of event in the Cop career.

1. Preview - This is basically a time trial. You will be given a specific car and will be required to drive a set distance in a specific time.

2. Rapid Response - Another time trial, but you will be given a choice of cars to pick from.

3. Hot Pursuit - Personally my favourite event. You will be tasked with 'busting' a certain amount of Racers using a combination of brute force and varying weapons. To achieve a Distinction you will need to eliminate all the Racers before they reach a finish line. The number varies from event to event, but is generally between six and eight.

4. Interceptor - You against one Racer. You will be given a target time to bust the driver using brute force or varying weapons. Drivers are a bit more intelligent than those met in Hot Pursuit events, they will use weapons to their advantage, take short cuts and quite often do complete U-turns as you get close to them.

Racer Career

There are 60 events in the Racer career, and much like the Cop career you will be given targets for each one. You will need to earn a gold medal on all to earn the Gold Digger achievement.


Earn a Gold Medal in every single-player Racer event

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There are six different events in the Racer career, and much like Cop career you will become annoyed at quite a few. Just keep practicing, learn which short cuts will benefit you and when to use your nitrous boost for the maximum effect.

1. Preview - A time trial. You will be given a specific car and will be required to drive a set distance in a specific time.

2. Time Trial - As it suggests you will have to travel a set distance in a target time. You will be given a choice of cars unlike the Preview events.

3. Race - Pretty simple, a race between you and a varying number of AI Racers over a set distance. You will need to finish in first place to get a gold medal.

4. Duals - A two car race, you will need to finish in first place to gain a gold medal.

5. Gauntlet - Another time trial event, but with the added twist of cops chasing you. You will have to finish the race within the target time to receive a Gold Medal.

6. Hot Pursuit - Similar to Gauntlet, but with added AI cars racing against you. You must finish first over a set distance to win the gold medal.


1. Never quit out. Depending on your skill in the game, the last achievement you will probably need in both careers will be for reaching level 20, which requires you to earn 2 million bounty points. Finishing an event even if you miss out on a Distinction/Gold Medal will award you valuable bounty towards your total.

2. Look for the shortcuts, some are invaluable to knocking precious seconds off your time, but others will slow you down. Learn which ones are a help and which are a hindrance.

3. Don't drift corners unless you have to, I was guilty of drifting every corner on some events and missing out of Distinctions/Gold Medals by seconds.

4. Use your nitrous boost when you really need it, generally to accelerate away from corners, and going up hill and at the start of long straights.

5. Try to avoid spikes. It sounds obvious, but on later events hitting a spike can be the difference between gaining 10,000 extra bounty points.

6. Keep an eye on your damage; it will be indicated with a red line on the right hand side of your speedometer.

7. Don't assume that the fastest car is the best for every event. Try to pick a balance between speed and handling.

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