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    11 Jan 2009
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    Another EA Sports franchise makes it debut on the Xbox 360 platform. This review is based on the fact you are familiar with Hockey and its terminology. I am writing this as if this is your first gaming experience in the EA NHL Hockey games for the 360 and none of the subsequent releases.

    Game play: 8/10
    While I've have been a faithful gamer for the EA Hockey franchise since its inception on the Sega Master system. There have been very few major upgrades from 2003 and forward on the different system. In its 360 debut t, they introduce us to the Skill Stick. At first I was hesitant and even frustrated on the use of the Right Controller stick to use as stick movement. After a few games and a few wins against the computer, it was a decent experience. It made the game a bit more enjoyable and different than just the pass and shoot. I have to say the AI of the players are a bit smarter and not repetitious. All the features of line changes, offensive and defensive schemes are updated. The online play could use some work because of its simplicity.

    Graphics: 8/10
    I have to say the jump to this generation graphics are amazing. The players looks like their real life counter parts. Each team's arena also got a graphics upgrade. With all the visual options tuned on there are only a few times in a game where the frame rates slow down the action. While noticeable it does not affect gameplay.

    Sound and Music: 8/10
    As with all EA sports games, the menus have full songs that play as you go through the menus. One thing you will notice from the previous years version is the commentary. The play by play has been updated and sound like what you would hear from a real NHL game. The arena ambiance is noticeable with the crown cheering and booing depending on the situation

    Difficulty: 5/10
    The rating on difficulty is based on how hard the game is to learn and master. While some people might find this game easy or even hard. I rate this game a 5 because while its does take some time to learn the controls, it's a very easy to play. Even at its hardest setting. The computer AI defense always seem to have a few certain weakness that can be exploited for a vast amounts of goals.

    Final Thoughts:
    As a hockey fan, I say this is a must game. As a sports fan, I would have to agree. As a collector, given the age of the game you can easily get it used for under $10 if you look hard enough. As a average game. I would have to say the game is challenging enough for a person entertained for a long enough period of time.
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    WinnerzOnlyIncAll in all a fair game to play - 5/10
    Posted by WinnerzOnlyInc on 14 Oct 09 at 16:15
    ERIKDOTCOMI've heard some complaints that this is better than the 08 and 09 versions. Would you agree?
    Posted by ERIKDOTCOM on 11 Nov 09 at 01:52
    kingrich06same as 08 but 09 seems to have better online options
    Posted by kingrich06 on 13 Nov 09 at 04:14
    Stevannothis game is better for the gamerscore it bleeds, but gameplay is brutal compared to 08 and higher.
    Posted by Stevanno on 17 Nov 10 at 23:53
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