3. NHL 13 Single playerUpdate notes

Welcome to the NHL 13 walkthrough. This portion will include all of the single player portions of the game.

First we will start with the Winter Classic. Select Play now from the main menu and select Winter Classic, then choose 2012 Winter Classic. You should see a match up between the New York Rangers and the Philadelphia Flyers. It shouldn't matter who you play as. You don't need to win the game just complete the game. Once completed you will unlock:

  • Winter Classic

    Complete a Winter Classic Match playing with the New York Rangers® versus the Philadelphia Flyers®

    Winter Classic

During this game if you press cn_down on the D-pad and the bottom right of the screen you will see NZ for neutral zone and FC for fore-check. To change the bias to NZ press cn_left on the D-pad all the way to the left. This will earn you:

You also have a chance at scoring on a sprawling goalie. Generally this happens when you shoot on a goalie who is out of position laying on the ice. To do this you need to deke/feint and keep shooting either off rebounds or one-timers. A one-timer is when you pass across ice to another player and shoot immediately. If you don't get it on this game, that's okay as you can try again. This unlocks:

Also during this game you may have a chance to pull your goalie and score a goal. You can do this anytime you like. You can't pull your goalie when you are on your side of the ice. As soon as you enter the neutral zone, the area between the two blue lines, you can pull your goalie. If you score you will unlock:

If you happen to be skating full speed when you score you will get:

If you start from behind your own goal and score a goal without passing the puck you will also unlock:

All of the above achievements I believe can be unlocked using two controllers making them easier, however I managed them all playing against dumbed-down A.I.

Next up is the NHL LIVE moments. Some of these you will play locked into a certain player, others you will be playing as a team. You will need to win one as a player and one as a team. You also need to win one on Superstar difficulty.

First up select "Red Hot Rangers" if you set this to Superstar difficulty and score on the penalty shot you will win 3 achievements. If you miss the penalty shot just press cn_start and select rematch.

Next up: select a Be a Pro Moment, meaning you want to be locked as one player. Find one in the playoffs and set to easy. Once you finish you will unlock

Lastly Be a GM. (Not to be confused with GM Connected)

Start GM mode. Set to rookie difficulty. Fantasy draft on. No GM firing. No injuries. Turn off salary cap. Turn off CPU trades. When you pick teams press cn_LB to set to rookie and substitute all the bad teams for the good teams. Substitute the legends team for your own team. Sim the first season, sign players to whatever they ask and keep simulating upon winning the cup for the 3rd year in a row you should have your achievement.

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