NHL 19 Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

I have broken up this guide into sections based on Game Modes. I do however highly suggest that you open the Hockey Ultimate Team Game Mode as much as possible because the achievement "Committed" is for opening 100 Free Packs and you only get one every 8 hours. Thus, even if you are on top of it, it can take a month to do so. So make sure you log into HUT as much as possible to get the mentioned achievement out of the way.

This game has no missable achievements and most of the achievements are easily attainable, but the hardest achievement by far is "HUT Superstar". This is for reaching Division 1 on HUT Online Seasons. It is a completely skill based achievement so if you are a perfectionist and haven't started the game yet I would be aware of this. It is obtainable and I did it, but I know several people who were not successful or skilled enough at the game to achieve this.

Now if that warning didn't scare you then it is time to jump into things. I give some tips and tricks within the walkthrough itself for specific achievements, I'll help guide you through these achievements as quickly and smoothly as possible. Have Fun & Good Luck!

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