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    25 Nov 2008
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    Even though its 2008 I am going to try to review this game as if it was new and not to compare it to later releases only previous ones. While this is a hockey game and certain game aspects will always be the same no matter what console or company that releases them. I will just try to review the game aspects that might appeal to the gamer.

    In depth in terms of players pictures and previous stats as well as different jerseys. Running the franchise is also a nice touch but it's the same with most games released at the time. The commentary is much improved from previous versions on different platforms.

    Game play:
    While you still have the usual skating, passing and shooting. The play calling is a nice addition. The game play in terms a realism is much more refined and enjoyable.

    Graphics are decent with a few glitches. Up close the player faces are recognizable. The jerseys stand out as authentic. The crowd could have been a bit better.

    Sound and Music:
    The sounds are well done. You hear ever pass hit stick too stick. The bone crunching hits can be clearly heard. The Menu soundtrack is not overly annoying. The announcer little comments get tiresome by your fourth or fifth game into a season.

    While the controls get some time to get used to even the hardest setting might be a little too easy for the seasoned hockey gamer. After a few shifts you will learn how to beat the computer very easy.

    Final Thoughts:
    While it might seem a bit dated compared to newer releases. Most bargain bins will make it very attractive especially to Gamer Score Mongers who would like an easy 1000 points.
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    motley gunnergood review i liked the simple controls back in this game but it had a bug and would crash at the end of a match when using a created team so i got rid of it, but just got it again today to get the last 2 achievements
    Posted by motley gunner On 27 Jun 09 at 07:54
    ERIKDOTCOMSo are the controls simple or complex? king, you said they're complex, motley said they're simple. :/
    Posted by ERIKDOTCOM On 24 Oct 09 at 14:26