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    Coming from a guy who doesn't enjoy hockey very much, i found this game to be very fun. This is not a game for anyone who is looking to get a 1000GS since quite a few points cant be obtained and it may not be for serious hockey fans. This game is a pretty big joke but enjoyable and the achievements you can earn are very very easy.

    NHL 2K7 is pretty much all old school controls with some of the features you see in the newer nhl games. The deke stick isn't nearly as good as it is now and you have to use the buttons to pass,shoot,check etc. If you're like me and you just like to have a fun without a challenge when it comes to the 2k sports games then is is a definite buy. It has some pretty good hits,goals and is very easy to learn the controls. The hardest difficulty is still very easy and scoring is a breeze. I found it to be a pretty smooth game except for i still dont understand the fighting. You can pretty much skate where you want in a fight and the punches are just ridiculous. Sometimes i can land 3 weak punches and somehow my guy lands on top of the person even though i was skating away. I would avoid fighting after you have done it a few times since it gets old fast. The shootouts are pretty fun and franchise/season are the same as any other game. Also when you play two player and one of you is a goalie there is a small screen and the player has to pick a spot and the goalie has to pick the same area. it's a little confusing but also pretty cool and a nice feature.

    4/5 stars for gameplay.

    I havent listened to the music much while i've played but when i do listen to the music it isn't too bad. The commentating is pretty annoying just like any other sports game. I would recommend just listening to you own music so you can avoid the commentary and the half decent music.


    Replay Value:

    You have to play this game quite a bit since you have to play at least 100 games,play with 30 different teams and win 3 cups back to back. You can just put real time on and play for 1 minute periods to make this game a lot more fun. I have played about 40 games and i still enjoy playing but i only play 1 minute periods so anything over that may just be overkill.

    3/5 if you play short games


    The achievements are very easy and the only downside is a few cant be unlocked due to a glitch and server shutdowns. If you just pick away at the achievements and save after game to your profile you will get everything you can very very quickly. There are a lot of great guides up for this game and this might be the easiest sports game i have ever played.


    overall view:
    Terrific time waster with some easy gamerscore.

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    OfficerBarbradyhockey has periods, not quarters.
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